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Raleigh Police Chief Contacts Family of Dog Shot by Officer

Posted December 28, 2006

Raleigh's police chief personally called the family of the dog shot by a police officer.

Chief Jane Perlov told the family about the procedure for filing for city reimbursement for the veterinary costs.

On Christmas, Officer R.A. Smith shot Truman, a chocolate Labrador, in the head while responding to a call about a dog bite. Smith claims the dog went after him.

Truman's owner said the dog was tied to the front porch. Truman survived the shooting, but has a ruptured eardrum.

Smith remains on normal duty while the incident is being investigated by the police's Internal Affairs Department.

Perlov has also talked personally with the officer involved, Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

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  • Tax Man Dec 30, 2006

    jeanmpt - you are saying that your husband can shoot anyone or anything and it is justified? Is he God? I trust your husband has the discipline that the RPD office failed to have, and the judgment to not pull a weapon in such a situation. Guns should only be pulled from their holsters in extraordinary situations where the officer or another human being's life is in immediate danger - even if the dog had bitten the officer it would not justify killing the dog with a service revolver. Did you ever have a dog?

  • sgrinstead Dec 30, 2006

    "The fact that this is still in the news is sad. This made more headlines than a human
    being killed. Thats pretty pathetic."-----From another poster---

    I think you are missing the point. Yeh the story may be getting more attention than a human being murdered but exactly how do you suggest the lab, tied to his porch by the way, protect himself from Raleigh's finest next time one approaches with a gun?

  • illiniangel9 Dec 29, 2006

    No way would a Lab be aggressive unless it thought the cop was threatening the owner. This cop is a hothead and should have been fired on the spot. I'm disappointed in you, Raleigh PD. When this guy goes off and shoots a human IN THE HEAD without cause, we know who to blame for not firing this guy.

    Jeanmpt-- if someday someone you know gets shot in the head by a hotheaded person like this who would shoot a friendly dog (all Labs are superfriendly), you might think twice about your attitude. Someone who would hurt a defenseless animal would also hurt a human. That's how most killers start out.

  • geowilrlst Dec 29, 2006

    All other comments aside ; my wife and I have had dogs for all our 33+ married years . 28 years ago had a dobie that caused 70+ stiches in a burglers leg during a break in ! We feed our dogs well for protection and they are like family ! Late at night in March 2000 a deputy had to deliver a sad messege that my father had died and our lab went bastlistic but the deputy didn't shoot ; he backed off and sounded his horn and siren at 1:00 AM untill we came to the door and calmed the dog . His comment was that the dog was just doing what it was with us for !

  • lawdogzwife Dec 28, 2006

    As the wife of a law enforcement officer, all I can say is, as long as my husband comes home alive at the end of the day, I know anyone or any creature he shoots is justified. Oh yeah, and I do work and don't sit around all day in my pajamas responding to blogs.

  • STFU Dec 28, 2006

    The fact that this is still in the news is sad. This made more headlines than a human being killed. Thats pretty pathetic.

  • gilleygirl Dec 28, 2006

    Bottomline: "Officer should be fired on the spot" and should have to clean up poop for the next 12 months at the SPCA.

  • forliberty06 Dec 28, 2006

    A million Kudos wployer!!!

  • realitychecknc Dec 28, 2006

    Reading some of these posts is surreal. Police work is dangerous, demanding work. Every hour of every day, officers are called to robberies, break-ins, domestics, traffic stops and on an on. Yet, from what I can tell from the messages, most are ready to crucify the officer without even knowing all the facts. Little deference has been shown to those in the most noble of all professions. To the alleged K-9 handler/Boston cop, if you were the one whose actions were being questioned, would you want to be tried in public like this? And to everyone else I say: despite what you say, the first thing you'll do when things go bump in the night is call 9-1-1.

    (Fortunately, I do not think this is really a representative sample of what the public thinks of RPD. This forum has degenerated into a dog-lovers/animal rights love fest--people whose only real friend probably is their dog!)

  • NYPD Dec 28, 2006

    wployer, I agree with you. This particular cop is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed.