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Volunteers asked to join search for missing Fort Bragg soldier

Posted April 24, 2012

— Fayetteville police have invited the public to join a search in north Fayetteville Thursday for a missing Fort Bragg soldier.

Pfc. Kelli Bordeaux, 23, a combat medic with the 44th Medical Brigade, was last seen early April 14 at the Froggy Bottoms bar on Ramsey Street. Fort Bragg officials reported her missing two days later when she didn't show up for work.

Pfc. Kelli Bordeaux Search expands for missing soldier

Bordeaux's husband of two years, Mike Bordeaux, said Tuesday that he's "praying that she'll come home. I'm waiting for her."

Search volunteers should arrive between 9 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. Thursday at the parking lot of the Cape Fear Valley Health System's Health Pavilion North at Ramsey Street and Andrews Road. Volunteers will need to show valid photo ID and sign in and out.

Search teams will head out to various locations in north Fayetteville, starting at 10 a.m. Police advised north Fayetteville residents that searchers could come onto private property.

Volunteers should take several preparations:

  • Wear comfortable clothing, hat and shoes. Volunteers might have to walk through dense underbrush.
  • Water will be provided, but it is suggested to bring a bag-lunch and a backpack to carry supplies.
  • Bring insect repellent, sunscreen and rain gear in case of inclement weather.
  • A walking stick is helpful and useful in case of snakes.

Since Bordeaux's disappearance, police have arrested Nicholas Holbert, a registered sex offender who said he gave Bordeaux a ride home from the bar, and Steven Cantrell, the bar owner, both on charges unrelated to her case. Police haven't said whether either man is a person of interest in the case.

Bordeaux's family, including her husband, have come to help search for her, police said. Mike Bordeaux said Tuesday that he was in Florida to buy a Chevrolet Blazer at the time his wife disappeared.

Police said they are treating Bordeaux's disappearance as an active missing person's case but have "grave concerns" about her well-being. Anyone with information about Bordeaux can call a hotline at 910-433-1114.


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  • anotheropinion281 Apr 25, 2012

    I completely agree with you rwilkerson2098!! I suggested yesterday that someone call EquuSearch..when the public gets in there, its just gonna contaminate anything that they may find. It is a BAD BAD BAD BAD IDEA!!

  • rwilkerson2098 Apr 25, 2012

    I hate to be negative but this is NOT the way to search for a missing person. The SAR team that is down there isn't even recognized by the state like the other professional teams are, and they refuse to acknowledge any valid emergency managers. They are managing this search and it's clear they don't know what they are doing. Bringing untrained people to participate in a search like this could potentially ruin evidence, and ruin any kind of sign for the missing person. I've seen it happen before. Cumberland? What are you thinking? Get the good teams out there and have them do it methodically and professionally. Call NCCERT (www.nccert.org) or NCSARDA or SCSARDA. A Florida CART team would also work. Heck call all 4 teams but don't do THIS!!! Seriously, this is bad bad bad idea. I wish they would understand how important this is!!!

  • anotheropinion281 Apr 25, 2012

    when i saw the news yesterday evening, the reporter stated mike was too upset to talk on camera. yet kelli's brother & sister aren't upset??? PLEASE!! I know I'm not the only one here that thinks he looks suspicious when he doesn't appear on camera to make a public plea like her family does..upset or not!!!

  • Lightfoot3 Apr 25, 2012

    "would anyone care if she wasn't hot?" - solarflare40

    Probably, but not as much. It's more tragic when hot people are involved.

    "Not hearing much from the husband in the way of interviews, asking for her safe return, etc. Wonder what's up with him?" - willemakeit

    I wonder if he's having a hard time dealing with the fact that while he was out of town, his wife was partying it up at the bar, possibly looking to hook up.

  • itsmyownopinion Apr 24, 2012

    ....Just check out the 'vehicle' that he went all the way to Florida to get. It's a wonder that clunker made it back here. Good alibi..Hubby: I was in Florida buying a car. Cops: You went all the way to Florida for the hull? Come on, dude". I never suspected him until I saw the wreck he went to FL to buy.


    I glimpsed it on one of the news reports while channel surfing, but missed the story. When I saw it mentioned here I wondered if he bought it, or if it was a "gift" from a family member or friend, or if he was just visiting FL and ran across it for sale, or what.

  • robertlkelly Apr 24, 2012

    Where are the searchers with the horses going to park the horse trailers, and what time. I have two American Paint Horses that I can bring to help search. If there is an experienced rider that would like to ride my extra horse let me know. Both are well broke Trail Horses. Circle K Ranch

  • lite2 Apr 24, 2012

    Something says the husband is in on it....Just check out the 'vehicle' that he went all the way to Florida to get. It's a wonder that clunker made it back here. Good alibi..Hubby: I was in Florida buying a car. Cops: You went all the way to Florida for the hull? Come on, dude". I never suspected him until I saw the wreck he went to FL to buy.

  • Diabolical Apr 24, 2012

    1st Heather Hodges on April 9th goes missing from Rocky Mount Virgina and then 4 days later a sister look a like to Heather Goes missing, Kelly. Starting think we have a serial killer on the lose in NC. I don't know, I think that should also be an avenue that they should look into. I wouldn't discount or dismiss it just yet.

  • icdumbpeople Apr 24, 2012

    Get the horse out! They do a great job with search teams!! I will pack my gang up!!

  • marek335 Apr 24, 2012

    they have the best suspects in jail. they gave her a ride home and apparently gave her alcohol all night long at the bar. last month in chapel hill a lone gal left a bar late at night. she was raped before she got a block from the bar but survived. the gal soldier probably knew her attackers, so she is now missing! police are handling as a homicide unfortunately too.