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Princeville leaders concerned about town's financial woes

Posted July 16, 2012

— A move last week by the Edgecombe County town of Princeville to shut off water to about 200 customers who didn't pay their bills has prompted some town leaders to speak out about concerns that the town is in dire straits financially.

"We don't have any money. The town does not have any money," Princeville Town Commissioner Ann Howell said Monday.

Earlier this month, Princeville received a warning from the state treasurer’s Local Government Commission notifying town leaders that the town has outstanding debt on a Water and Sewer Fund loan for more than $300,000 and that the commission believes the town could default on the loan unless it improves its financial practices.

Some members of the commission agree.

"We just need help in Princeville now," Town Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight said. "We're in the stage where it has really gotten critical."

Princeville Town Hall Princeville leaders concerned about town's financial woes

The warning told the town it needed to develop a plan to improve the financial conditions of the Water and Sewer Fund. The state also wants to look at the town's accounting records.

"I feel that the LGC should just come down and take the books until we have another election," Howell said.

Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, who became mayor in 2010, wasn't available for an interview Monday but said last week that cutting off access to water for a quarter of the town shows Princeville is committed to collecting the money it is owed.

She said Monday that she questions why the state issued a warning to the town now, when she says the previous administration also had financial issues.

She and other top officials drafted a letter last week saying that Howell, Knight and former Mayor Perkins are against her administration. She blames Perkins for the town's financial situation.

"Those of us who live in Princeville are just concerned that the mismanagement is so widespread that our little town is going under," Perkins said.


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  • kermit60 Jul 17, 2012

    Feds are broke,State is broke, Town is broke. This is what you get when you try to distribute everything equally (welfare, foodstamp, govt subsidized everything) except for the WORK needed to earn the money!

  • weasel2 Jul 17, 2012

    Watched this on WRAL and was stunned that the one speaker could even think the government should come in and take care of their problem. Its called fiscal responsibility and paying your bills.

  • Working4aLiving Jul 17, 2012

    As with last weeks news story let me just say, everyone please research this poor little town online and see why they have now money. The town's people aren't paying their taxes either. This could be another reason this poor town is broke...no money coming in to go out.

    I agree with some the comments about...get rid of their Cable, cell phones, internet, and 30,000.00 cars and maybe they could pay for their water bills and taxes...and the town wouldn't need another handout to save them. I belive in helping those that help themselves....but, these folks don't seem to be doing that.

  • Corporal Snark Jul 17, 2012

    The failed town of Princeville is a microcosm of failed Northern cities like Detroit, MI or Gary, IN.

    Would anyone care to guess which political party mismanaged all three into financial and/or physical ruin? Anyone?

  • markuswelby Jul 17, 2012

    I think it's funny that Princeville used Floyd recovery $ to purchase a van and place in big letters HISTORIC PRINCEVILLE TOURS so people could take a tour of downtown Princeville. Money well spent???? - If you want the water bad enough - Princeville is actually right beside the Tar River so just go pale it out!!

  • casp3r Jul 17, 2012

    Call china, they loan money to people that have no clue how to run anything.....

  • superman Jul 17, 2012

    Even if there were a lot of jobs in the county there are a lot of people who prefer not to work and live on the rest of us. Tarboro should just cut off the water supply until they have paid their bill in full. Maybe they could give up their cable tv and 2 or 3 of their cell phones and pay their taxes and water bill. They are probably all on welfare and should get enough to pay their water bill.

  • They call me CATMAN Jul 17, 2012

    Princeville has been run by Inept Politicians well before Floyd hit. Floyd hit them hard but it also helped them rebuild. Princeville need's someone to come in and look at how things are ran. Clean up the Mess and get them back on Track. Even if people are not paying their water bills don't tell me if everyone paid their bills in full Princeville would be swimming in cash. Princevillle has been in bad shape for quite a while due to Inept Politicians.

  • banana Jul 17, 2012

    there are not exactly a lot of jobs available here in edgecombe county. they can't pay their water bill if they don't have any money. but they all drive around in $30,000 cars. i don't get it.

  • Sherlock Jul 17, 2012

    If you point a finger to blame someone then you have 3 pointing back at you. Why does the so call mayor just accept what has happened and take charge and lead the way she was elected to do or is it because she has no idea what is required of the position like many elected officals in NC, starting a the gov office. Also why has auntie bev not given the town a buy out loan like uncle obama did, it work for him....