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Judge upholds trooper's firing over second job

Posted April 11, 2012

— A state judge ruled Wednesday that the North Carolina State Highway Patrol was justified in firing a trooper last year for conducting outside business while on duty.

Trooper Hubert Sealey, 46, was dismissed May 3 following an internal investigation into "non-criminal personnel issues," Highway Patrol officials said at the time.

The investigation determined that Sealey, who also is a Robeson County commissioner, often carried a county-issued cellphone while on duty and made and received calls on behalf of a mental health agency operated by his wife, according to the 12-page ruling by Senior Administrative Law Judge Fred Morrison Jr.

Sealey told investigators that he wasn't involved in the company, Independent Community-Based Services LLC, but Steve Jordan, director of the state Division of Mental Health, and administrators with a regional organization that provided licenses that Independent needed to operate, said that Sealey would represent the agency in meetings and would call them about it, according to the ruling.

Highway Patrol officials fired him after determining in the investigation that Sealey had lied to them, violated orders not to conduct outside business while on duty and was neglectful of his duties as a trooper.

Sealey challenged his dismissal, saying it was racially motivated, but Morrison ruled that the patrol had proved it had sound reasons to fire him.

The case has been appealed to the State Personnel Commission.

A case involving a second trooper fired at the same time as Sealey is still pending before an administrative law judge.

Lt. Michael Faison, 43, also was accused of working on outside business while on duty.

Both men had been assigned to Troop B in Fayetteville.


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  • wawaallen Apr 12, 2012

    I beg anyone to find any law enforcement officer that's not talking on a cellphone while they are on "patrol"....and how much of that not work related?.....

    He just got caught..plain and simple!!

  • ladyblue Apr 12, 2012

    Sealey challenged his dismissal, saying it was racially motivated, but Morrison ruled that the patrol had proved it had sound reasons to fire him.

    That's not a new concept by some...first thing pops in some heads...

  • dollibug Apr 11, 2012

    +++++He's just 1 of many others probably doing all sorts of unethical things.
    Chairman of the Bored

    Tip of the iceberg....he got caught....kinda like Johnny boy Edwards....

  • dollibug Apr 11, 2012

    If a person lies about one thing.....he will probably lie about another thing....it is interesting to see how so many of these people thinking that they can do most anything and get by with doing so....I guess they think that they are above the rest of us.....interesting...

  • westernwake1 Apr 11, 2012

    The firing of Trooper Hubert Sealey was well deserved.

  • ncpilot2 Apr 11, 2012

    Another arrogant state employee who believes he is entitled to break the rules while supposedly arresting others who break them. If you are I were involved in doing outside business while on the job and was fired because of it, we'd have no recourse. Only state employees have this special privilege in this state.

  • pbjbeach Apr 11, 2012

    chairman of the board:

    the majority of this state politican both democrat & repbulcians dont even know or know the real meaning of ethics an or intgerity or the bases for actually doing the right just an fair thing not at all thank you

  • pbjbeach Apr 11, 2012

    Question? does this rise to the level of state government having actual an real cause as they are supposley to have to have to be able to terminated a career employee. i personnaly know of someone that stold 4x4 post from a state governemtn mantenance yard for use in building of gate for a hunting club an this person is still employeed it just depend on would you have P.OED an they arew determined to have you terminated in most cases it uslessly involves politics an in some case an most cases it is due to a memebr of mangament just outright gunning for you/ your jobs position in order to put someone else political buddie into your former position. or even this trooper might have tiocket the wrong businesses in this state an they were allowed to use thier political influence to have you fired thatis all that it takes for the grevience procedures within state government are a total sham an the out comes are predetermined prior to the particapant wever even walking into a grevience hear

  • wmp8396 Apr 11, 2012

    Well this guy has a shining example to cry 'race' as a defense--our President of the United State, Barry Hussien Obama, has since day one, immediately played the race card if anyone disagreed with his policies. Never could it be he is wrong---it's because he is black, ofcourse.

  • Relic Apr 11, 2012

    Chairman of the Bored - Do you make general comments like that about just public employees or everyone? Because the last time I checked there were about the same number of people in law enforcement getting caught for doing unethical and illegal things as school teachers, accountants, pastors, contractors and most other lines of work. Not as much as politicians but then again we're talking about pros there.