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Store Clerk Will Not Face Charges In Fayetteville Shooting

Posted December 24, 2006

Authorities said a clerk who shot a would-be robber at a Fayetteville store will not face charges.

Authorities said three teenagers tried to rob the Amoco Station on Clinton Road Saturday afternoon. Police said two of the teens went into the store with red bandanas covering their faces.

According to police, when one of the suspects pulled a gun on the clerk, the clerk shot him in the hip.

Authorities said the three suspects ran, but were later arrested at the hospital.

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  • lilbittyt13 Dec 26, 2006

    After working graveyard(they call it that for a reason) in a convenience store(also known as "stop & robs") for more than a decade where I had police officers who told me they wouldn't have my job I agree with the clerk and the person who said the clerk shouldn't have to worry about charges .I learned fast that if it comes down to it and it's me or them - I'm the one going home .I volunteer to give the clerk shooting lessons!

  • geowilrlst Dec 26, 2006

    The Clerk should be charged wit being a bad shot for missint the second jerk and sentanced to 8-16 hours on the pistol range !

  • jackleg Dec 25, 2006

    you really think the perps will get 30 years? i wish some of you people would wake up. they will do 10 each, MAXIMUM. morons.

  • pdv Dec 25, 2006

    We should give the clerk GOLD STAR and key to the city...Thanks to clerk for doing what police wont do. PS see if they can be put in Mexican Jails to serve their time.

  • hdsoftail Dec 25, 2006

    The clerk should have not been worried at all about charges. Our law makers should receive all these posts, Maybee they will see what the public wants. These PUNKS behind bars where they belong. Give the clerk a free shooting class, so next time it will be between the eyes.

  • erstamey Dec 25, 2006

    I dont blame him at all ,I woukd have done the same thing

  • Tax Man Dec 25, 2006

    One more thought - the gun that the one punk pulled on the clerk - they need to find out how he got it and punish the people he got it from. I am sure he did not get his handgun permit! So whoever sold or gave him the gun is guilty of a felony and should be held accountable as well. Perhaps they can share a cell in Central Prison for the next 30 or so years.

  • BLA BLA BLA Dec 25, 2006

    when can we start charging these little gang-bangers with domestic terrorism charges? Apparently they have no feelings towards public safety
    and could do it again, so put them away for good.

  • Tax Man Dec 25, 2006

    That is the way it should be - a person has the absolute right to protect him/herself - when someone pulls a gun on you in your home or business you need to kill that criminal.

    In this case these punks need to all be charged with armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, and any other appropriate charges. They should be released when they are about 50 years old. Do not go light on them - if you prove to the public that you will take swift and certain punishment, it will have a deterrent value.

  • stevensstuartharold Dec 25, 2006

    Thank god sombody shot the little punks, They posed a threat to the general public and police cannot be everywear all the time. They could of started robbing homes after conveince stores bored them.

    Stuart Stevens