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Cumberland County man shot in home invasion

Posted May 14, 2012

— A robber broke into a home in the Stedman community early Monday and shot a man, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

Spokeswoman Debbie Tanna said that Patrick Paul Thomas, 25, and his wife were asleep in their bedroom when the intruder opened fire inside their 6220 Bethany Drive home around 2 a.m.

Thomas was shot several times, including once in the abdomen. He was in serious condition at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

The couple's two young children, who were home at the time, were not harmed.

Tanna did not say why investigators believe the home was targeted in the invasion and robbery. No suspects have been identified.

A neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said she doesn't believe the home invasion was random. 

Cumberland County man shot in home invasion Robber shoots man in Cumberland home She said she has complained to the sheriff's office for years about vehicles coming and going from the house at all hours and suspects that the residents were dealing drugs.

Tanna would not confirm that speculation or say whether drugs had anything to do with the home invasion.

Thomas was convicted in 2006 of misdemeanor possession of stolen goods, according to state Division of Adult Correction records.


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  • erderr4533 May 17, 2012

    @aprilkevin0405 and terrylbrowning

    THANK YOU....i can't believe the amt of neg. comments people have been posting about this poor family. they are VICTIMS and these people are calling for them to go to jail based on something some nosey neighbor said to get some attention from the news team. if she kept calling the cops and they did nothing, did it not ever occur to her that maybe she was wrong? or that maybe it's not illegal to have people over to your house? no matter the time? apparently this woman is not used to anyone having friends. what's sad is that now, this man is going to have to defend himself and his wife when they need to focus all their energy on healing their family and feeling safe in their home again.

  • aprilkevin0405 May 16, 2012

    @ terrylbrownung....AMEN I agree with you...Im a family member of the wife and yes the neighbor must not have anything better to do

  • terrylbrowning May 16, 2012

    If you people knew anything. you would know he runs a lawncare service. who cares what he does in his private home, it doesn't give anyone the right to walk in his home and do that. Hey you! the neighbor who doesnt want to be ID'ed, then why run your mouth, and if there is traffic going out of his home all night, do you really not have a life? Do you stare outside your window all nights of the hour? Quit judging people,I know him personally, God bless all you people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aprilkevin0405 May 16, 2012

    This is a very nice couple. They have 2 small children and one on the way. Both children were at home during the invasion and were in bedroom with their parents at the time of the shooting and the intruders entered thru back door and were very quiet so they heard nothing. The children are in good hands as he recovers in the hospital with wife by his side.

  • loprestw May 15, 2012

    I agree with the amti-gun people, lets stop all gun permits, close all gun shops and make more anti-gun laws and i'm sure crime will drop and the crimminals and gangs will abide by the law! :)

  • SportsLover75 May 15, 2012

    414tater -- at the time when I posted that the story had not been updated and all it said was the man had been shot while him and his wife were sleeping. WRAL did not have ALL the details posted. So before you bash someone KNOW YOUR FACTS!

  • 414tater May 14, 2012

    i know where this is and what was involved. its a known drug dealers house but he was just the little guy so he was never busted. another one of those "hoping he leads them to the big guy". sad thing is i am pretty sure there is a child at the house also.

    pretty sure there was a child in the house huh? did you read the story cause Im sure everyone that read it is pretty sure there was a child in the home.. it clearly says so

  • SFSOLDIER May 14, 2012

    Drug dealer or not..he shoulda took care of business...get gun, be ready for this type of crime...

  • davidk_at_unc May 14, 2012

    "Too bad he did not have a gun like that lady who was asleep in her house when the two men tried to break in. " -- tierneemalinadeveaux

    How do you know he didn't. He was asleep.

  • SportsLover75 May 14, 2012

    I have seen for myself the traffic in and out of this house. When my "friends" come to visit they stay longer then 5 minutes at a time and then head back down the road. It would amaze all of you if you would just come sit down on a porch near by this house and count the number of "friends" this guy had that only stopped to see him for 3-5 mins at a time. It will remain a home invasion because they will not admit money and drugs were stolen from the home. Maybe the mom will wake up and see that her children as well as her own life are not worth the life her man chooses to live.