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Many Cary Residents Still Not Pleased With Message Signs

Posted January 8, 2007

— Cary's dynamic message signs still have not won over area residents.

Many residents complained about the way they originally looked, so town leaders spent $14,000 to make the signs more attractive.

The signs now have hunter green paint and new landscaping at the base, but some people still do not like them.

"To me, it's like putting lipstick on a pig," said resident Brent Miller.

"It's still an eyesore a little bit, but you have got to weigh the good and the bad of these things and this makes it a little better," said resident Rolando Larino.

Town engineers said they have not received any complaints since the signs were spruced up.

Officials said the signs stay blank unless there is relevant safety or traffic information to post.

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  • ron151 Jan 9, 2007

    Cary spent all that money for signs that will only be used in an emergency or traffic problem.. Must be the Town has an excess of funds on hand. It would have been nice if the Town of Cary had used some of that money to help the poor residents of Cary. Yes, there are poor people that live in Cary. The Town could have set up a grant to help the poor remodel there homes. I guess signs are more important than how people live???

  • lado Jan 8, 2007

    Cary taxpayers cannot even put a 'yard sale' sign out without a hot red violation sticker slapped across it but yet OUR taxes have paid for these ridiculous, obnoxious signs!! INCREDIBLE!!

  • ladybug467 Jan 8, 2007

    They are up. The money is spent. This is such a stupid issue. If you don't like them...don't look at them...don't use them. No, I don't work for the town, I have lived here (in Cary) for over 30 years and get tired of the Cary Bashing by folks that don't live here, those who don't like Cary... Move.

  • emtp2k Jan 8, 2007

    Funny that Cary has such a strict sign ordinance but these signs don't conform to them. Just another example of the town council's policy of do as I say but it doesn't apply to me.

  • gibbagabba Jan 8, 2007

  • hatchcover99 Jan 8, 2007

    This is the same Cary in which residents complained by the sight of a police car parked in their neighborhood! I guess they thought it made the place look Low Rent. Wonder if the police(man) (woman) were forced to move because they didn't measure up the locals income level?

  • inmyopinion3 Jan 8, 2007

    Cary envy theres a laugh, Cary has is advantages but in my opinion its disadvantages far out way them, I used to live in Cary but left for the much more attractive North Raleigh, I'll use the traffic signs the odd time I'm in Cary to help me get out of it as fast as possible and back to where people have manners and dont drive like they personally paid for the raos system.

  • jharrison8 Jan 8, 2007

    In my opinion, all these signs are a big waste of money. I mean do we really need this? I don't think so.

  • builder276 Jan 8, 2007

    timeforcookies, there may have been a point to your statement, please let the rest of us know what it was (since you don't live in Cary, that is)

  • timeforcookies Jan 8, 2007

    Some people just have to complain about something all the time. That is not a trait exclusive to Cary. The rest of the world that does not thrive on whining is forced to deal with it and suffer in silence, lest we all complain about the complainers. And for the record, it's time to just face facts. A lot of people in this area moved from somewhere else because it is an attractive place to live with a strong job market. I'm sorry we inconvenience you so. A lot of people live in Cary because it is a decent place to live. And contrary to those of you who believe in price gouging Cary residents, it is substantially cheaper than living in many parts of Raleigh. If you can pay less to live somewhere convenient, safe, and with a lot of young families, I say do it- ugly signs (which are barely noticeable) and all! And no, I am not a Yankee and I don't even live in Cary.