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Dark Spots Found in SUV of Slain Woman's Husband

Posted January 5, 2007

— Authorities found two spots of what appears to be blood in a vehicle belonging to the husband of a woman found dead in her Wake County home two months ago.

The search of a Ford Explorer driven by Jason Young revealed one drop on the back seat and another on the rear exterior driver's side door, according to a search warrant released Friday.

Wake County authorities released the Explorer to Young on Thursday, two months after seizing it in their investigation.

Michelle Young was found beaten to death Nov. 3 in the couple’s home south of Raleigh. She was pregnant at the time, and the couple's 2-year-old daughter was found unharmed near her mother's body.

There was no word on whether the spots have been tested.

Investigators are not calling Jason Young a suspect, but he was one person ordered to turn over fingerprints shortly after the slaying.

Other search warrants had said Jason Young was having a relationship with a woman in Florida and that he wasn't cooperating with investigators.

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  • me7541 Jan 11, 2007

    Bird poop can look like "dark spots consistent with blood drolets" if the cops are hard up enough to get search warrant!!

  • graciedogg Jan 8, 2007

    so glad you aren't on the jury...you've already let the media decide your choice for a verdict.

  • greenmelissaj Jan 8, 2007

    Your kidding me right? There are actually people out there who think that this guy isn't guilty? It doesn't take a licensed PI to look at the evidence that has been presented and not come to the conclusion that if Jason didn't actually kill his wife by his own hands, he definately had something to do with it. LABEL HIM A SUSPECT ALREADY! He was having an affair, he called her sister/the Nanny the morning of to "go get a fax" please....how coincidental. He is not cooperating with the investigation, he took their daughter and left town, he didn't shed a tear at the funeral. At least Scott Pederson PRETENDED to be upset and cooperate, AND HE WAS GUILTY!

  • lkngolfer Jan 7, 2007

    Here we go again.. Another fine example of American media already assuming guilt before any trial or even any arrests have been made! I have known Jason since 1983, and I really can't imagine him doing this. However, someone should tell WRAl that I also have a dark spot in my truck if they want to look at it! Maybe they can tell me exactly what it is? Is it from ketchup? Or maybe from a drink? Could it be possible someone may have spilled something is his SUV? Imagine that....

  • salexander55 Jan 6, 2007

    Ok, so I know the accused...(or the "WRAL Accused") and I'm not saying he did or didn't commit the crime. I'm just saying someone needs to consider the "what if he didn't do it." Imagine the pain he is going through. The guilt of having an affair, the loss of a wife, the grief for his daughter...and possibly the anger of being falsely accused. I think that the case should be left alone until all the facts are there and a suspect is named.

  • wyheel Jan 5, 2007

    I think the assumption that the spots might be blood are from the search warrant for the car. Quote: "Major Johnson also observed what appeared to be a dark in color spot consistent with a blood droplet on the driver's side exterior rear door."

  • Ladybug Jan 5, 2007

    If you don't have more information than that, just keep it. This is poor reporting. As long as they have had this vehicle seems they would know if it was blood and who it belonged to by now.

  • wraltv Jan 5, 2007

    My day usually consists of WRAL for local news and even Bill and the true blonde, Sherry, on the morning drive to work, but the more articles like this one I see, it may be time to move on. Whatever happened to RESPONSIBLE journalism? Come on folks, don't fall into the trap that so many other news organizations have by trying to be the "Jerry Springer" pit of reporters.

    Stick to the FACTS. The public really does want them, not sensationalism.

  • graciedogg Jan 5, 2007

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty! Ok, so it is wrong that he was having an affair but this does not mean he killed his wife. A lot of people are having affairs...

  • bryan Jan 5, 2007

    "Appears" to be two spot of what "appears" to be blood.

    Seems like a lot of speculation to me!