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FBI probes origin of anti-Muslim letter sent to NC mosques

Posted April 24, 2012

— The Federal Bureau of Investigation is trying to determine the origin of a threatening letter, filled with racial slurs and insults toward Muslims, that was recently sent to several mosques in North Carolina.

The letter writer says that he or she would have no problem killing Muslims.

The name and address of an Apex woman were placed on the letter, but a lawyer for that woman, whose name was not released, said Tuesday that his client did not write or send it.

The woman had no idea the letter existed until investigators brought it to her attention, the attorney said.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations wants the case to be investigated as a hate crime. 

A spokesperson for the FBI said Tuesday that the agency is aware of the letter and that "everything about the letter is not as it appears."

Jibril Hough Anti-Muslim letter might trace back to Apex

Jibril Hough, director of the Islamic Center of Charlotte, said he wants to know why someone would send such a racially charged letter.

"We don't know the motives, but we're hoping the authorities will help investigate what the motives are," Hough said.


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  • BigOski Apr 26, 2012

    Your article you posted only goes to prove that when it comes to hate groups like the black panthers making hate crime remarks that the investigation wheels start spinning in the mud. Now in this case the FBI is all over it. Its reverse discrimiation to the fullest coupled by a puppet and inept AG taking direction from the current commander-in-chief. That is his political strategy....divide and conquer.

  • 426X3 Apr 25, 2012

    Give me a break.

  • censorbait Apr 25, 2012

    Immigration for muslims needs to stop. They will never do anything but make life worse for our future generations.

  • sammyg Apr 25, 2012

    Monca...I feel sorry for your parents.

  • sammyg Apr 25, 2012

    "We don't know the motives,...SERIOUSLY????!!!! Ha,ha,ha...

  • LikeABadPenny Apr 25, 2012

    "How does that prove I have no proof?"

    You didn't provide any when asked. So you don't ahve any, qed.

    "Use your google fu Mr. Know-it-all and find it yourself,"

    It's your point to prove, not mine.

  • LikeABadPenny Apr 25, 2012

    "What has been done by the AG and/or FBI since those inflamatory and serious comments by the black panthers."

    Do you hear about everything the FBI does? no? Imagine that.

    "The NC Mosque gets a letter and less than a week later, the FBI probes it."

    Yes, you heard about it. Go figure. Sometimes things make the news.

  • nowon_yuno Apr 25, 2012

    Then where one that slanders Mohammad and walk into a Mosque. Get back to me and compare the results. LOL!"

    There was an old Israeli PM Ariel Sharon who walked into the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and Muslims lost their minds!

  • nowon_yuno Apr 25, 2012

    Holder hasn't done his job yet. Also root around for a whistle blowers statement about the AG and what they will and will not investigate."

    So you admit you have no proof. thank you, nowon.

    How does that prove I have no proof? Use your google fu Mr. Know-it-all and find it yourself, unless you are afraid of the truth. I'm not going to take the time to find a source, you dont agree with any sources unless you find them yourself anyway. Besides Holder's inaction on a few things and Fast and Furious prove he's pretty shadey to begin with.

  • ligonmaterial23 Apr 25, 2012

    Time for obama to start apologizing