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Schools lockdown lifted as Durham police search for suspect

Posted May 31, 2012

— Authorities have captured one man and are searching for another who shot at law enforcement officers during a chase from Granville County to Durham, prompting three schools and a day care to be locked down Thursday afternoon.

The driver of the vehicle, Ireshia Summers, 33, is not in custody. The alleged shooter was arrested. His name was not released.

Summers is described as a black man wearing a white T-shirt, troopers said, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

It's unclear if anyone was injured.

A Granville County deputy began chasing the men around 11:45 a.m. after responding to a breaking and entering report at a house.

As the pair left Granville County and drove into Wake County, state troopers joined the chase and followed them to Durham, where the man in the passenger seat began firing at the law enforcement officers.

The men eventually stopped the vehicle near N.C. Highway 98 and Mineral Springs Road and ran away, troopers said. Authorities captured the shooter a short time later.

Authorities set up a perimeter in the area and locked down Southern High School, Oak Grove and Spring Valley elementary schools and La Petite Academy for several hours. The lockdown was lifted shortly before 5:30 p.m.

No other information was released.

Suspects shoot at authorities; Durham schools locked down One man caught, one sought in chase, shooting


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  • bbqchicken Jun 8, 2012


    It is just random chance that you have not been the victom of a crime. I am familer with the Oak Grove area. There are several new developments north of you on Fletchers Chapel Rd, North Mineral Springs Rd and the newer expansion of Grove Park. Having worked in one of the local food delivery companies in the area I can tell you it is just a matter of time before you get to have fun with the newer locals.

    There are probaly more gang bangers in Grove Park now than there ever was in Few Gardens

  • beaulahjackson4 Jun 1, 2012

    lumberman I know statistics. Never said we don't have black on black crime. Statistically most blacks are in jail for drug crimes. 90% pled guilty just to get out of jail while waiting for trial, most can't afford to post bail. It is being racist to say the reason someone commits a crime is due to their race, you must consider environment, economics, and education or the lack there of. In my experience in the court sytem, legal field, & prison system I have seen a lot of things on the prosecution, law enforcement & the entire system that leans very much toward your opinion. They aren't called quotas but law enforcement & the system itself is expected to have a certain amount of collars & convictions, so why not round up a large number of poor, uneducated folks from a large housing project knowing 90% will plead guilty. Walter W's numbers are jade & limited at best. AND you shouldn't beleive everything you read or see on tv. There is a problem, but not the one you have indicated.

  • lumberman Jun 1, 2012

    beaulahjackson4 I can not say it nor can any one else without being labeled a racist. You will not admit there is a problem in the black neighborhood. No one will. Find and read something written by Walter Williams. It is called Should black people tolerate this. It is about how no one will even acknowledge the black on black crime or the black on white crime that happens now. Read that and then come back and tell me what you have to say about crime rates. I will admit there is good and bad in all people but look who makes up the most of the headlines for such crimes.

  • beaulahjackson4 Jun 1, 2012

    It is time we stop being so PC and start to work on the real problem. lumberman

    I know what you are insinuating or just not saying & I couldn't agree with you LESS. Our(RTP) population has grown over 50% in about 5 years, crime has risen more and more. More stabbings, more shootings, more hit & runs, bank robberies, rapes, murders, child molesting, etc. etc. People are bad of all races & creeds,as well as good. Think what you will but we've (NC) been at about 50/50 race wise for about 200 years prior to the last 20 & crime has gotten worse and worse (in my opinion) due to population growth, especially from cities that of much larger population than ours, that have plummeted financially in the last 3 years. They've all moved here to our quite sleepy little communities that haven't seen the same scale of crime as larger cities do. It has to do with population growth, media coverage growth and so on. Racists make me ill, at least say it instead of insinuating it.

  • lumberman Jun 1, 2012

    People it is not the cities that cause any of these crimes. Look at the perpetrators face. Is there a common link any where here. It is time we stop being so PC and start to work on the real problem.

  • Phyxius1 Jun 1, 2012

    Love the ignorance of people when Durham comes up in a story it automatically means that it happened there. This started in Brunswick county and ENDED when they lost control of the car in Durham county ( I live in Oak grove area and saw it )It has NOTHING to do with the crime in Durham but the bashers come crawling out of the woodwork. Raleigh has had far more shooting then Durham lately and I have been a victim of crime there multiple times in the last 8yrs. I live in Durham and have had 0 incidents of crime in 24yrs. I feel safer in Durham than I do in Raleigh as do my personal belongings in my cars which Raleigh residents feel they need to steal. Buddy got robbed at gunpoint in Raleigh also....The crime element in Raleigh is growing fast and people just cant keep it quite like they try so hard to do anymore...

  • ims1924 May 31, 2012

    Uhavenoclu/ What do you think is the reason that Durham and Raleigh have so much crime.

  • Uhavenoclu May 31, 2012

    jtigerheart, Your bashing WRAL for noy covering Durham is misplace criticism,Durham is on the news nightly with the crime and criminal element there I would not send a reporter into that area either for some same thing everyday news,why would you want anymore bad publicity,clean up your area and that would be news.

    Yeah that is why you would never catch me Going to Spouthpoint mall,or New Hope Commons restaurants there,and if you think I'll ever work at RTP You are....wait no one works for the companies in RTP they are all contract workers....yeah guess you are right,and Raleigh is almost as bad,and good ole materialistic stepford town Cary is getting the crime elements they are moving south....Chapel Hill..Wait John Edwards lives there...Man guess the triangle is full of criminals?

  • turtledove May 31, 2012

    I'm not sure why folks are bashing Durham again the article clearly states that the chase started in Granville where a break-in occurred a chase ensued then to Wake and ended in Durham where one of the suspects were captured. Good thing J Edwards doesn't live in Durham this web-page would blow up from the bashing. Crooks, criminals, and shootings don't just happen in Durham. Its just unfortunate it just gets reported on more when it does happen leaving the reader to assume that it occurs more often...but whatever sells that's the point isn't it?

  • muggs May 31, 2012

    Can't understand all of the upset citizans,this is an everyday occurrance in Durham,why would today be any different?