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Lawmakers Seek Ways to Fund New Schools Statewide

Posted January 9, 2007
Updated January 10, 2007

— Could a statewide school construction bond help school systems across North Carolina deal with student population growth?

"That's the best way to get support to those areas where they're not going to raise money," said Rep. Jeff Barnhart, R-Cabarrus. "Let's face it: If there's not money in a county, it's kind of hard to raise it."

The bond is one of several options that members of the state House Select Committee on Public School Funding is studying to help fund an estimated $10 billion needed to cover school growth.

Another proposed option is local impact fees and land-transfer taxes. Although that plan could generate hundreds of millions of dollars, it is not popular with the developers, real estate agents and home-buyers.

"That's a fee on the developer," said Rep. Julia Howard, R-Davie. "That starts out the throw, but that developer's only going to pass it on down the line."

Other school-funding ideas include local-option sales tax for all counties, a streamlined code approval process for schools and a sales tax exemption for school building materials and equipment. Each option would require local approval.

"Every county is going to have to evaluate its own needs and what the people say," said Rep. Linda Coleman, D-Wake.

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  • peaceout Jan 10, 2007

    These developers that make a bizillion dollars a year need to build schools with the neighborhoods OR not be allowed to build at all.

  • turtlepit77 Jan 10, 2007

    If we could stop spending all this money in the war, we'd have plenty of money for the schools. Millions a day are spent at war while our kids suffer.

  • midnightclay Jan 10, 2007

    I agree with maltonr2 - How many vice principals and administrators does it take to screw in a light bulb??? Let's cut the overhead and use some of the money to buy supplies and defray some of the other costs. Oh! and quit the social experiments with busing the children all over hell's half acre.

  • diwanicki Jan 10, 2007

    Ok, the lottery does help with education. You people that expect things to happen at the snap of your finger need wake up from your dreamland. The lottery is to help take care of education, not be the only source.Its not that hard to understand.The people in charge need to be doing what they are suppose to. The wasting of monies needs to stop. We pay taxes here just as the rest of you do. How many of you would start complaining if we had to pay for the books are kids use before they get them,pay for your child(ren) to have a desk to sit at and so on? As it is, parents and teachers spend money to send in supplies because they are cutting back the amount teachers get to use. Have any of you stopped to think about that?

  • kstor33 Jan 10, 2007

    Tjmarshburn...don't know if your ideas would work, but thank you for being so insightful to the other sides of this story. We'd be in a better position if more people thought like you. Thank you for your post!

  • Mungo Jan 10, 2007

    Wake County School Bonds?
    What's going on here?

    I believe people need to realize that our state government and local governments are raising taxes by funding our schools less and less. They allocate less money each year to schools knowing that we will "gladly" pay more taxes for our children to get a better education. State and local governments are effectively holding our children hostage and holding them for ransom.

    Where's Les Merrit? Our State Auditor?

    And, yes, impact fees need to be raised. Why do I need to pay more in taxes because a developer wants to put in 900 new homes down the road from my house? Let the people building those homes and the consumers buying them pay the true cost of owning that home. Not make me suffer because of growth.

  • S-O-L Jan 10, 2007

    The fix all lottery is supposed to handle this. I wonder if the children of the wonderful illegals is another reason our schools are overcrowded.

  • Bob3425 Jan 10, 2007

    That a good question about the lottery funds, their probably not being used for the intended purposed. I have said this before I think we should see a list of what the school offical (administrator) are being paid to mismanaged the school systems. I beleive cumberland county is paying some its administrator more than what the govern makes...why? for the great job their doing, this is just another way to raise our taxes.

  • dbkwork Jan 9, 2007

    I thought that the Lottery was to take care of the schools. Was the govenor full of it again.

  • Me-N-Nc Jan 9, 2007

    OK, so why does the state not just mandate a set dollar per bedrooms in the house you are buying, and that money go to schools? AND/OR charge me for my kids school books and a class fee. To even take that one step further, make the class fees based on the time you have resided in Wake county. If you have lived here all your life your fee should be smaller than the person that just moved here. Each year that persons fee would go down until it all bottomed out as a set minimum . I chose to have kids, so I should pay more than the single people in my office at work. Kids education helps us all so the bedroom fee is fair, but again I feel as if I should pay more because I chose have kids.