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Northampton Deputies Kill Man in Shootout

Posted January 3, 2007

— A Jackson man was killed Tuesday by Northampton County deputies during a shootout that followed a domestic incident, authorities said.

Northampton County Sheriff Whitey Vincent said three deputies responded to a domestic dispute at 6591 N.C. Highway 305 between 3:30 and 4 p.m. Tuesday. A man had assaulted his girlfriend and made threats to set fire to the home, Vincent said.

When officers arrived, they tried to get the man to come to the door to speak with them, but he refused. Two deputies went around the house, while the third remained in his patrol car.

The man broke out a window and began shooting at the deputies, Vincent said. He then walked out the front door onto the porch, and one of the deputies fired back at him, Vincent said.

Robert Mickinley Edwards, 55, died Tuesday night at Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville from the single gunshot wound, Vincent said.

Deputies Virginia Powell, Cory Jackson and Jessie Stevens have been placed on administrative leave with pay, and the State Bureau of Investigation is reviewing the case.

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  • HighRiskCO Jan 3, 2007

    I'd have to agree with all here except for the one ignorant statement. Until these ignorant people put on a uniform with a shield and learn some law, they have no right to say anything. A police officer wearing a uniform and shield automatically has a target painted on their chest and back. All this ignorant person had to do was look up DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE before they opened their mouth. These officers had every right to use Deadly Physical Force! This was a "Good Shoot" if I've ever seen one!

  • MG1 Jan 3, 2007

    Sounds like a domestic incident with a happy ending.

  • builder276 Jan 3, 2007

    oh well

  • YouAfraid Jan 3, 2007

    hey ltbarkley -at- gmail -dot- com, I'm like you; I had to register to respond to this. My husband is a cop and he don't get paid anywhere near where he needs to get paid to put up with dumbass people like that man. He makes 26,500 which is crap considering he never knows what stupid jacked up person is going to do when he is coming up to a house where someone has had to call the police b/c they are with someone and can't get along.

  • ltbarkley Jan 3, 2007

    Seriley1737, I registered here JUST to respond to that ignorant statement. Did you READ the article? They DID ask questions first (while trying to get the "suspect" out of the house), then they got SHOT AT, at which point deadly force is JUSTIFIED. Its not like they shot this guy 40 times - it was ONE gunshot wound. These deputies are heroes, not armchair judgementalists such as yourself. I hope you get into a situation where an officer saves your life. You need a serious wake up call.

  • tiredofexcusisms Jan 3, 2007

    According to the story, the officers had no choice but to shoot this man. What we have to realize is that officers put their lives on the line for complete strangers every single day, and could probably do without the negativity from the very public they have promised to serve and protect.

    We focus on all of the bad publicity and let that overshadow the good. I am not saying that all officers are perfect, but then again, are any of us?

  • ahirshp Jan 3, 2007

    Seriley1737 you must be joking, this is one of the most ignorant statements I have heard. The police received a report that this man ASSAULTED his girlfriend. The police responded, and went to check on the report which probably saved this woman’s life. The man then broke a window and SHOT AT POLICE. What did you expect them to do, paint a target on their chest and let him have at it? After shooting at police, he walks out onto the porch (I bet with gun in hand). They shot him ONLY ONCE out of fear for their lives after being SHOT AT! If they would have done nothing, this woman could have been killed which would result in the police being scrutinized for doing nothing. If it were your daughter being assaulted, would you expect any less from the police? They are not going to ask questions when they are being SHOT AT. He did not die for domestic abuse; he died for SHOOTING AT POLICE. I say good riddance!

  • ncst8man1999 Jan 3, 2007

    You idiots. It was not death for domestic dispute, he was shot because he fired on three deputies. Just a little bit of difference here. When are you people going to learn that law enforcement does not enjoy using their weapons???? We don't make the decision to use deadly force, the suspect does.

  • Forgetaboutit Jan 3, 2007

    Shoot first, ask questions later. Yes, just like in the 17 and 18 hundreds. Things were simplier then, when people drank from different fountains, separate bathroom...as person died here. Are the police not learning from these situations. Are we not upgrading their skills. When will the paradigm shift take place. Death for domestic abuse...I am not sure we are in a leadership position here. This is ridiculous!!

  • 4wcsd Jan 3, 2007

    Here we go again!!!! These Deputies are under scrutiny, being investigated for doing their job!!! I hope that this goes quickly and they are returned to normal duty.