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Slain Raleigh soldier to be laid to rest in hometown

Posted July 30, 2012
Updated August 1, 2012

— The body of a fallen Raleigh soldier was returned to his hometown Monday, where he will be buried later this week.

Darrion T. Hicks, 21, of Raleigh, was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan on July 19. He was stationed in Germany and deployed to Afghanistan a few months ago to help find buried explosives.

Hicks was promoted posthumously from the rank of specialist to corporal.

The Patriot Guard Riders and Raleigh police officers paid respects as Hicks' flag-draped casket was flown into Raleigh-Durham International Airport Monday morning.

A memorial service will be held at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium at 10 a.m. Wednesday and is open to the public. A burial service will then take place at Raleigh National Cemetery.

Hicks was a 2009 graduate of Broughton High School, where he was honored as Mr. Junior ROTC. He participated in the Broughton ROTC drill team, color guard and Veterans Day parade units.

He joined the Army immediately upon graduating and was assigned to the 54th Engineer Battalion, 18th Engineer Brigade, 21st Theater Sustainment Command in Bamberg, Germany.

"We knew he was trying to serve his country," said family friend Gloria Murray. "He did that, and we want to commend him and his family for the work he has done."

Darrion Hicks, killed in Afghanistan Slain Raleigh soldier laid to rest

Broughton teachers recalled that Hicks always wanted to become a soldier. 

"I know he was going to make a good one," automotive technology teacher Ricky Brantley said. "You know what? He passed away fulfilling the goal he had set."

Hicks is survived by his mother and younger brother.


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  • serenitynow Jul 31, 2012

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Family. I too watched the 6pm news yesterday and it broke my heart!!! I'm a Wife of a Soldier who served in Iraq in 2009-2010 w/ the 30th HBCT. I was reminded that that could have very well been me. I cried with Hicks Mother yesterday and I pray God gives her strength to get through this difficult time. Peace and blessings be with the Family.

  • TomLynda Jul 30, 2012

    I will agree too that the coverage of the mother weeping over the casket as it was being unloaded from the aircraft was in very, very poor taste. Shame on you WRAL. Shame on you. To stoop that low for ratings is unconscionable. I just lost a lot of what little bit of respect I had for WRAL today. You owe that mother more than an apology could possibly deliver.

    Praying for the family. This fallen solider deserves all our respects and gratitude.

  • NayNay-GTA Jul 30, 2012

    Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice Mr Hicks. Prayers go out to his family. Shame on WRAL for showing his grieving mother upon the arrival of his remains. The family and this solider should have been shown the respect that a fallen hero deserves.

  • roberta Jul 30, 2012

    I just saw this story on your six o'clock news and feel that it was in very poor taste to show the family's grief. It was intrusive to film the mother crying and screaming over her dead son's casket. How low can WRAL stoop for ratings?
    My condolences to the family of this fallen hero.

  • carlostheass Jul 30, 2012

    Thanks, sir, for your service -- and sacrifice -- to our nation!

  • CrewMax Jul 30, 2012

    Very moved by the sacrifice of this young man.

  • msgtlen Jul 30, 2012

    From a retired MSGT w/26y years. He is an example that all should follow. He has passed and now is on guard duty in Heaven.

  • eoglane Jul 30, 2012

    As a military retired person. My I just say God place this young man in your house for his eternal life. Thanks for you service. All prayers to the Family. Thanks for Patriot Guard Riders.

  • Sanford_27330 Jul 30, 2012

    I agree, Unless the FAMILY requested MEDIA coverage the PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS should have sheilded the family and the Fallen soldier from the MEDIA.. Very BAD MEDIA on WRAL part. Honoring the fallen and the brave is one thing but NEVER show the family's remorse on Television.

  • Raleigh Joe Jul 30, 2012

    I agree that showing the grieving mother cry over her sons casket was in very poor taste.