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Bar manager accused of racial discrimination at another Raleigh club

Posted June 22, 2012
Updated June 23, 2012

— Allegations of racially discriminatory practices at a downtown Raleigh bar are nothing new to the man who allegedly put a 21-year-old black patron in a headlock and removed him from the bar last weekend.

Todd Chriscoe, general manager of The Downtown Sports Bar and Grill on Glenwood Avenue, was the subject of a 2001 WRAL Investigates story, which looked into membership and dress code policies at a private Raleigh club on West Street.

At the time, Chriscoe co-owned The Office, which billed itself as an upscale dance club with a strict dress code policy. One thing expressly prohibited by the club: FUBU clothing, a fashion line targeted primarily to African Americans.

Four months after The Office opened, WRAL Investigates sent one white couple and one black couple, both wearing nearly identical outfits, to try to get into the club, which closed in 2009.

The white couple, who said they didn't have a membership, were admitted and told by the doorman that they could get a membership inside the door. The black couple, however, was told that they couldn't come in and that memberships could only be obtained during daytime hours with three full days required for processing.

When confronted about the disparity, Chriscoe said it had nothing to do with race.

"You guys are trying to make it out to be a racist thing and we're not racist at all," he said in 2001. "What we are is an extremely private club, and we hammer people on the dress code because we want to have a very upscale, nice environment."

The Office later released a statement saying their club was a "virtual melting pot of members."

"What we tell our door people is to not let anyone in that their wife or girlfriend would not feel comfortable standing next to at the bar," the statement said. "Is this discrimination? Possibly it is."

Bar manager accused of racial discrimination at another Raleigh club Bar manager accused of racial discrimination at another Raleigh club

Fast forward to the early morning hours of June 17, 2012, when a 21-year-old graduate assistant at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill claims he had a run-in with Chriscoe at The Downtown Sports Bar and Grill.

Jonathan Wall alleges that he and a friend went to the bar early Sunday morning and that they were initially told they couldn't go in because the bar required a membership.

Once inside, Wall says, he was quickly confronted by Chriscoe, the bar's general manager, who told him he had to "buy a drink or leave."

Wall says there were no other black patrons in his vicinity. When he explained that he was waiting for his friend to use the restroom, he says, Chriscoe put him in a headlock and forced him out of the bar.

"It was shock, more than anything," Wall said in a news conference Friday. "It was like one of those feelings, like, 'Is this really happening?'"

Wall said the experience was "demoralizing" and that it underscores the need for dialog about racial discrimination in the 21st century.

His allegations have sparked email and social media campaigns, and even prompted several other people to come forward saying they, too, were treated differently at the sports bar because of their race. 

The bar issued a statement Friday, denying Wall's claims.

"Mr. Wall was not roughed up or improperly treated. Mr. Wall was not the subject of racial discrimination," the statement reads.

It continues, saying that Wall "took advantage of a crowded door situation" after being told he could not enter without being a member or the guest of a member.

William Potter, the bar's attorney, says that because of its liquor license, by law, the bar is a private club that limits access to members and their guests.

Plans for a protest at the bar Saturday night have been put on hold because of safety and security concerns due to the high number of people wanting to attend.

The state NAACP has gotten involved to help Wall's supporters organize a larger protest, possibly next weekend, with thousands of expected attendees.

WRAL News spoke with Chriscoe Friday, but he declined to comment on Wall's allegations. He referred all questions to Potter.


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  • RNmomX4 Jun 29, 2012

    I hate that this still happens but it does. I used to work in the membership office at a club like this in another college town in NC. People came to me, gave me $1, filled out a form, and could come back in 3 business days to get their card. If they were "approvable" all I had to do was put their money in the drawer and stamp "approved" on their form. If they were not, I was supposed to attach their dollar to the form and stamp it "Not approved." I was instructed to disapprove any Marine that was below an E5 and anyone who looked "ghetto." My boss was standing right there when I gave cards out to a rather large group of black guys, very nice, polite guys decked out in FUBU and RocaWear. I basically gave my boss h*** because I disapproved white civilians when they were rude and let in plenty of Marines and minorities. I would have quit on day 1 but I wanted to be there to stand up against discrimination. It was no surprise when I got fired. No big loss.

  • fernetayloremeny Jun 27, 2012

    Duh! That's all I have to say. Back when The Office was still around, and I mean like 2003, both my husband and I, who are white, were allowed in, and my husband was decked out in jeans and what essentially looked like hiking gear. Our black friends, who were dressed in khakis and tailored shirts weren't allowed in. When my husband and I asked for our money back for the cover, we were denied a refund. Thankfully, the parking attendant was much nicer. Obviously they are harder on blacks and minorities regarding dress than they are whites. It's sad, and we never went back. Instead we frequented cool bars and pubs where you can be yourself and stop "putting on" for others. Just don't go to these places because they do profile, and I've witnessed it first hand.

  • bushido2298 Jun 26, 2012

    YAWN! This is getting old, once again pitting black against white, my black friends tell me "this guy is a burden for the black community"

  • charlesboyer Jun 26, 2012

    @bmac813 - I am curious what your tirade about the 2008 election has to do with the apparent racial discrimination practices of a Raleigh club owner.

  • bmac813 Jun 26, 2012

    You liberals always make me laugh. After Obama won the Election I went back home for a visit. All Die Hard democratc, They were all complaining about the Country and Obama, I said to them ,WHAT ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT , YOU PUT HIM INTO OFFICE, HER IS WHAT I HEARD, I DIDN'T VOTE FOR THAT SOB N. That you voted for MC CAIN, HELL NO I WOULDN'T VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN EITHER.
    hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe LIBERALS ,always want to hang something around someone elses neck. The most screwed up people I KNOW.
    I didn't vote for Obama either, WHY ,I am PRO -LIFE, and the SAME REASON I DIDN'T VOTE FOR CLINTON, GORE, KERRY.

  • promethazine codeine lover Jun 25, 2012

    kermit60, is that the answer to all your problems?

  • GravyPig Jun 25, 2012

    "If they don't like it then let them start there own private minority bar. But then they couldn't scream racism, throw the race card and try to sue someone for more free money."

    Be careful, one might get the wrong inpression and think that you support segregation.

  • miyata Jun 25, 2012

    If they don't like it then let them start there own private minority bar. But then they couldn't scream racism, throw the race card and try to sue someone for more free money.
    kermit60...June 25, 2012 8:39 a.m.

    One word for you...Ignorant!

  • MyOwnTwoCents Jun 25, 2012

    "If they don't like it then let them start there own private minority bar. But then they couldn't scream racism, throw the race card and try to sue someone for more free money."

    I think you have been hanging out too far to the right.