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Woman Arrested in Attack on Harnett Deputy

Posted January 8, 2007

— Harnett County sheriff's deputies said they arrested and charged a woman on Monday who was a passenger in a car that allegedly tried to run down a deputy during an arrest attempt last week.

They continued searching for the driver.

Mary Lucinda Kieffer, 44, of Erwin was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury, assault with a deadly weapon on a government officer, and assault on a law enforcement officer, officials said in a statement.

She was being held in the Harnett County Detention Center with a Bond of $350,000.00.

The deputy, Detective Mark Bordeaux, pulled over Bobby Burnett at about 2 p.m. Friday to serve warrants for breaking and entering and larceny, authorities said. They said that Burnett, who was driving, tried to run over Bordeaux.

Bordeaux fired several shots at Burnett's vehicle as he jumped out of the way, but authorities said they believe he missed the vehicle and Burnett.

The incident occurred near the intersection of Bunnlevel-Erwin Road and Titan-Roberts Road a few miles west of Erwin, authorities said.

Deputies said they arrested Kieffer at a residence in Erwin about 12:45 a.m. after they learned her name.

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  • ONCEACROOK Jan 9, 2007

    Thanks for that informative yet useless piece of information hawky. I was not trying to give anyone advice. I tried to re-post on here last night after re-reading the post. I did not relize she had already been charged. As far as using deadly force, I am well aware of that law and never said anything irrelevant to that fact. I simply stated he missed. Had you read my post more carfully, you would have seen that. Oh and by the way, you do not know me. If your working with Ms. Cleo, you may want to get your money back. Ok, yea my address sets me up for scrutiny and I can look past the childish posts. It is really sad that you could not have brought up your own opinion about the topic. You chose to just call me out. Too bad, you sound kinda smart. I am not a law student, but I am a college grad. I have never been arrested either. Sorry to burst your little bubble.

  • hawkydave Jan 8, 2007

    Twiceacrook, you obviously live by your name. You must be one of those lawyers in training aka.. been arrested or a college student know it all. If you are as intelligent as you portray yourself to be. You would know that NC state law states a police officer can use deadly force when they believe themselves or a third person is in imminent threat of death or serious injury. This is whether the threat is from gunfire, knives, vehicles, and whatever else can kill someone. Raleigh PD has a policy against shooting into a moving vehicle unless a threat other than the vehicle exist, IE gun fire from moving vehicle, being dragged. Harnett County does not have this policy, as well as most NC agencies. You need to do some Law homework before you decide to give advice.

  • diwanicki Jan 8, 2007

    She was in the car during the event, so in their eyes, she is just as guilty. As its been stated in here already, once we get more details, we can put the peices of the puzzle togther. To those of you who are in law enforcement and/or married to someone who is, THANK YOU very much. I know the risks they take everytime they go to work. I also know many of them have families at home as well.

  • kstor33 Jan 8, 2007

    Nascarnut and Builder276...are you the same person? If you're so miserable here why don't you leave?

  • builder276 Jan 8, 2007

    ktncnn, that's nice, don't care

  • ktncnn Jan 8, 2007

    builder276 and nascarnutnc you both have a lot of nerve. I am married to a law enforcement officer and I take great offense to your comments. You don't have a d.. clue what kind of position these officers are in everyday. It's a shame they are protecting people like you who don't appreciate it. For anyone who says, I am bitter, you are daggone right. My husband puts his life on the line everyday and would leave a family behind if he was run over by a car. Your attitudes make me sick and you should think of these officers families...

  • gvmntcheese Jan 8, 2007

    If she stays quiet and calls her lawyer, she will be fine. They can only hold you for questioning for 24 hours for being a passenger in crime. As long as she did not do anything during the crime to assist the driver, she should be fine. The officer in this case obviously took some lessons from the former cop in Raleigh only he missed.

  • Censor victim Jan 8, 2007

    If it happened the way it is described above, the deputy was out of line, even if he did not violate policy, he violated common sense, and I am pro police. Sounds like he was shooting to try and stop the vehicle from leaving, not to keep it from striking him. Also he needs more time at the practice range, I see real danger to bystanders if his aim is that bad.

  • mjblawlady Jan 8, 2007

    nascarnutnc......its good everyone isn't as ignorant as you. If you do not remove yourself from the situation or do anything to report as soon as you can remove yourself from the situation, then you are an accessory to the crimes the other person commits. GUNSLINGER does not fit in this circumstance, as he had a right to defend himself as a vehicle is considered a deadly weapon and deadly force can be used in that circumstance. Get a life.

  • dtemtfire Jan 8, 2007

    Deputy was not acting like a gunslinger he was defending himself. Car againist person, pretty lethal if you ask me. As for the woman. As soon as she could have she should have called and informed about the man. She decided not to, so she can fact the consequences of that decision.