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Two Raleigh men hit, killed by vehicles

Posted May 28, 2012
Updated May 29, 2012

— Two young Raleigh men were struck and killed by vehicles on Wake County roads within five hours Monday night.

Raleigh police said Simmie Earl Brown, 24, was crossing New Bern Avenue at King Charles Road shortly before midnight when a westbound Buick sedan hit him at 52 mph.

The Buick driver, Shae Demetrius Love, had a green light, and the intersection does not have a crosswalk, police said.

Love, 34, of 2917 Poole Road, was charged with driving with a revoked license. Police planned to consult with the Wake County District Attorney's Office about other possible charges.

Love has been convicted of driving with a revoked license three times since 2002, according to state Division of Adult records. He has a total of 21 convictions, including armed robbery, and was released from prison in January.

About five hours before Brown's death, Johnathan Lamont Sanders, 27, died in southern Wake County when he dashed into a road to escape a dog that was chasing him.

State troopers said that Sanders was headed to a relative's house, and a dog charged out of a wooded area at him as he walked north next to southbound Fanny Brown Road, near Banks Road. Sanders tried to run across the road but was struck by a northbound SUV.

Two Raleigh men hit, killed by vehicles Two Wake pedestrians killed

Troopers called Sanders' death a "terrible accident" and said they don't plan to charge the driver.

They are trying to find the dog and its owners, though, who could be charged. Troopers said the large, black dog with a long tail was not a stray.


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  • Fireflies Rock May 30, 2012

    So sad for both of these men and their loved ones. Neither accident should have happened, and they both should be walking around alive like you and I are.

  • bigguyadocious May 30, 2012

    To all dog owners, just because your animal may want to sniff me, say hello, or whatever other "humanizing" characteristic you try to use, doesn't mean that I want it to happen. What makes you think that your animal has the right to approach me in that manner?

    I am in control of my personal space and no one's animal should be allowed to violated that space, just as you would not want me to run up and violate your personal space. Too many dog owners use excuses like that to cover their animal's lack of obedience training. Why should I wait until I've been bit to determine if you dog is charging at me in excitement, anger or fear?

    Take some responsibility or don't own a dog.

  • misssheyo May 30, 2012

    I had the fortune of knowing both of these gentlemen. It hurts me to see them both gone, but I take comfort in knowing that they did not have to take their last journeys alone for they had each other to accompany. I hope that the owner of the dog does come forward, but I am almost sure they will not. Sometimes life is not fair, but it is most definitely fragile. R.I.P John and Simmie. You were loved.

  • beaulahjackson4 May 30, 2012

    Pepe Silvia, So, by your wisdom traffic laws are subject to the indiviuals opinion on whether or not they make sense? You think it's okay for someone to drive without a license, if they've only done something stupid, at their choice even though they've had their license taken away? Yeah a lot of cops don't bother someone if they are going 7 miles over the speed limit, but years ago 3 was acceptable, then 5, now 7 & really more like 10...so lets just remove all speed limit signs because they don't matter & it's the driving public's decision. What about stop & yield signs? Skate through those if the driver thinks it's okay? Why not remove the lines on the road too. We've had 5 or more fatality pedestrian/vehicle accidents since January of this year, an average of 1 per month (if not more) but that's okay because it's the pedetrian's fault. At midnight you should absolutely be watching for the unexpected. I hope that I don't encounter you on the road with your disregard for traffic laws

  • Pepe Silvia May 29, 2012

    beaulahjackson4, yes, the driver was speeding but not excessively. Most cops will not even bother with someone going 7 or less over the speed limit, and its about what the average driver is doing at any given moment. I'm not defending him on the license, but there are many reasons why a license may be revoked and it doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't know how to drive, just that he did something stupid at some point.

    Be it 45 or 53, if you step in front of a car its not going to end nicely. Yes, people need to be aware of pedestrians but midnight is not generally a time when you'd expect a person to walk in front of your car, and when you come up to a light (traffic or street) and someone is just past it, it can be VERY hard to see them because they are past the light.

  • 00100111 May 29, 2012

    Clearly, the time to ban vehicles is now. If not now, when? Only professional drivers should have vehicles in the performance of their duties or service to the state.

  • beaulahjackson4 May 29, 2012

    Your words:He died by his own actions - Pepe Silvia
    Mr. Love was speeding, 7 miles over the speed limit...not to mention his revoked license. If you live in Raleigh, you should know people walk, bike, run, walk dogs, etc. at night. You have to be aware of your surroundings when driving what I consider a 3000 or 4000 lb weapon. I was walking my dogs one morning & a man was so frightened of them (they are big,very sweet) that he stepped into the street. It was around 7:45 am & I asked him to get out of the street & told him my dogs wouldn't hurt him. The man seemed to be intoxicated, & terrified of dogs in general. Luckily I was able to coax him back onto the sidewalk. Not one single driver slowed down to avoid the man. Every single driver was going at least 10 miles over the speed limit. Lately it seems folks are so self-absorbed that their only thought is to get to their destination,& don't even think about what is going on around them. Human life has been taken. Courtesy = Safety

  • LocalYokel May 29, 2012

    Call Animal Control when you see an off-leash dog. You may save someone a life.

    Raleigh: 919-996-1449

    Durham: 919-560-0630

  • bobbythreesticks May 29, 2012

    Get your CCP and carry a weapon legally, if chased, shoot. End of story.

  • Rudy22 May 29, 2012

    ~RIP SIMMIE BROWN~ Some ppl are just rude, regardless if you didnt know him you need to keep your negative comments to yourself. You will be missed friend =(