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Duke Lacrosse Accuser Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Posted January 4, 2007

— WRAL has confirmed that the accuser in the Duke lacrosse case Wednesday gave birth to a girl at UNC Hospitals.

Sources tell WRAL the woman delivered the baby by a Caesarean section. No other detail were available about the birth.

The hospital issued a statement Thursday saying, "In response to ongoing media reports surrounding the Duke lacrosse case, we acknowledge that the focus of this attention is a patient here at UNC Hospitals. UNC Hospitals will not provide additional information or updates on this patient’s condition. The patient says it is her hope and expectation that her privacy will be respected."

She was not due until February.

The 28-year-old alleges she was attacked by three Duke University lacrosse players — David Evans, 20, Collin Finnerty, 20,  and Reade Seligmann, 20 — at a March 13 team party.

A judge has ordered a paternity test although prosecutors and defense attorneys have said the child was not fathered by any of the players.

In December, rape charges against the three men were dropped. They still face kidnapping and sexual offense charges.

At the time of the alleged incident, the woman, a divorced mother of two, had worked for an escort service to help support her children and to pay for classes at North Carolina Central University.

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  • mrtwinturbo2 Jan 13, 2007

    Did she really give birth this time?
    You won't find this story at CBSNEWS.com, I guess they no long trust them any longer after Julia Lewis reported that she gave birth back in December, Julia's story started out as saying:
    CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- WRAL's Julia Lewis has confirmed that the accuser in the Duke lacrosse case gave birth late Thursday at UNC Hospitals.

    Her pregnancy had not been public knowledge until now.

    When WRAL called her boyfriend's home Thursday evening, the person who answered the phone had no comment and then hung up

    Julia probably believes soap operas are true life stories too LOL!!

  • rgardineer Jan 6, 2007

    How can anyone feel sorry for a ??? taking a job at the Platinum Club? There are other ways to take care of your family. I have had to do it and you won't find multiple DNA on me! Having another baby is sure not the solution. How mindless is that? The whole situation makes me sick

  • NCbred77 Jan 5, 2007

    Please don't make fun of the baby. If we are lucky she will be taken away and given to a real mother and father who are fit to raise her.

  • nowon_yuno Jan 5, 2007

    Duke Lacrosse Team...You are *long tense pause* NOT the father.

  • FragmentFour Jan 4, 2007

    I hope this child has an easier and more peaceful life than his or her mother has had up to this point. Regardless of what happened last March, this woman has not had a lot of smooth sailing. I wish better for her children.

  • love32acupIBTC Jan 4, 2007

    I Personally CHALLENGE you folks to visit the club where the Stripper last worked (Platinum Club, Hillsbourgh NC on Highway 86 N 919-732-3811). You will get the SHOCK of your life, and see exactly what this dancer (and all the others) actually do at this club. I'll say no more- go see for yourself. IT WILL STUN/AMAZE YOU!! Cops? They cant shut DR. Victor O. Olatoye(the owner) Down. All Durham cops could do to his club in Durham was run him outta town-- NO CHARGES! Hillsbourgh athorities, cant even get that far with him.

  • DOG Jan 4, 2007

    You guys that are calling the accuser a LADY need to look the word up in a dictionary.

  • nascarnutnc Jan 4, 2007

    watch out Duke lacrosse team in the year 2025, she offspring will be on the prowl at that time

  • cj2795 Jan 4, 2007

    I am so tired of all of the negative comments about the victim...too many people are judging her without knowing the true story that we may never ever know. I do believe that with all the stress that she has dealt with in the last 9 months, she probably does not want to even deal with it anymore...Its obvious that no one wants to believe her because she is black and they are white (and because they go to Duke). They are not above the law!! If they made a mistake they need to confess and stop acting as if nothing ever happened.

  • katydid330 Jan 4, 2007

    You're right, jamaica0527. Racism does indeed knock on our door and invites itself in. Sometimes, depending on who the racist is and who the victim is, determines the outcome - just like in this Duke case. Sometimes, it's not even a white person who is being racist! Imagine that... it's definitely cases like this one unfortunately that do highlight the racism rampant in the US, from ALL races toward ALL other races. This whole case is so wrong in so many ways, regardless of the RACES of the people involved. This very much needs apologies from many people: from the accuser, from Nifong, from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Where is a civil rights person for these guys??? I guess "civil rights" only applies to black people? Should I, as a white person, contact Al Sharpton next time I feel my civil rights are violated? Would he stand up for me? Not a chance. Where is a civil rights advocate for "people", not just black people????