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Prosecutor, parents 'shocked' sex offender living near victims again

Posted July 31, 2012
Updated August 1, 2012

— A man convicted of molesting young girls at his north Raleigh home in 2006 has moved back to the neighborhood where some of his victims still live, leaving their parents outraged and a Wake County prosecutor frustrated.

“I was shocked that he would have the nerve to do that,” said one victim’s father, who asked not to be identified.

Donald Cameron, then 65, spent eight months in prison and five years on probation after pleading guilty in 2007 to molesting four neighborhood girls in the front yard of his Shadowbrook Drive home.

Two incidents occurred in March and April 2006 and two incidents occurred more than 10 years previous to that. A student at North Raleigh Christian Academy, where Cameron volunteered in the music library, and a student from another school also claimed Cameron molested them.

Authorities have said he may have been molesting girls for 30 years.

Cameron was not allowed near his victims while on probation. However, after it expired this week, he moved back to the neighborhood where some of the girls – now teenagers – still live.

In December 2009, a new state law took effect allowing courts to order convicted sex offenders not to have contact with their victims for the rest of their lives, but no such protection exists in cases prior to that date.

“It specifically says on the no contact order ‘for offense dates after 12/2009,’ so I don't think there is anything I can do,” said Wake County Prosecutor Melanie Shekita. Prosecutor, parents 'shocked' sex offender living near victims again Prosecutor, parents 'shocked' sex offender living near victims again

“As a prosecutor, it frustrates me. As a citizen, it's tragic,” she added. “It's just unfortunate that he would choose to do that and to put himself in a situation where the girls will have to see him again.”

Shekita says the victims’ parents should seek a restraining order if Cameron tries to contact their daughters.

“I think we're all just a little sick to our stomachs,” said one victim’s father, who learned about Cameron's move from the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry. “The monster is back in his lair and potentially setting traps.”

WRAL News went to Cameron’s house Tuesday. He stood behind the door and said he wants to be left alone.

“I have served the term of my probation, and I just want privacy,” he said.


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  • storchheim Aug 1, 2012

    "and the reason no one will tell you what happened is bc it's generally seen in poor taste to post details of the molestation of children"

    Or because they don't know but are jumping on the swooning histrionics bandwagon, some dangerously close to advocating his murder.

  • storchheim Aug 1, 2012

    changeyourownlife, 7 years old might be called a little girl (does anyone realize they can be called "girls" without the "little"?), but 13 is a teenager and as we've seen before, some of them are very hot to trot and know more than their parents. It's also plenty old enough to not be a helpless little damsel and GET AWAY FROM THE CREEPY GUY. But they were most likely raised to be sweet at all times.

    Instead of the "self-esteem" empty nonsense, or the "there is no right and wrong", suppose parents taught their daughters that they don't always have to be smiling and sweet, that they can actually forbid others to do things they don't want them to do, EVEN (gasp) if it means saying no to a Man - in short, that they are not second-class citizens less valuable than men and fetuses. That shouldn't be too difficult, unless all you want to do is display outrage.

  • changeyourownlife Aug 1, 2012

    @storchheim: i agree that the girls should be able to move on but that's what the whole hullabaloo is about--if they have to see the man all the time, thats a constant reminder to what happened that they'd, most likely, already started to recover from and now have to remember every time they see his face

    and the reason no one will tell you what happened is bc it's generally seen in poor taste to post details of the molestation of children

  • storchheim Aug 1, 2012

    " This man prefers to have relations with little girls." Kermit

    OK, since no one else has answered, I'll try you. What exactly did he do? Did he violently rape them? What?


  • changeyourownlife Aug 1, 2012

    @storkheim: it says the events happened in '06 and the girls are now teenagers---so the oldest they could've been at the time was 13 and the youngest they could've been was 7...either way, still would classify as 'little girls'

  • storchheim Aug 1, 2012

    "...and the molested children should do what...??? Just forget about it and go on as if nothing ever happened..." SmokeWagon

    No, of course not. They should be victims the rest of their lives, no matter how slight his offense may have been (no one will tell me what he did and there are degrees.), dwell on it for the rest of their lives, go on disability and welfare because they're too traumatized to work.

    OR they could recognize what happened so they're not molested again, move on, and have happy productive lives. But those who claim to care so much about "little girls" don't want that to happen.

  • storchheim Aug 1, 2012

    Parents already use safety as an excuse to drive their kids everywhere, so what's the difference? I thought you were watching over them every minute anyway.

  • storchheim Aug 1, 2012

    Does anyone who's calling them "little girls" know how old they were six years ago, or is this just another case of everyone's eyes rolling back in their heads as they start howling for blood?

    Eight months isn't long. Maybe, just maybe, what he did wasn't all that extreme? Does anyone know that either?

  • changeyourownlife Aug 1, 2012


    and, again, i wasn't stating that he should get more jail time--pretty sure i made that clear in the rest of the comment you pulled that sentence from

    what i WAS saying is that, bc the prosecutor was unable to get more than 8 mths of jail time for an admitted child-molester, maybe there is something more she can do about him being able to live in the same neighborhood as the girls he victimized but she isn't aware of it...like a similar case w/ a precedent she can tie it to...my pt is if she can't even get more than 8 mths for the guy then there's a possibility that she could do more about him staying in their neighborhood after-the-fact and she just doesn't know it---i'm not sayin the dude should go back to jail, just seems like theres more she could try to do rather than looking at a 2009 date on a document and saying 'i don't think theres anything i can do'

  • ncgoofygirl Aug 1, 2012

    So what! He served his time whether he is rehabilitated or not. Get over it.