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Man dead after Fayetteville police shooting

Posted April 10, 2012

— Fayetteville police say officers investigating a shooting at a party early Tuesday fired at a man who tried to run them over. The man was then found dead in his crashed car.

Witnesses told police that people at the party exchanged gunfire during a fight in a house in the 1500 block of Blan Street, near Murchison Road, around 2:15 a.m. Roman Drake, 26, drove away from the house and returned after police were there.

Police said Drake tried to flee when he saw the officers, and he struck a police car and tried to run over an officer standing next to another cruiser.

"Officers ordered the suspect to stop and at the same time tried to take cover and opened fired on the suspect. The suspect then drove into a house nearby," police spokesman Gavin MacRoberts said. 

Officers found Drake dead in the car with a handgun in his lap, police said. Investigators said it wasn't yet clear what killed him.

No one else was injured, including Drake's three young children who were in the home during the party and shooting.

Patrol Officers Jonathon Fisher, 34, and Sheila Thomas, 40, have been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of a State Bureau of Investigation review of the shooting. Those moves follow standard procedure for officer-involved shootings.

Fisher has been with the Fayetteville Police Department for four years and Thomas for six.

Drake's live-in girlfriend, Crystal Moore, disputed that he tried to harm police officers.

She said that, after a fight during a party at their home, some people came back and fired at their home. Drake went after them, she said, and when he returned, that's when he encountered the police.

Drake was drunk and panicked but never intentionally tried to run over the police officers, she said.

"He had charges before. They were just, like, little charges. He's never had anything with trying to go after the police," Moore said. "As a matter of fact, he knows not to go after the police. He knows to cooperate with them. He's never had a problem. They know him well, but he's never had a problem with them." Fayetteville police officer involved in shooting Fayetteville party leads to police shooting, death

Drake had a 1-year-old daughter with Moore and two children from a previous relationship, she said.

"He was a good father, and his children are going to miss him dearly. He had a lot of family and a lot of friends that loved him," Moore said. "Everybody that knows me knows that he was my whole world ... I don't know what to do now."

Moore had convictions for carrying a concealed weapon, drug possession with intent to sell and driving while impaired, according to state Division of Adult Correction records.

No arrests have been made in connection with the fight or shots fired before police arrived. 


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  • mond1258 Apr 19, 2012

    People always got somethimg wrong to say bout somebody they dont even know he was a good dude and loved his family so why dont yall shut up befor you know someone


  • CharmedLife Apr 11, 2012

    mckoyshelia.....Ha Ha!! U r funny! No we are NOT crazy. Yes I have family who's had a run in with the law. As a matter of fact, I have a family member in prison right now. He did wrong, and now he's facing his consequences. With this man, his unfortunate consequence is death.

  • thepeopleschamp Apr 11, 2012

    @ lineOfDuty I'm all broke up over them poor felons.

  • thepeopleschamp Apr 11, 2012

    @ lineofduty, those cases you mentioned the employee was fired for POLICY violation, NOT law violation. In short, you are wrong.

    I explained this once with G.S. #'s and for whatever reason the Mod's would not allow it. Let me try to be brief, you are 100% wrong and are misunderstanding the NCGS's.

  • mckoyshelia Apr 11, 2012

    Are u people crazy!!!! A man is dead,it dosent matter what the circumstances r.......Do any of u have any family members that ever had a run in with the law??? This is still someones father,son, or brother!!!!!!

  • Sherlock Apr 11, 2012

    kayann27, the reason he is dead is that he tried to run down the police officers. He has a past with the law. He was not thinking of his family when this happened, he was parting and drinking and other stuff...

  • kayann27 Apr 11, 2012

    Bottom line... this man had a family, he was young and he had a future. This young man's life was cut short. There is absolutely no reason why he should not be alive! Just no reason at all.

  • oldcorp Apr 11, 2012

    ""he almost hurts officers. Officers shoot. Man is dead.""

    That's a hoot. He 'almost hurts officers'. Guess they should wait 'til after he ACTUALLY runs over them. Would that work?

    All those years I did police work, I never knew there were so many hardcore experts out there that have never done the job. Of course most of that was pre-internet.

  • bombayrunner Apr 11, 2012

    felons cant have guns OR vote ... period. they are in the pergatory of society.

  • bombayrunner Apr 11, 2012

    I read the other statues posted to my concerns. You're wrong. One can't fire into a vehicle, police officer or not. What if there was a baby in there, or some other innocent victim. That is the reason why. At least 2 officers have been fired over the last ten years for this reason. And they were fired QUICKLY. One swat team member fired through a door in wilmington, the other a female officer killed a guy trying to run her over.