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Granville County cock-fighting ring busted

Posted May 7, 2012

— Granville County sheriff's deputies busted a cock-fighting ring Sunday morning by following a suspicious vehicle to a farm after a traffic stop. Eleven men were arrested, though sheriff's officials said they believe there were at least 20 people at the farm when they arrived.

After pulling over a Ford Explorer on Interstate 85 North for a traffic violation, sheriff's deputies noticed that the two occupants were transporting 10 fighting roosters, according to a sheriff's department news release. The deputies searched the vehicle and released the suspects after issuing them a warning. Deputies then followed the vehicle to a farm south of Oxford off N.C. Highway 96.

When deputies entered the farm, multiple people ran into the woods. A search was organized, but deputies said they do not think they caught several of the people.

In addition to 63 roosters, officers located nine vehicles on the property that contained paraphernalia, such as fighting blades and head gear. There was also a large fighting ring in the center of the farm with a score sheet posted next to it on a tree.

Police also obtained $23,000 in cash and one handgun from the site, according to the news release.

Eleven charged in Granville County cock-fighting bust Eleven charged in Granville County cock-fighting bust

Granville County Sheriff Brindell Wilkins Jr. said the amount of money seized shows the size of the operation and the significance of the find.

"This is a significant cock-fighting bust that could potentially lead to several things, several other places, people, all across the state," Wilkins said.

Police found 14 people at the farm, and so far, 11 men have been arrested and charged with cock fighting. Five men who fled the scene were also charged with resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer.

  • Jose Quadalupe Carbajal, 41, of 404 David Road in Wendell: cock fighting and resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer
  • Jose Acosta-Cantu, 34, of 1212 Evening Song Circle in Raleigh: cock fighting
  • David Callejas Arroyo, 31, of 2051 Boyett Drive in Four Oaks: cock fighting and resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer
  • Bolivar Sierra-Marin, 63, address unknown: cock fighting and resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer
  • Tony Anthony Neal, 29, of 142 Daisy Lane in Henderson: cock fighting and resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer
  • Horacio Espinosa Maya, 31, of 11 Wheatfield Lane in Clayton: cock fighting
  • Rafael Anguiano-Jacobo, 41, of 462 Will Road in Middlesex: cock fighting
  • Baltazar Sanchez-Acosta, 22, of 307 Fairview Ave. SW in Wilson: cock fighting
  • Rosario Aranda, 42, of 1015 Pomehoy St. in Graham: cock fighting
  • Rufino Aguilar, 46, of 163 Knollwood St. in Broadway: cock fighting
  • Emiliano Gonzalez Vargas, 39, of Raleigh Road #9 in Henderson: cock fighting and resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer

Seven of the suspects are being held under a federal detainer issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Humane Society of the Piedmont in Greensboro was holding the roosters. Unless they are claimed in several days they will have to be put down.


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  • anne53ozzy May 14, 2012

    Something has to be done about the people who sell these game chickens...It is clearly a farm for this on Hwy 96 south of Oxford and has been for decades....If you exit at 96 from Durham and turn right you will soon see the origin of some of these birds.

  • jetamoon May 8, 2012

    Yeah, that farmer in Granville only sells those roosters-for $200-400 each. Check going price for a rooster; it's about $20.

  • SFSOLDIER May 8, 2012

    I spent a lot of time in the Army and never knew that was a sport? On a serious note, really sad to see these animals forced to fight like that...

  • mac240 May 8, 2012

    The ones that got away will never be heard from again...well, not until they get a new identity!

  • hckyplyr72 May 8, 2012

    I know people who know the old man that has those roosters on 96. They say he has never done anything illegal and that its not illegal to own roosters but I would like to know why he has them if not for fighting! Where the bust was is about 4-5 miles from the rooster farm. We were coming back from Lake Gaston Sunday when we had to stop cause the police had the road partially blocked with K-9 units and the paddy wagon with the perps. Those K-9 officers looked like they were in a great mood too!

  • HereswhatIthink May 8, 2012

    Anyone who takes pleasure in seeing an animal of any kind suffer or fight for their life is a sick individual and needs some serious help. I don't care what color your skin is or who the president is.

  • storchheim May 8, 2012

    The Fox, if you mean that h*llish place at Fairport and 96, that's not the place. He just grows and sells them. AC tells me they've had calls before but he's not fighting the roosters, and they can't do anything, even though no one can think of a reason to have a farm with only roosters and no hens, chained by one leg to a tiny shelter in all kinds of weather. Rooster eggs are very tough and can even be poisonous if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

  • mooncricketsliveamongus May 8, 2012

    They were simply trying to help out their local economy.
    just the name of what they were doing brings chills to my spine.

  • whattheheck May 8, 2012

    I'm sure they are all fine law abiding citizens here to make a better life.

  • The Fox May 8, 2012

    You can see where the roosters are kept in their little tent shelters right next to the highway. A really difficult investigation here- not.