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DA Drops Charges Against Man Who Said Deputies Assaulted Him

Posted December 22, 2006

The district attorney's office dropped charges Friday against a man who claimed he was assaulted by three deputies outside a Wake County restaurant in August.

Robert Wise told investigators Katie Broda, Kevin Hinton and Christopher Roth assaulted him in the parking lot of a Garner Applebee's on Aug. 26, because they did not like the way he parked.

Broda, Hinton and Roth resigned from the Wake County Sheriff's Office shortly after the incident. The three former deputies were indicted earlier in December on charges of misdemeanor assault.

Wise was cited for assaulting the officers during the scuffle, but he was not arrested.

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  • Arkansas Razorback Apr 3, 2007

    travis oakley-maybe you should check your grammar as well Mr. Know it all. LOL I do appreciate your interest in my story though. FYI- I never spoke to a magistrate or anything. I regret that now. I was a little too embarassed to proceed with any action. Have a Great Day Mr. English teacher. Critique on Buddy!

  • jackleg Apr 3, 2007

    to "nice 2 know" -- Did you bother going to a magistrate after you were supposedly assaulted by these cops who assaulted you? I'd love to hear that story (if you can find someone else to write it for you, your use of our language is terrible)

    to everyone else - Who cares about white or black or christian or satanist or cop or citizen or chicken or dog??? Everyone deserves respect!!! I get so sick of reading the comments here, only to see every time that 3 make absolutely no sense, 3 mock someone else's religion, 2 blindly do as directed by people in power, and 2 are total rednecks.

    If the cops abused their power, they should wash some firetrucks and clean up Lake Johnson. If it turns out this preacher is a liar, he should be charged and do the same community service. Simple as that. No other comment necessary. Unless, of course, you're so miserable that you use the comments section of WRAL.com to find like-minded bigots to drink with on the weekends!!!1

  • Arkansas Razorback Apr 3, 2007

    Well aren't you the little crusader.

  • compassion Apr 3, 2007

    I beleive the victorious victim in this case. Some Officers are bad cops and it is time that God expose them for being bad cops. Because you have a uniform on, you still have a Code Of Conduct.They will be found guilty by the jury. Praise the name of JESUS who gives HIS PEOPLE the VICTORY.

  • Arkansas Razorback Apr 3, 2007

    Oh and another thing... I wonder how his attorney felt about his interview with WRAL? Did he think it would help or hurt his case?

  • Arkansas Razorback Apr 3, 2007

    I would love to see the no members having preacher's background record. The sqeaky wheel gets the grease. I am a 5 foot tall 90 pound woman and was thrown on the sidewalk in the rain for pulling up too close to the sidewalk at the grocery store to let my mother out of the car. I didn't even park. No-one seemed to care about my complaints. I guess i was not as important as the "preacher looking for a confrontation instead of a solution". Maybe if i would have called myself a preacher or been more of a squeaky wheel and my complaints would have been considered. I didn't know you could try to sue the whole world everytime life kicks you in the butt. I do not drop my mother off in the rain by the front door anymore, and neither of us are so traumatized that we need sue anyone. Get a life and a job preacher man. Try earning a living!

  • 2little2late Apr 3, 2007

    RE:"The truth is fixing to come to light. Mr. Wise, according to public record, WAS a pastor in a church and was asked to leave.".....the three cops WAS/WERE police officers and were asked to resign.....

  • 4wcsd Jan 9, 2007

    The truth is fixing to come to light. Mr. Wise, according to public record, WAS a pastor in a church and was asked to leave. Reasons behind it I am not sure yet, but these officers have plead not guilty and will have their day in court and beleive me, they are ready and Mr. Wise's motives will be brought to light. When a police officer, who by the way, DID identify himself from the first moment, tells you to get out of the car you do it.

  • narck9 Dec 23, 2006

    A preacher that wears a Mercedez medallion around his neck? Sounds like a "bootleg preacher" to me. Besides, no one ever said what church he preaches at. I think there is alot more to the story than "pastor" wise has said. Aren't preachers supposed to forgive and forget? Go figure!

  • DOG Dec 22, 2006

    I read in the N&O that Mr. Wise has filed for bankruptcy twice in the last few years. Sounds to me like he's playing the system. I work every day and drive a four year old Honda. He probably does think that he deserves two spaces. I saw him on TV with his wide gold chain. If he gets any money out of this incident he'll probably buy more chains instead of paying his bills. ONLY IN AMERICA