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Wake Parents Voice Opinions on School Reassignment

Posted January 2, 2007

Wake County Schools officials reported that had got a great deal of feedback from parents about this year's reassignment proposal by the time the public comment period ended Tuesday.

More than 2,000 comments were filed—1,341 through the system's Web site, 668 via e-mails, and 43 phone calls. A recommendation to the Wake County School Board is expected next Tuesday, with a final vote due in February.

Nearly 11,000 students could change schools for the 2007-2008 school year.

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  • millahd33 Jan 9, 2007

    When this reassignment was put into play i wanna know did anyone think twice about how this would affect not only the children but the parents are affected to,the parents should have a choice on where their children should attend school,people get a little authority and dont know how to act,its disgraceful and wrong.I bet their children dont have to be tossed around all over the place,they dont care about the voices of the parents,they are only doing whats best for them not the children,I wish i could afford to put my children in private school so they wouldnt have to go through this mess,and they know their are alot of parents who cant afford to send their children to private school thats why they do the things that they do.I moved to N.C. thinking the school system was great turns out thats not the case at all,the way the school system is going it makes me want to take my children and run,next they will be telling parents how they should raise their children...

  • jdjabusch Jan 6, 2007

    In the previous comment, the sentence "Another problem is the number of new houses being built."
    should read :
    "Another problem is the number of new APARTMENT COMPLEXES being built."

  • sjabusch Jan 6, 2007

    Next year I will have an 8th grader at West Cary Middle on a traditional calendar, a 6th grader at East Cary Middle on a Year-Round calendar and a 3rd grader at Northwoods Elementary on a traditional calendar. What happened to the idea of keeping elementary and middle school kids on the same schedule?

    What's even more laughable is that we are close enough to walk to West Cary Middle and one of my children is being bussed across town to the other side of Cary. This reassignment is ridiculous!

    The rapid growth in this area is to blame. Why aren't developers held accountable? Before the Cary town council approves more development they should have to make sure there are seats available to accomodate new students. Another problem is the number of new houses being built. The number of kids increases dramatically with high density housing, and do they have to pay property taxes to help pay for schools? No, they don't!!

    This reassignment is breaking up neighborhoods and families.

  • murph Jan 3, 2007

    It is absolutely ridiculous. I have a 7th grader that goes to West Cary and we live west of highway 55. That is way too far. With our re-assignment my now 4th grader will end up at East Cary Middle School which is even farther. She would have to get on the bus at 5:30 and spend over an hour on the bus each way.

    It's like any and every level of government. People get these government jobs and forget who they are supposed to be working for. They have their own agenda and seem to completely lose all of their senses. This country is back to where we were over 200 years ago. We have taxation without representation. At least I know that I have no representation in government. Only big business and special interest groups are represented in our current form of government.

  • diwanicki Jan 2, 2007

    They need to stop yanking this kids from one school to another and back again. Take this for example, we started out at one school and now we are at another, the kicker is the school we went to is about 5-8 minutes away.Now for the 2007-2008 year they want to split up Arbor Greene subdivision. Um, hello Rand Road is in the subdivision why split up that place and send those kids to another school. I maybe wrong, but wasn't that school put there for them to go to??????? Someone fell and bumped their head and need to do it again to knock some cents back in it. Its really messed up the way this is being handled. Can't you people get all the schools on the same page as far as teaching goes?? One school teaches one thing and you get sent to another.Get with the program already will ya!!

  • Peter the Pony Jan 2, 2007

    I agree that reassignment is annoying, especially when our decent, well-raised children get sent to the "other side of the tracks" and mixed with other elements. But hey, this is the public school system. Don't like it? There's always private school, which I highly recommend these days. Private school seems to be the only way to give our children any kind of stability and continuity in their education -- not to mention keep them separate from unsavory types that these "reassignments" seem to cater to.