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Police: Garner Teen Killed by Vehicle

Posted January 4, 2007

— Three years after a Garner teen was killed while waiting by the side of a road for a friend, police said Thursday that they have new leads in his death.

Josh Davis, 16, was killed at about 7 p.m. Jan. 6, 2004, after something hit him in the head along Hall Boulevard in Garner. The case has baffled his family and investigators since then because no one has been able to determine what killed him and whether it was accidental or intentional.

Garner police said Thursday that they have concluded Davis was struck by a car that night. The determination was based on the findings of a private forensics firm and a review of the case by Garner investigators and the State Bureau of Investigation.

The forensics firm reconstructed the events that led to Davis' death and analyzed his wounds and blood spatters at the scene.

Based on the determination, the medical examiner has reclassified the cause of death as a vehicle-pedestrian crash.

Davis was likely hit by a bumper, mirror or some other object attached to the vehicle, police said. The driver might not have seen Davis on the street, but should have known he or she hit something based on the impact, police said.

Dave Davis told WRAL he took some comfort knowing that his son died in an accident and wasn't the victim of a violent crime.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact the investigative division of the Garner Police Department at 919-772-8810 or the State Bureau of Investigation at 800-334-3000. A $10,000 reward is being offered in the case.

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  • nascarnutnc Jan 5, 2007

    ru4real3333, are you calling the tax payers "peons". we pay your salary, if you are employed by the state. Notice, I did not say "worked for the state" that would infer that you worked

  • wigiwood Jan 5, 2007

    I am so sorry for his parents and Its so sad to be reading about this again. I live not far and pass Hall Blvd regularly. Does anyone know if a psychic has been contacted? They may be able to assist in indentifying the vehicle that struck. I know many people don't believe, but you would be amazed at now may cases psychics help with as its not normaly released to the public.

    I wish I could help!!

  • mohnkae Jan 4, 2007

    Too bad it's not, like, our government. If it were maybe we could do something about it... Hey, wait a minute.

  • ArmyMom Jan 4, 2007

    The sad part about government waste is that it's the lower level workers have to do the work with what equipment they are given, while $$$$$$ are spent to investigate, prosecute and DEFEND the likes of Jim Black. Yes, some government employees spend too much time eating doughnuts and playing computer games, but so do people in the private sector. The worst part about working for state government is that the legislature decides how much of a pay raise you get every year (or just give you 2 more weeks of leave you can't take because you have too much work to do). Yes, there is waste and, yes, there are some slackers, but most are doing the best they can with what they have been given.

  • dfmlythr Jan 4, 2007

    (RU4Real3333...I like your style!)

    I co-sing with you kstor33....

  • thinkin out loud Jan 4, 2007

    Amen ru4real, Private industry nearly always has better equipment and they usually have the latest and greatest. I can tell you as a gonvernement employee, we are often using left over equipment purchased after the private sector gets through with it and for exactly why you said, Taxes. Anybody that has ever worked for government knows this.

  • kstor33 Jan 4, 2007

    RU4Real3333...I like your style!

  • ru4real3333 Jan 4, 2007

    Hey Builder...I know this is hard to beileve but a town like Garner, even Raleigh, doesn't have unlimited resources. Do you want to know why....To keep peons like yourself happy about their taxes. They work with what you allow them and then use resources that are backed by private firms to help out. Instead of bitching, commend them for still working a very hard case. Now go back to watching CSI.

  • builder276 Jan 4, 2007

    Good thing there are private companies doing the same things that the government is supposed to do. Why can a private company figure these thing out with limited resources when the government with unlimited resources can not. sounds like more incompetance in the government, Surprise. Maybe we should just turn over everything the government is supposed to do over to the private sector. Then these peopple sitting back collecting their government pay checks can go out a find a real job. Maybe then they would have to do something for their money except sit around eating donuts