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Parents of Duke Lacrosse Players to Appear on '60 Minutes'

Posted January 12, 2007
Updated July 12, 2010

— The Duke lacrosse case will be the focus of another "60 Minutes" report. This time, the parents of the accused lacrosse players are speaking out.

In October, CBS News correspondent Ed Bradley interviewed David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann, who are accused of attacking a woman at an off-campus party in March 2006. All three men have proclaimed their innocence.

The parents of the accused players will speak with "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl. The report will air on WRAL this Sunday at 8 p.m.

"Mr. Nifong, you've picked on the wrong families," Rae Evans, David Evans' mother, says in the interview. "You've picked on the wrong family of the Duke lacrosse team. You've picked on the wrong family of Duke University. and you will pay every day for the rest of your life."

This week, attorneys for the players filed a new set of motions asking the accuser's identification of her alleged attackers be thrown out. They said the accuser has contradicted evidence regarding the time line.

The players' attorneys also claim the alleged victim recently told an investigator that Seligmann did not perform any kind of sex act  with her, but was in the room when the alleged attack occurred. In April, she said he did assault her.

WRAL has tried to contact Nifong about the latest filings, but he was not taking calls.


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  • geowilrlst Jan 15, 2007

    This whole thing is going to make a great script for a mini-series !

  • FloydRTurbo Jan 12, 2007

    "They look evil" .... interesting opinion ... six people sitting on sofas "look evil" ????

    Add this little bon bon to the tons of other interesting comments to emerge in all this.

  • gmcgann Jan 12, 2007

    Oh, please. Women who are paid $800 for half an hour or an hour are not strippers - they are prostitutes. Not being able to remember whether or not a sex act meeting the definition of rape actually occurred is a lot more than just being "fuzzy on the details," although if you had had sex with 5 different men that day, as the DNA evidence suggests, you might be a little fuzzy on just who they were.

  • normalthinking Jan 12, 2007

    deastwood1 You are truly amazing being able to tell the guilt or innocence of people by what you see in their eyes on TV no less!!!! now that must be a really great HD TV

  • tres1p Jan 12, 2007

    People what about the facts and innocent until proven guilty. First of all Nifiong is not doing his job why else is he schedule to appear before the ethic board. Second too many wholes in a bucket won't hold water so why should anyone believe the so call accuser. NO DNA, NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, corroborating evidence clearing at least one of the boys, as well as evidence that now show even more wholes in her story. I wasn't there and can't say what really happened but even a fool can see that something is wrong with this picture. And to deastwood1 -at- nc -dot- rr -dot- com, race has nothing to do with it the issue with Nifiong was that he painted the gentlemen as guilty before he got the facts, he made this a black and white issue and as a black women I NEVERED BELIVED HER STORY how could you have been forcibly held down raped and sodomized for over a half of hour and there was not one shred of DNA or transfer. People check the facts.

  • andyspumpkin Jan 12, 2007

    How anyone can still think the girl is telling the truth is beyond me. I am sorry, but if someone raped you, you would know it. Not only did she lie about who it was, but then came back and said she wasn't sure if she was penetrated, I mean I think that would be something you would notice if you were actually being raped!

    And how is it fair to show these boys faces on tv and have one of them lose their job on Walstreet for a lie, but can't show the accuser? I know she needs to be protected, but what about the people whose lives she has ruined?

    She accused people of rape before and it was a lie, she just wanted to cash in and thought that one of these boys would have a rich mommy and daddy pay to keep her quiet but it backfired.

    She gives women a bad name and is the reason people doubt a woman's story when she says she's raped.

  • pillarposting Jan 12, 2007

    Mrs. Evans, no one is "picking on" your child. Your son is a grown man who hosted a party at his residence where two strippers were hired to perform for a fee of $800. There was an accusation of rape and/or sexual assault that seemed to be supported by the evidence. Nifong was doing his job.

    The families of the young men involved were able to hire top-notch lawyers who brilliantly directed the attention away from the real story, and Mr. Nifong became something of a "whipping boy" for the situation.

    Could the real story be about a business deal gone wrong, maybe simply prostitution and solicitation of prostitution?

  • kcfoxie Jan 12, 2007

    This case just keeps getting better and better from the entertainment standpoint. It also tarnishes not only Duke's name, but also the name of RTP since it's technically a Durham municipality.

  • deastwood1 Jan 12, 2007

    These guys are anything but innocent. Their parents are blind to their evil. They look evil. You can see it in their eyes. Sure the accuser's story may have changed but if you went through a tramatic event like a gang rape the details may be a little fuzzy to you too.

    I frankly don't care what the parents have to say and will not tuning in. I wonder if the accuser was white or if the accuser was a student at Duke if everyone would be giving Nifong such a hard time.

  • SteeleMagnolia Jan 12, 2007

    I was glad to read that Ray Evans' Mother said the accuser had picked the wrong family: That stripper probably thought they would make a behind-closed-doors deal just to make her go away, counting on them to value their good name, reputations, etc enough to fork over money. Sure, these guys misbehaved; so did I when I was in college. But they certainly did not desrve this. This accuser also wrong other women who are sexually assaulted: No wonder so many legitimate victims are reluctant to come forward because they fear no one will believe them. Gold diggers like this accuser set women's rights back 100 years.