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School system, coach sued over Chapel Hill football player's death

Posted June 28, 2012

— The family of a Chapel Hill High School football player who died nearly four years ago has filed a lawsuit against the local school system and a football coach.

Atlas Fraley, 17, a senior offensive guard and defensive tackle, died at his home on Aug. 12, 2008, after playing in a pre-season scrimmage.

After going home, he called 911, complaining of severe cramping and dehydration, and a paramedic went to his home to check him out but didn't take him to a hospital for treatment.

Fraley's parents found him unresponsive later that evening.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday by Linda and David Fraley against Chapel Hill-Carborro City Schools, the school board and Fraley's football coach, Isaac Marsh, claims wrongful death and negligence.

An autopsy report did not list a definite cause of death but said Fraley had a history of cramping and similar symptoms, which could have combined with dehydration to result in a "fatal cardiac event or even an acute asthmatic attack."


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  • theseahorse Jun 29, 2012

    Another ambulance chasing lawyer at work.
    This cost everbody so just end all sports in high schhol save the money and solve the problem.

  • bootyboy20 Jun 29, 2012

    Try in for some of that free money

  • nroberts95 Jun 28, 2012

    Always putting blame elsewhere. Why does eveyone to sue?

  • TeresaBee Jun 28, 2012

    And another school football player will die during practice before the summer is over. I am so sorry to say.

  • wildlifeprocessing Jun 28, 2012

    If memory serves me correctly didn't his parents sue the EMT a couple of years ago for wrongful death too ?????? whats up with that ???

    YES!! I can only assume they have spent that money and are looking for more!!

  • sctech Jun 28, 2012

    This is a tragedy, and absolutely a lawsuit is legitimate. At minimum, EMT should have contacted the parents to ensure they were okay with him being left at home.
    The school and coach should have absolutely no involvement in legal proceedings, and it is sad to see this turn of events.

    Read much or is comprehension the problem? The parents are suing the school and coach. Try to at least read past the first sentence when responding here.

  • RUSTYROVER Jun 28, 2012

    If memory serves me correctly didn't his parents sue the EMT a couple of years ago for wrongful death too ?????? whats up with that ???

  • 1Rx4FN Jun 28, 2012

    I don't know all of the facts behind this story but to the casual reader/observer, stories like this may make them think twice about coaching/volunteering for any type of event. It doesn't have to be school related, it could be little league or even a 5K race. One event can have such a ripple effect on so many things.

  • sunshine1040 Jun 28, 2012

    And why didn,t parents react as soon as son told them about complaints. EMT cannot take a person that is talking to hospital without their permission. Water was available at school so why is it schools fault.

  • YeaOh Jun 28, 2012

    "Fraley had a history of cramping and similar symptoms" and his parent allowed him to do things that caused this? Lock her up!