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Hundreds grieve at vigil for Clayton High grads killed in crash

Posted July 30, 2012
Updated July 31, 2012

— Hundreds of friends, family and community members attended an emotional, impromptu vigil Monday evening for three recent graduates of Clayton High School who were killed in a Raleigh crash this weekend.

State troopers said Devin Mosteller, 21, was driving an SUV near the Battle Bridge Road intersection around 8 p.m. Saturday when he overcorrected, ran off the road and slammed into a tree. 

He and both passengers – Christopher Pretty, 18, and Adonis Banks, 19 – were killed.

Friend Matt Bunn said the deaths came as a shock and that he helped organize the vigil so that everyone who knew the men could mourn together.

"When you are in a time of need, there is no need to go about it alone and worry yourself," he said. "I think it is better if we all come together and fight it together."

Friends shared stories and focused on good times while remembering their tragic loss. 

"I see him (Pretty) smiling, and that is all you can really think about," Bunn said.

Banks' father, Nilous Banks, said he always told his son how much he meant to him. Hundreds grieve at vigil for Clayton High grads killed in crash Hundreds grieve at vigil for Clayton High grads killed in crash

"It's a tragic thing that happened, but at the same time, we always told each other we loved each other," he said.

Troopers have not said what caused the fatal crash, but they do believe speed was a factor.


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  • workergirl Jul 31, 2012

    People are being so rude on this page toward these guys they were doing things that were not right drinking and etc but you know what no matter what we say now isn't gonna bring them back let them rest in peace! I graduated with Adonis and Chris yall didnt know them and I'm sure if you did know them you wouldn't be talking so ugly about them, yall were teens once I am sure you made mistakes, but nothing happend. These boys were great guys dont talk bad about them nothing you can say will change that their gone :( For the sake of their families don't say ugly things, what if it was your family? RIP Devin, Adonis, and Chris! Once a Comet always a Comet

  • kermit60 Jul 31, 2012

    Again the story of a young person and a tragic accident. I wish they would print the truth instead of trying to make it look so simple. You would have us believe he went of the road for no reason. How about printing he was drinking, speeding and killed himself and two friends. The truth hurts but maybe it will prevent another "accident".

  • twatkinsntp Jul 31, 2012

    I hate that this happened for the families involved but when are kids going to realize that death comes far too quickly as it is....why push it......and take others with you. And it should read.....Ran off the road, over corrected and hit a tree.

  • pmw Jul 31, 2012

    I pray for healing and comfort for the families of these kids. All the information from this event have not been told yet. Having inside information from someone at the scene of the accident - I can understand why it hasn't been released yet.

  • carrboroyouth Jul 31, 2012

    I actually heard on the news that alcohol may have been involved (because he had left a party after having a few drinks) and that he was going an estimated 75 mph :[

  • imsirius Jul 31, 2012

    No information says alcohol was involved. All we know for sure is that 3 lives were ended far too soon. I drive this stretch of road everyday. I was headed that way about 8:15 Saturday and saw the lights before I made it over the hill. Speed kills.

  • Obamacare Jul 31, 2012

    Just glad they didn't kill anyone else driving that fast.

  • storchheim Jul 31, 2012

    datruf, I was hoping alcohol wasn't involved, but I'm not surprised.

  • datruf Jul 31, 2012

    Wow why did Devon have his license if he had a Dwi on 2/17/2012. He has a mugshot on line. Obviously didn't learn anything from getting a Dwi. Amazing. I am sure the toxicology report will be mind blowing.

  • WhatWereOnceVicesAreNowHabits Jul 31, 2012

    Sad story, how's that, curiosity what killed the cat

    Of course speed was a factor, Figure he had that car pert near +- 100 mph