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Farmville slayings suspects charged with killing Princeville couple

Posted May 28, 2012
Updated May 29, 2012

— Two men charged with killing three people last month at a Pitt County convenience store have been accused of killing a couple in Edgecombe County in March, authorities said.

Antwan Andre Anthony, 29, and Willie Whitehead, 23, have been charged with murder in the March 18 deaths of Quantellis Carr, 33, and his girlfriend, Jasmine Chesson, 31, authorities said. The couple was found shot to death inside their home in Princeville.

Princeville police charged Ray Shasteen and Ronnell Joyner, both 20, with accessory after the fact, alleging they helped hid the weapon used in the murders of Carr and Chesson.

Other accomplices in Farmville

Anthony and Whitehead are also charged with killing three people during an armed robbery of a Farmville convenience store on April 1.

Police there said the pair, along with Xavier Montel Shamble, 19, and an unidentified juvenile, killed Mokbel Mohamed "Sam" Almujanhi, 16, as he mopped the floor at the Hustle Mart, his father's convenience store. The owner's nephew, Nabil Nasser Saeed Al'mogannahi, 26, and a cousin, Gaber Alawi, 24, were also shot and killed.

There was no word on how Edgecombe County investigators linked Anthony and Whitehead to the Princeville homicides.


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  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 May 29, 2012

    Life in prison for all three and no parole ever. Is this how some parents are raising their children today?

  • puzzled May 29, 2012

    You are welcome! They don't deserve to die anymore than those they killed.
    May 29, 2012 12:46 p.

    I am truely wondering about your sanity.

  • OGE May 29, 2012

    We can all say thank you to those that oppose the death penalty for any and all reasons.

    You are welcome! They don't deserve to die anymore than those they killed.

  • muggs May 29, 2012

    aetius476,"Who is going to care enough to actually help",My question to you would be,how much more help can you give these people,not just the Blacks but all ethnic groups that have this element in their and our society,the death penalty is the only way to insure they will never walk the streets again,these people have no fear of prison and some are quite content there.

  • aetius476 May 29, 2012

    You have to wonder what has happened in society and culture to creat these young black men that are without any value for human life.

    They just kill so casually and indiscriminitely. It can't be a race issue, because the victims are of all colors and nationalities. The glorification of the "gangsta" lifestyle and violence is so pervasive. The hopelessness these young men feel must have seared their soul.

    Why don't the Rev Barber and other leaders of the black community take up this plague? Why do they waste their time with petty vicitmization issues and defending the failed status quo in the black community?

    Who is going to care enough to actually help...

  • warbirdlover May 29, 2012

    Lumberman please remove yourself from that tall horse. I oppose the Death Penalty, because the way the Justice System is broken, and there is to great of chance of a truly innocent person being executed. It also lowers ourself to the level of the killers with the bloodlist of seeing him killed.

  • nclifeisgood May 29, 2012

    They are worthless & useless to society. They do not deserve to live.

  • Con Amor brings luv and laughter May 29, 2012

    I hate people who kill others for their own unjustified satisfaction and/or greed. I bet if the family of the victims were to kill one of these heartless monsters, they would look at more prison time than the actual bad guys. I'm glad that they were caught, and I hope that fair justice will be served, and no plea bargans are allowed to lower their sentances.

  • angryingram May 29, 2012

    Someone is looking to make a deal and is singing like a canary.

  • lumberman May 29, 2012

    They can not and never will be able to get the death penalty. The racial justice act ensures this. Even if an all black jury found them gulity they would never be sentenced to death. It just is not going to happen. They are black and the PC movement will not let them die for their crimes. We can all say thank you to those that oppose the death penalty for any and all reasons.