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Witness: Defendant ordered Chapel Hill man's death

Posted April 13, 2012

— An Orange County man ordered the execution-style shooting of a Chapel Hill man in 2008, believing the man was a thief and a police informant, a witness testified Friday.

Jack Johnson II testified that Brian Gregory Minton, 22, called the shots in the death of Joshua McCabe Bailey, 20. Minton is one of four men charged with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping in the crime.

Johnson, who was also charged in Bailey’s death, pleaded guilty to lesser charges and was the first witness called at Minton’s trial.

Authorities found Bailey's body on Sept. 12, 2008, near Jordan Lake, three weeks after his family reported him missing. Investigators have said they believe he was killed more than six weeks earlier in Orange County.

Johnson testified he and several friends would gather almost daily at a detached garage at Minton's house to drink, smoke marijuana and play video games. They would sometimes burglarize homes and sell the stolen items to pay for drugs, he said.

In the summer of 2008, some members of the group noticed rifles, electronics, drugs and cash missing, and they accused Matt Johnson, another member of the group who isn't related to Jack Johnson, of stealing from them and telling police about their criminal activities, Jack Johnson said.

They interrogated Matt Johnson, who quickly blamed Bailey for everything, but Bailey repeatedly denied being a thief or an informant as group members took turns beating him up, Jack Johnson said.

Minton then suggested that Bailey and Matt Johnson fight, with the loser taking "a long ride to the country," the witness testified. Bailey, who prosecutors said suffered from a cognitive impairment, quickly gave up in the fight.

"He was really quiet. He was saying, 'I wasn’t really involved with this. That’s not true,' but he didn’t plead his case too much," Jack Johnson said.

Minton suggested that the group duct-tape Bailey's hands, and the group then piled into cars and drove into some woods in Orange County, said Jack Johnson, adding that he went along out of a sense of loyalty to Minton and because he was intimidated by him.

Jack Johnson II testifies in Brian Minton murder trial Witness details Chapel Hill man's execution-style death

"He said, basically, we were going to take Josh back out in the woods and shoot him. 'Matt will shoot him, and if Matt doesn’t shoot him, we are going to mess him up,'” Jack Johnson said.

Once in the woods, the group forced Bailey to stand in a depression left by an uprooted tree – the hard, dry ground had stymied their efforts to dig a shallow grave – and Minton ordered Matt Johnson to kill Bailey, Jack Johnson said.

He recalled the look of terror on Bailey's face and how he begged for his life, saying, "Guys, I didn't do it."

Matt Johnson shot Bailey in the back of the head and then fired a second shot after Bailey had crumpled to the ground, Jack Johnson said.

Minton then ordered everyone to throw dirt on top of Bailey's body and remove any evidence of the killing before the group left, the witness said.

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall asked Jack Johnson why he participated in the crime.

"Fear, stupidity, drugs," he responded. "I was more or less in shock (afterward)."

Minton returned to the site in the woods a few times in the following weeks with his father, Jack Johnson and others, according to testimony.

"I remember saying this never should have happened," Jack Johnson testified, noting that he once saw Bailey's heel sticking out of the ground.

Out of fear someone would discover the decaying body, group members dug up Bailey's remains and wrapped them in a blue tarp and some plastic sheeting so everything could be buried elsewhere, Jack Johnson said.

Defense attorney James Glover told jurors in his opening statement Thursday that Minton was merely part of a group and never the ringleader.

In addition to Minton and Matt Johnson, Brandon Hamilton Greene, 30, and Jacob Alexander Maxwell, 22, face murder and kidnapping charges in the case.

Jack Johnson is awaiting sentencing on charges of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Ryan Ladar Davis Lee has pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact of first-degree murder and accessory after the fact of second-degree kidnapping in the case.

Three other people – Minton's parents, Gregory Lee Minton and Mishele Slade Minton, and Chris Manley – each face a charge of accessory after the fact to first-degree murder in the case.

Jack Johnson said Gregory Minton helped dispose of Bailey's body in Chatham County, while Mishele Minton bought acid used to cover up traces of the initial burial in Orange County.


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  • mondosinistro Apr 13, 2012

    Sometimes you can't help fixing on little details in a case like this, even though they're obviously not the important parts. I go by that forlorn BP gas station nearly every day. It stands, like a black hole in the middle of my neighborhood. I wonder when it will open again. Maybe a whole different business, one that won't be a reminder.

  • ncguy Apr 13, 2012

    Reminds me of the teens that killed that boy in that
    Vacant house a few years back.

    Tied him with duct tape beat him with a hammer
    I remember peer pressure but never so strong to
    Hurt anyone.

    Premeditated murder!

    Deliberations should take about 10 minutes


  • djofraleigh Apr 13, 2012

    That so many people can be so bad seems unbelievable. Maybe they didn't go to church enough or watched the Godfather or Sopranos too much.

  • Uhavenoclu Apr 13, 2012

    Thank You Lady blue. but even though you only copied part of what I said you understood. For most and Jack was blaming others and marijuana for what they did. Beavis and buthead and bill and ted never killed anyone and I dont recall spicolli ever hurting mr hand?
    You got my point it was them and them alone and they ALL should take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions.
    And if any of the lawyers made a plea deal they should be disbarred.

  • tatermommy52 Apr 13, 2012

    and the Chapel Hill city council is more concerned with cell phones while driving...

  • Goin2slo Apr 13, 2012

    Do not be fooled - he is only trying to save is own hide from spending the rest of his life behind bars. His own quote in this article made it sound like it was Josh' fault - "but he didn’t plead his case too much". Bring Jack Johnson's MySpace page up and you will get just a small insight into who he really is. Anyone familiar with Jack knows he didn't "go along" with anything and was usually the one doing the intimidating. I'm sure he's going to pull out the jail house religion before it's over with.

  • nanasix Apr 13, 2012

    They all need to be sentenced to life in prison, if not the death sentence for their actions in killing this young man. The killings have to stop. What has happened to our country???

  • ladyblue Apr 13, 2012

    YOU PEOPLE HAVE NEVER BEEN ON DRUGS OR UNDER PEER PRESSURE,NUFF SAID-yhaveoclue. I must say that was halarious and surely it's not an excuse you consider valid.... there are lots of drug addicts that NEVER KILL and rat on people that do. these people are ALL monsters and deserve the death penalty if ever there was one IF it's proven they delibertly planned this execution--.

  • Uhavenoclu Apr 13, 2012

    you have to be kidding!! They could have stopped this senseless murder! They should have stood up to these monsters and protected this guy. If they wre forced to go, they should have gone to the police IMMEDIATELY and told them what happened. There is NO excuse whatsoever that 'bg' can give that will ever make his part in this right!!

    Oh but you live in fear every minute of your lives worrying and stressing over nothing that even involves you.You can pass judgment and criticize all you want,what for?...Absolutely nothing....The parents didn't provide the drugs..yes drugs...for Marijuana does not make someone kill,there probably was something else involved...yes it makes you paranoid but not kill.
    So let the justice system handle it for you chose them and if you are unhappy with the verdict like you are with the presidents you choose every 4 years ,then you are the ones who need to be looked at and your choices .

  • Wacky_dood Apr 13, 2012

    If found guilty after a trial by their peers, all of these people, every last one, deserves to be executed.

    Why should I have to pay for their upkeep? Just exterminate them.