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DNA links dog to site of Henderson man's death

Posted July 31, 2012

— Tests have matched DNA found at the scene of a Henderson man's death over Memorial Day weekend with a nearby pit bull, but Person County authorities are waiting for more test results before filing any criminal charges.

Deputies found the body of Eugene Cameron, 65, under a carport at 1189 Semora Road, west of Roxboro, on May 26. Family members said he was checking on the house while his friend was out of town.

Witnesses said that Cameron was found naked, with his clothes balled up beside him, and bloody dog paw prints surrounded him. He had a severe injury to his right arm that authorities said could have caused him to bleed out.

The injury was consistent with a dog bite, and animal control officers seized an 8-year-old pit bull named DMX from Antonio Ford, who lives next to the house where Cameron was found dead.

A California lab that is conducting specialized tests in the case determined that DNA from DMX was found in the blood at the scene, Person County Sheriff Dewey Jones said Tuesday. He said the lab is now checking to see if the dog's DNA is on Cameron's ripped clothing.

Ford could be charged with involuntary manslaughter if authorities determine that DMX is to blame for Cameron's death, Jones said. The charge might be upgraded to second-degree murder if investigators can establish that the dog was known to be violent, the sheriff said.

Ford maintains that DMX was caged up the night Cameron was killed and that he believes a person or a wild animal is responsible for the attack.

Residents have said that the dog sometimes roams the neighborhood and tries to attack their dogs.


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  • Working4aLiving Aug 1, 2012

    Nope the dog is responsible for its actions the owner didnt sic DMX on this victim......greg69innc

    Case is not solved yet and just how do YOU know the owner didn't sic DMX on the victim??? Sounds like the professionals need your help greg69innc....seems you know more then they do.

  • airbornemonty Jul 31, 2012

    The police will never solve this case, too complicated for this part of the country. Perhaps, New York City?

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Jul 31, 2012


    You make a great point! (When you compare the two). Makes a lot of sense. I think the dog should be euthanized, as well.


  • greg69innc Jul 31, 2012

    Nope the dog is responsible for its actions the owner didnt sic DMX on this victim. Those that sold Mr. Holmes ammo for his actions cannot be held responsible as this man cant be responsible with an animal that broke loose. Nuke the dog and get it over with

  • liltarheelmommy Jul 31, 2012

    When reported by the Courier Times of Roxboro, it said nothing about the clothes being "balled up" beside of the victim. The clothes were probably torn off by the dog. The dog's owner claims his dog is always in the house or on a leash when let outside, yet his neighbors have already said that the dog is vicious and roams the neighborhood. Looks to me like somebody can't seem to get his story straight.

  • Obamacare Jul 31, 2012

    He was naked because it was probably one of those triple digit days. Makes sense to me.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jul 31, 2012

    If you're shocked with these findings, you're a fool.

  • LorettaNC Jul 31, 2012

    The man was probably trying to use his clothes as wadded up padding against the bites. That's what I would have done . . .

  • Griswold Jul 31, 2012

    fourfivesix: As to why the dead man's clothes had been removed, the article says "the lab is now checking to see if the dog's DNA is on Cameron's ripped clothing." Maybe the dog's owner was trying to remove this evidence but was unable to complete the job.

    I am so sorry for Mr. Cameron. RIP.

  • marek335 Jul 31, 2012

    a wild theory> the neighbor's dog is released on the poor old man for some reason. dog fately wounds the guy. dog's owner being such a fine concerned neighbor gets his dog back and lets the guy bleed to death. neighbor panics & tries to hide any evidence, removed victim's clothing, does not call for help.