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Boy riding four-wheeler killed in Franklin County wreck

Posted May 20, 2012
Updated May 21, 2012

— An 8-year-old boy riding a four-wheeler was killed in a wreck with a pickup truck in Franklin County Saturday evening, state troopers said.

Troopers said the driver of a four-wheeler ran a stop sign at Reynolds Road and N.C. Highway 561, about 15 miles northeast of Louisburg. A pickup truck heading west on N.C. 561 struck the four-wheeler, tossing its three occupants from it.

Brennon Lee Perry, of Warrenton, died of his injuries.

The driver of the pickup truck was also injured. His name and condition were not released.

Joey Mills Boy, 8, killed when four-wheeler collides with pickup

His friend, Joey Mills, said the driver was shaken up by the accident.

"He hated that it happened and I said, you know, there's nothing we can do about it except trust in God," Mills said.

Troopers said alcohol was not involved, but they declined to release more details.


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  • smhnraleigh May 22, 2012

    The people who called this tragedy an "ACCIDENT' are simply wrong! It's nothing more than a MISTAKE folks! You can try to justify why a 21 year old was riding a 4 and 8 year old on a ATV on a rural state road but that is no argument. It was a wreckless judgement of child endangerment that resulted in the death of a boy who was not old enough to know better. Get over the "good ole boy" rural Southern attitude! Somebody needs to speak up for kids, whose so called "adults in charge", which have very poor limited judgement on what is safe for a child! Wake up folks!!! These 4-wheelers are dangerous death traps and even more dangerous when people driving them can make good decisions!

  • ThomasL May 22, 2012

    Does not matter how many were on the 4 wheeler,it wasn't suppose to be on paved state roads to begin with,period.The driver was breaking the law,and you see it ALL the time with fourwheelers on the roads,other peoples property,anywhere they think they want to ride it.If i were the driver of the vehicle i wouldn't feel any remorse,only in that my car was damaged because someone else wasn't obeying state laws,AGAIN.

  • dgcreech May 21, 2012

    THIS JUST IN .. WRAL has released new information about this story (which makes it make even more sense).... apparently the 8 year old was not the only one on the 4wheeler... a 21 year old was driving with two others onboard (the 8 year old being one of them). GREAT so WRAL doesn't release all the information and we are left to think the 8 year old was driving (based on how the story was written) and the whole time it was completely different. Either way, the 8 year old still is no longer with us ..which is a dreadful situation within itself, a man on a pickup hit them (which he now has to live with the rest of his life) and I personally feel that the 21 year old should be held fully responsible and liable for the entire situation. Yes he has to live with this situation (which was poorly judged) but still, he should be liable.

  • swe3tunc05 May 21, 2012

    this is the problem with today. everybody is always so quick to point fingers, sue, blame, etc... ATV companies have been putting warning labels on ATVs for years. i have personally rode and owned a atv for over 10 years. parts malfunction, break, or go out over time because of wear and tear. just like a car or truck. whats the difference between an ATV and a motorcycle... the only difference is that one is legal and one isn't. how many people die from car wrecks and motorcycle wrecks on average a year? There is NO one to blame for this tragic accident.

  • ladyblue May 21, 2012

    Just a way to insult each other without having to do it face-to-face.

    LOL thank you for your honesty. i like that in character..

    That's usually when our taxpayer dollars pay for a Social Services home visit and child removal. Of course, we can't stop them from just having more children.

    personally i see children of all classes disobeying the rules of ATV's on road. I wonder was riding if riding in the highway is a regular for the driver? I see that a driver of a ATV was on the highway illegally(a bad choice). then failing to even respect or SEE a stop sign. (bad choice) and worse choice was the driver endangered others, including children. I am thankful that no more were killed, and I am so sorry it took the death of an excited 8 yr old, but I do not think the driver needs to feel any quilt. Grief and time to heal? yes-- i'm sure all emotionally involved in this tragedy needs to find peace. I see many adults abusing that law so some parents ok riding in road.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU May 21, 2012

    "I know if they could take back time they would" -- Ladyblue- the Phoenix

    I'm not sure that I agree. I think way too many people are so stubborn and/or ignorant, that they won't or can't protect their children. That's usually when our taxpayer dollars pay for a Social Services home visit and child removal. Of course, we can't stop them from just having more children.

  • JohnnyMcRonny May 21, 2012

    "so let's just leave them in the grief for now." - Ladyblue- the Phoenix

    I'm sure the last thing on their minds is what people here are saying. Our opinions don't amount to a hill of beans. Just a way to insult each other without having to do it face-to-face.

  • babedan May 21, 2012

    concerned, most small towns have speed limits of 25 MPH or less. Fuquay has a 25 MPH speed limit and it is enforced regularly.

  • ConcernedNCC May 21, 2012

    "Electric personal assistive mobility devices" are allowed on the public highway as long as the posted speed limit doesn't exceed 25mph.
    Anybody know of a public highway that has a 25mph or less speed limit?

  • ladyblue May 21, 2012

    My heart goes out to the family. I know if they could take back time they would, so let's just leave them in the grief for now.