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Tow-Truck Driver Dies After New Year's Day Shooting

Posted January 11, 2007

— A tow-truck driver who was shot on New Year's Day while trying to move an illegally parked vehicle died Wednesday, officials said.

William Corbett, 25, was shot when he tried to tow a car parked outside a business across from a nightclub on North Church Street in Rocky Mount, police said. Witnesses said a large group of people left the club at about the same time Corbett was hooking the illegally parked car to his wrecker, and they surrounded him.

One man in the crowd pulled a gun, shot Corbett in the chest and fled, police said.

James Taylor Jr., 24, of 717 Starling Way in Rocky Mount, surrendered to police last week and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, police said.

There was no word on whether charges would be upgraded in the wake of Corbett's death.

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  • ONCEACROOK Jan 11, 2007

    All of this is inexcusible, the owners of the company he was contracted by should reflect long and hard on thier inaction.I think the family should really consider filing a suit against the property owners for negligence. This whole issue could have been avoided had the proper, RESPONSIBLE action been taken in the first place by the owners. The shooter should also reflect on the life he took. Now we have 2 lives lost.

  • diwanicki Jan 11, 2007

    I agree with Tdaniels too. If I amnot mistaken, when this first came out it said that it wasnot the shooters car. So why he did what he did is amazing. Even if it was his car he had no right to do it. These guys are providing a service and they are just like cops,emts,paramedics,firefighters and fire police they have no idea if they are going to make it home each night/day. They can only pray that they do. NOT ALL TOW TRUCK DRIVERS DO THE THINGS WE HEAR ABOUT ON TV.. You know, just tow a car because you feel like it. Most of them are trying to provide for their family and be legal.

  • nisa-pizza Jan 11, 2007

    A man dead and lives destroyed over a car being towed. This world is getting scarier by the minute

  • BEACH Jan 11, 2007

    The young man was just doing a job and got killed, by someone
    that should have been minding his on business.
    The guys are the tow truck have a dangeous job please be careful
    when going by a wreck. We should appreciate the dangerous job
    the tow trucks guy, EMT & FIREMAN DO.THEY ARE NOT PAID WHAT THEY

  • tobylamm Jan 11, 2007

    I think it was a hate crime and should be treated as such with the death Penalty! I agree with tdaniels, we have to start being thougher on these crimes or they will just get worse.

  • shea0961 Jan 11, 2007

    ifcdirector said it all...I agree totally

  • tdaniels Jan 11, 2007

    Iam sorry for the family with the loss of a son, brother, business partner or owner. I am sorry that the girlfriend had to see this happen. As a mother of a son that is in the towing business has worried me every day. There are so many people in this world don't care one bit about life in general. They tend to put there noise in some one else business. This man was only doing his job. The signs were posted and he was hired to remove them. If these people would read the signs and stay out of parking lots that don't want them there will never have to be worried about being towed. You hear all kinds of excuesses, to why they parked there. These people that choose to ingore the signs are just plain stupid. If the law don't start getting touchier on these people killing other people we are going to be in big trouble. This slap on the hands is not getting it. I hate to know that I have my first grandchild on the way and this world is really messed up. To be honest we no longer have freedom.

  • erstamey Jan 11, 2007

    Im sorry I meant the guns are not the problem

  • erstamey Jan 11, 2007

    guns are the problem!! it the bums and deadbeats that have them I if hes the one ,put him in the electric chair and frye them

  • JessGH Jan 11, 2007

    I also agree with ifcdirector. A gun does not emit bad intentions. It is a tool. You could also lug around a knife, a large stick or a nail gun if you intend to hurt someone. There's a reason it's in the constitution, people.