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Wake Kindergarten Teacher Faces Drug Charges

Posted January 2, 2007
Updated January 3, 2007

— A Wake County kindergarten teacher faces drug charges after a man died at her home and Raleigh police said they found cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Police said 34-year-old Tracey Myers, a kindergarten teacher at Hunter Elementary School, was arrested at her home New Year's Day.

Police had received a call to Myers' north Raleigh home on Lostwood Lane on Monday morning. According to a search warrant obtained in the investigation, Myers' boyfriend, 35-year-old Jamey Conley, a local real-estate agent, was in cardiac arrest when they arrived. He later died.

While inside the house, police said, they found cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Myers was charged with one count each of possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine, maintaining a dwelling with intent to sell and deliver cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

She was released on $5,700 bond.

Parents were surprised to learn about the case as school reopened following the holiday break.

Charlona Walston's 6-year-old son is in Myers' class.

"I would have never had expected anything like this from her," said Walston.

Another mother who did not want to be identified said that she was disappointed with Myers' attendance record and performance and was working with the school principal to get her child transferred out of the class. A third parent who also did not want to talk on camera said, "The kids really loved the teacher, but she wasn't the best."

Several other parents said that Myers had three young children and was in the middle of getting a divorce.

Hunter Elementary had not yet notified parents about the arrest.

According to a Wake County Public School System spokesperson, Myers has been suspended with pay pending a personnel review.

Walston says the arrest shouldn't overshadow the school's good reputation.

"One bad apple can't spoil the whole bunch. My child is still learning. It hasn't impacted his learning, and as far as the other kids, their learning hasn't been affected either," said Walston.

WRAL spoke with Myers over the phone, but she declined to comment.


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  • traceywmyers Jan 23, 2007

    Sad story doesn't even begin to describe the depth of the effects on many, many lives - but most especially on one young man who was called away much too soon, and one young lady who must be feeling loss beyond belief. I am a parent of one of the children in her class. To my knowledge, I am the only one who has even contacted her. The entire story is not nearly as harsh as the media has presented it. The young man, Jay, woke up and was having difficulty breathing. Tracey called the paramedics and performed CPR for approx. 35 minutes before they arrived. Once they got there, she herself pulled out the drug to notify them that it MIGHT be a factor so that if they could do something different to save his life, they would have all of the information.
    As it turns out, she willingly took a drug test that day to prove she had none in her system. His tox reports came back stating that he had severe pneumonia as well as heart disease not cardiac arrest! Space ran out see my next coment.

  • kerrkrazyfamily Jan 4, 2007

    I have got to say there are too many people out there that have jumped to conclusions about Tracey and Jay. I can say that I have had the pleasure of knowing Tracey and her family for almost 10 years. Tracey is a wonderful teacher that is going through a very hard time. She is the most loving mother and person I have ever met.I understand that there was a bad decision made on her part. This is totally out of character for her. You all also have to understnad that the news does not always give all of the information. Just because there were drugs in the house does not mean that she was taking it. It was in his pants pocket. I have got to know Jay in the short amount of time that they had been dating and can say that Jay was a wonderful person that would do anything to help out. He as Ramsey said had a heart of gold. He was a very sweet person. Unfortunately the news has not brought you all the entire story. It is also very unfortunate that this has happened out of wrong choices made.

  • WhatEver Jan 3, 2007

    Bulldogg, you must be illegal. For you to even bring that irrellevant subject up shows so. Since you did, I would hope with all the legislature this country could do more than one thing at a time. Yes they need to be working on the hopelessly endless task of freeing our streets of drugs, but you know what, they also need to be more deligent on deportation..just a thought... And, nothing was said about getting behind the wheel, read the article.

  • bulldoggg03 Jan 3, 2007

    Right on Ramsey. As for Seriley..Sorry hun but the police are not wasting time trying to get drugs off the street. In case you didnt know you can get a DUI for taking drugs and driving...EVEN PRESCRIPTION drugs at that. Latin individuals are not the only ones gettin behind the wheel of a car intoxicated.. You see all different races doing so. Quite honestly I am more worried about people like you acting out on racial hate crimes. Im not saying it is right for people to come over here illegally by any means but what is more important..Worrying about illegal immigrants or our kids dying from drug overdoses and putting money in drug dealers pockets...Just a thought

  • slhunc Jan 3, 2007

    It greatly upsets me to see that there are people who post comments referring to someone who has passsed away, as a "crackhead". This behavior is classless and is completely disrespectful to the families of those involved! We ALL make bad decisions and mistakes throughout life. A bad decision and lack of judgement does not make one a "crackhead". Jay was one of the most caring, giving, and fun-loving people I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Tracey is a remarkable mother, teacher, and friend. This is a sad situation that is being made worse by ignorant heartless people that judge before knowing the facts!

  • NCSpeedDiva Jan 3, 2007

    THe fact is that there was enough to charge her with intent to distribute and maintaining a dwelling. Folks, that's a lot. I'm sorry for her and her family but you play with fire and you'll get burned. It's just too bad that someone had to die to find out that there was a drug issue in the home. I'm sure she's a great person and a wonderful teacher and I pray that she gets the help she needs to move on. Personally, I haven't walked in her shoes so I cannot and WILL NOT pass judgement. I'll leave that to what ever higher power she believes in.

  • nursevb8 Jan 3, 2007

    Think the sell/distribution fact may have something to do with the teachers needing a raise in salary? Maybe. But agreed, just because someone does a bit of recreational drugs does not make them a crack head! And true, she may not have been doing any drugs, just boyfriend was, and alot too. It does take quite a bit to make you go into cardiac arrest at such a young age.

  • ramseysusan Jan 3, 2007

    Just because someone may use drugs, they are not a crackhead. Obviously, you did not know Jamey, known by friends as Jay. He was a wonderful person, who always went out of his way to do for others. He volunteered his time for many community projects - food drives, dressing up as the Easter Bunny for the kids of his peers, yard sales to help Habitat, etc. He was caring, kind and had a heart of gold. Jay knew how to make others smile and strived to be a good person. He was great to my family, especially my kids. I will dearly miss him and know that he regrets the turn of events. Again, a mistake.
    lynnway and ahirshp - life is too short to be bitter - you don't have to be jerks either. Try to make a friend and have a heart, it may do you both some good.

  • linnway Jan 3, 2007

    Amen ahirshp!!!!!!

  • ahirshp Jan 3, 2007

    She was arrested because these drugs and paraphernalia were found in HER HOME. The owner of the home is responsible for what goes on, and what is in the house no matter what. Please don’t tell me you all believe she “didn’t know” her boyfriend was a crack head. Maybe she is kind, sweet, and a good teacher but she dated a crack head which is not very respectable. There had to be a good amount of cocaine in his system for him to go into cardiac arrest. Also, she was charged with intent to sell/distribute, and maintaining a dwelling with intent to sell and deliver cocaine. That means a good amount of cocaine had to be found in her home (otherwise it would have been simply possession) and it was probably packaged for sale. People put on facades all the time, she is guilty of something otherwise she would not be in this situation. Everyone acts differently on the clock than they do in their own home. Don’t be fooled.