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Dogs kill farmer's sheep in Franklin County

Posted May 10, 2012

— A Franklin County farmer believes a pack of dogs attacked his sheep Wednesday night, killing 10 and wounding 23.

Jake Phillips owns a farm on Tarboro Road in Franklin County, where he keeps 80 sheep. He said another attack happened three weeks ago, and there have been several other incidents through the years.

"We have to do something. It happens a lot. It happens quite a bit," Phillips said.

Phillips said he shot at a dog early Thursday morning after he heard it barking. Animal Control officers visited the farm Thursday and set traps.

"It's a kick in the stomach, no doubt. You don't get over this. You think about it every night when you lay your head down. You think about it every morning," Phillips said.

Phillips said he put llamas out to scare off the dogs and a baby monitor in their field so he can hear the sheep overnight.

The sheep are being treated with antibiotics. Phillips said he might have to put several of them down.


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  • phoebeeberhardt May 11, 2012

    Seriously, what about a shepherd. A sheepsitter that could alarm someone from the field if a pack of dogs got into the sheep field? It would probably be much less costly than the loss. Or, what about the great pyranees dogs they use to watch over alpaca farms? This story makes me very sad as an animal lover and pet owner.

  • fishon May 11, 2012

    It was almost 7 1/2 feet from Nose to Tail & weighed in at 100#'s.

    So you killed THE world record coyote? Did you ever show a conservation officer? That would have made the news.

  • fishon May 11, 2012

    Being I live in the area I would put money on it that it was coyotes. I hear what I think are dogs but was informed that we have coyotes in the area. Just a thought.

    Dead coyote on Hwy 98 near Falls Lake this morning...

  • Dungball May 10, 2012

    And the reason we care about this news from the rube zone is....in other news, Farmer Bob had to gas up his plow...$4.50 A GALLON FOR DIESEL..."What in tarnation is this world a 'coming to" said Farmer Bob, "I useta pay that for a whole tankfull!!!"....

  • k9sandQtrs May 10, 2012

    put a couple standard donkeys out there with the sheep. They'll take care of the coyotes and anything else that tries to bother the sheep!

  • comsmith22 May 10, 2012

    One of the Problems folks are not talking about is the Coyote's here. They were introduced in Virginia & Pennsylvania to control the Deer Population 30-40 years ago. They are Very adaptable and Have moved in to the populated areas where they cross breed with dogs creating a hybrid Coy-Dogs. They are stronger, faster and less fearful of Humans. WV had Problems with them 15 years ago. They opened the Hunting season for the Coyotes and Coy-dogs. The Coyotes find domestic animals as easy pray. I shot one 4 years out here in Knightdale. It was almost 7 1/2 feet from Nose to Tail & weighed in at 100#'s. The Coyotes are predators by nature. Small pets and children are prime targets. Folks need to be made aware of the dangers. BTW there is a Pack Of Coyotes and Coy Dogs Roaming around the area of the Raleigh waist water treatment plant on Battle Bridge Road.... I've seen them and hear them all the time. Last year they found a Den of Coyotes behind a home in Wake Forest.

  • mary032272 May 10, 2012

    esteryates69 what the heck does trayvon have to do with this???come out here in live in the country and let ur animals be attacked...by the time the police gets here all animals will be mauled to death...i for one will protect mine first gun if have too

  • AlbertEinstein May 10, 2012

    There are many many many puppy mills very close (some even within subdivisions that prohibit this activity) - most raise what most would consider as a dangerous breed. Seems that Franklin County has no "enforceable" laws for this type of thing.

  • ncteacher22 May 10, 2012

    OneLove..that is rude! An article about the Kardashians equals a slow news day, but a farmer losing a huge part of his income is obviously a problem. What if that was your income and wild dogs killed them...or a small child!? Have some compassion!

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 May 10, 2012

    Those dogs need to be found and terminated. Sooner, rather than later.