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Driver faces slew of charges after fatal, wrong-way Raleigh wreck

Posted June 10, 2012
Updated June 11, 2012

— A 23-year-old Wake Forest woman faces a slew of charges after a crash on Interstate 440 in Raleigh early Sunday that killed a man and seriously injured a woman.

Sarah Aimee Carden was charged with felony death by vehicle in the death of Tshimpangila Junior Bajani, along with felony serious injury by vehicle, felony hit-and-run resulting in death, felony fleeing to elude arrest, careless and reckless driving, driving while impaired and traveling the wrong way on a dual-lane highway.

Police said Carden was driving the wrong way on I-440 West between Beryl Road and Western Boulevard around 4 a.m.

Bajani and Adrina Angelica Moore were in a second vehicle traveling west in a westbound lane when they saw Carden's Acura heading toward them.

Bajani swerved to the right to avoid Carden's car, left the roadway, and as he tried to correct the car, it overturned several times before crashing into the guardrail.

Bajani, 30, of Raleigh, was killed. Moore, 25, of Raleigh, was taken to WakeMed with serious injuries. She has since been treated and released.

Court records show that Carden kept driving after the crash despite several officers' attempts to pull her over. A state trooper stopped her and arrested her on the Beltline near Six Forks Road. Authorities said she had a blood alcohol content of 0.16, which is twice the legal limit. I-440 head-on wreck Police: Wrong-way drunken driver causes fatal Raleigh crash

Less than two weeks ago, on May 30, Carden was charged with damaging personal property, according to court records. 

Both sides of I-440 were closed for about four hours while police cleaned up debris and investigated the wreck. Traffic was diverted onto Western Boulevard and Hillsborough Street.


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  • Seeminglyopposed Jun 12, 2012

    The punisher...at least she wasn't texting and driving???

    What? Really? This young lady was drinking and driving, at 4:00 am in the morning on the wrong side. Usually texting doesn't cause people to go down the wrong interstate road, or atleast I haven't read of any, however; alchohol or drugs have clearly been addressed in this manner. But regardless, one is no better than the other, but to actually to make it seem that it is an excuse or at least better way to kill someone.

  • RPD07 Jun 11, 2012


    Did you really just say NC law requires drivers to slow down or move over?? On an article about a wrong way driver... where there is a law that requires drivers to drive on the correct side of the road?? I won't even go into more detail about how absurd that is.

    The reason it takes so long is because it takes very expensive equipment to accurately measure the scene. This is also operated by certain Reconstruction folks that need to be called in to the scene. That of course takes time. The training we have is phenomenal but it sounds like you know more so please, come out and teach us. We're all ears....

  • jjsmith1973 Jun 11, 2012

    Concerned citizen: you are wrong. Become educated about the interlock system and how problematic it is. It is horribly unreliable technology. Ford made a prototype truck made with an internal interlocking system and it was so plagued with false positive readings they threw the idea in the trash

  • 5Rs Jun 11, 2012

    "Wrong way drivers are not unusual. Many of them don't even have ther headlights on making them difficult to see. Never drive in the left lane during darkness unless you you have a clear view for at least 500 feet. " - ray8218

    This is terrific advice. I have seen 5 wrong way drivers on interstates, one even in the middle of the day with school buses at peril. All the wrong way drivers were in the left lane, their "right lane".

    There is no reason to be in the left lane if your are not passing.

  • babedan Jun 11, 2012

    WRONG!! Can't fail the Interlock system unless you have been drinking. The breath test instruments are very reliable
    concerned citizen 2

    Wrong concerned citizen. I am one of the few who can take a breathalyzer and fail and not have had a drink in months. Rare but it's a fact. I know when I was a security policeman in the USAF I took a test to see how they worked and failed. Was told very rare but it happens that is why if I was ever pulled over for suspicious of DWI I have to request a blood test.

  • PeaceOut2017 Jun 11, 2012

    at least she wasn't texting and driving

  • rayne0524 Jun 11, 2012

    My thoughts & prayers will be with Mr. Bajani's family, & Ms. Moore. I know this young man's Father & can't even imagine what this family is going through right now.

    I hope this young lady can find the help she needs before she takes another innocent life.

  • warbirdlover Jun 11, 2012

    I don't care if she looks like Kate Upton. Drunk Driving and causing the death of anyone should be Murder. Why do we always have people that think that the Laws don't apply to them. There is always one in the crowd whom boast- I can drive just as good drunk as sober? DUI needs harsher penalties.

  • concerned citizen 2 Jun 11, 2012

    njacobs, a Breathilizer to start a car engine isn't allowable without cause because there are some folks that can be stone cold sober and fail a breathilizer on one take and 10 minutes later either pass or fail another one. That is why a blood test is the most sure determining factor.


    WRONG!! Can't fail the Interlock system unless you have been drinking. The breath test instruments are very reliable.

  • Parrot Ice Jun 11, 2012

    Tragedy, no doubt. In Wake Co (and several others)the most she'll get is 3 years. Look at the most recent case where Ms.Shapiro was killed. This situation here is no different. NC laws are still so weak on impaired drving and killing another human being. Until a legislator or other prominent official is killed by the same circumstance, no one will do anything to strengthen the law. You can kill a human by a gun and spend life in prison but a car you will get a slap on the wrist. The real victims are the family of the deceased as justice will never be served.