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3 Arrested in Raleigh Restaurant Shooting

Posted January 1, 2007

— Three men were arrested in New York Monday and charged in connection with a weekend shooting at a north Raleigh bar, police said.

Danauri Taveras-Perez, 21, Ramon Rolando Salce, 23, and Pedro Emelio Sosa, 22, are each charged with four counts of attempted murder.

An employee and three customers were shot early Sunday at the Restaurant Monte Bar at 2645-D E. Millbrook Road after an argument, police said.

The four victims were taken to WakeMed for treatment. Police said two had non-life-threatening injuries, while the other two suffered more serious injuries.

Raleigh police detectives developed leads Sunday that led them to contact New York Police Department detectives who are members of a regional fugitive task force. The two law enforcement agencies worked closely throughout the night to share information and coordinate efforts until the arrests could be made, police said.

The shooting remains under investigation.

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  • Warden Jan 2, 2007

    I could be missing some obvious information here, but where in the article does it question the citizenship status of the accused? While I am vehemently against amnesty for illegal aliens, I don't think they've given any indication that this crime has any ties to that issue...yet.

  • MzFang Jan 2, 2007

    Perhaps if border patrol had the ability to shoot to kill anyone ILLEGALLY crossing the border our problems would not be quite as pronounced as they are today....ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL NO MATTER WHAT THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. I'm still baffled at how anyone who is here ILLEGALLY thinks they have a right to enjoy the freedoms and FINANCIAL SUPPORT MEANT FOR CITIZENS of a country that they INVADED, ILLEGALLY!!!!! IF YOU ARE NOT HERE LEGALLY YOU ARE AN INVADER AND A CRIMINAL! I'm even more baffled by those who choose to support these CRIMINALS and the element they bring with them. BUT GREED OBVIOUSLY SPEAKS VOLUMES IN CORPORATE AMERICA.....WAKE UP AMERICA THIS IS A VERY REAL PROBLEM AND IT'S OBVIOUSLY NOT GOING AWAY! We are quickly losing our own identity and no one seems to give a crap! I don't know which is more disturbing, Bush's retarded leadership or our tolerance of people who have NO RESPECT for our laws. America is becoming a hallow shell of what she used to be and that is so very sad..

  • Proud2bHispanic Jan 2, 2007

    Well I guess if everyone else who is living off of welfare would get out there and do the jobs the illegals do then we reall wouldn't need them now would we? So if you have to make sly comments do it with knowledge!

  • dsal68 Jan 2, 2007

    Once more, NOT ALL ILLEGALS ARE FROM MEXICO!!!!. Learn your history

  • WhatEver Jan 2, 2007

    Why should we have to use our hard earned tax dollars to support people who are illegal. If they are illegal then deport them to their authorities. Last year when all the illegals got together to protest we should have rounded them up and sent them back.

  • Longshanks Jan 2, 2007

    If they're not legal, deport them and let the Mexican authorities deal with them. Don't want to seem uncompassionate or cold here, but enough is enough. If they have gone through the steps to become US citizens, then they deserve the help as do all Americans. But if not (and chances are high they're NOT), then not a dime of taxpayer money should be spent on medical OR legal processes.

  • gcarter1 Jan 2, 2007

    I wonder if the victims and the arrested were legal citizens and how much tax payer monies will be spent on the medical treatment of the injured? Maybe we need another lottery just to support illegals.