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Slain Chapel Hill woman's children to live in Africa

Posted May 31, 2012
Updated June 1, 2012

— The children of a woman who was gunned down last week outside a Chapel Hill elementary school will move to Tunisia to live with their maternal grandparents, a District Court judge ordered Thursday.

Ali Cherfaoui, the children's father, has been charged with first-degree murder in Chanaz Kebaier's death.

He agreed to the judge's order during a custody hearing at the Orange County Courthouse in Hillsborough.

A lawyer for the children said the family simply wants the best for them.

"Our main goal is just to protect (them) as much as we can and to get as much of what they're entitled to, so that they have funds available within the family (to) raise these children as Chanaz would have wanted them raised," attorney Donna Ambler Rice said.

The children's ages have not been released, but they both attended Mary Scroggs Elementary, where the shooting happened May 25. Court records show that Cherfaoui and Kebaier were in the middle of a nasty split.

Earlier this week, a judge barred Cherfaoui from having any contact with his children or Kebaier's family.


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  • andy2 Jun 1, 2012

    Why is this a liberal issue? This mother was gunned down like an animal. These people are in this country legally and should be subject to the same laws and security as any other citizen. However she did meet the one statistic that is very true. Like most women who are murdered she knew her attacker.

  • dogphartlives Jun 1, 2012

    Meant to say "WE GIVE AWAY" sorry.

  • mpheels Jun 1, 2012

    Wendellcatlover - Legally, he could have fought the custody claim from the grandparents, leading to a messy and expensive series of hearings. His extended family could also make a claim to custody. Instead, he agreed, which means the maternal grandparents get custody quickly and easily. So, not so much that there was any question as to the grandparents getting the kids in the end, just a lot easier since he went ahead and agreed.

  • storchheim Jun 1, 2012

    Oh, no, tmed1938, you couldn't be more wrong. Attorney Donna Ambler Rice (no photo), who didn't know they breathed last week, is now determined that the kids be raised the way SHE KNOWS their mother would have wanted. This isn't an autograb for money, no matter how much it appears to be or how much it would help her career to be known as the lawyer who gets you cash.

    Why in heck does our money follow a couple kids to Africa when they will probably never return, much less "give back" (libs love that empty phrase) into the system?

  • tlwilliams1237 Jun 1, 2012

    @ tmed1938 who said it was gonna be tax money...You never know what the mother had put aside for the welfare of her children...Such as insurances etc... don't jump to conclusion and futher more these are innocent children that has lost there mother due to a jealous outraged husband....I really feel sorry for these two little ones...And i hope that they can get counseling for the understanding of why their mother is not here each and every night to read and tuck them into bed. My heartfelt prayers goes out to this family !!!

  • boneymaroney13 Jun 1, 2012

    So we are going to send "our" tax money over seas to a family that will not be monitored by our courts, wellfare offices, child protective services, etc.??? How much do you think the kids will benifit from this messed up idea?

  • AlbertEinstein Jun 1, 2012

    This dude is a real good candidate for the death penalty.

  • Squirreling Dervish Jun 1, 2012

    why is it a "crazy foreign life"? It's the kids grandparents? Pretty sure they know the grandparents, and may have even been to Tunisia. It could be great for the kids, to be with someone who loves them...One never knows.

  • mochabrown Jun 1, 2012

    He put his own well-being ahead of his kids. I hope the environment they will be in will be a loving one...to be taken so far away. Why can't people realize just because something doesn't go your way or someone doesn't want you, it does not give you a right to take a life or lives or others or cause harm to anyone. Get a life, get a grip, grow up, things happen, but be responsible in your actions. You might feel like you got even/revenge, but think about the consequences it will have afterwards.

  • Jimmytwotimes Jun 1, 2012

    Yikes, dosen't seem like good new for the kids. get ready for crazy foreign life.