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Teen injured, 12 arrested at spring break party

Posted April 6, 2012

— A Cary teenager was in a medically induced coma Friday and a dozen others from the Triangle face criminal charges after a spring break party in North Myrtle Beach.

According to the police report, emergency personnel said when they arrived just before 10:30 p.m. Thursday, a boy was lying unresponsive on the ground with blood coming from his nose and mouth.

According to the police report, Charlie Lewis and a friend were partying with other Triangle-area teens at 300 52nd Ave. in North Myrtle Beach when the teens renting the house asked the two of them to leave. Jakob Ross Grabey told police the party hosts were trying to throw him and Lewis out when they were pushed off a balcony.

Grabey, 17, of Old U.S. Highway 1 in New Hill, said he landed on top of Lewis and suffered only a scraped elbow. Family members say Lewis, 17, is an Apex High School student.

A Cary father told WRAL News that his daughter was at the party, and she estimated about 70 people were in attendance, but most fled the scene before police arrived.

When police rounded up the residents of the house, they claimed Grabey and Lewis were drunk, disruptive and fell from the balcony by accident. North Myrtle Beach police have not determined whether the pair was pushed or their fall was an accident.

According to the police report, Grabey's eyes were glassy, his speech slurred, and he was unsteady on his feet. He was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.

Police searched the house and found five cases of beer and 10 bottles of liquor.

All 11 people staying in the house were charged with possession of liquor underage.

In addition to Gradey, police arrested:

  • Tyler Scott Carroll, 17, of Kingston Grove Drive in Cary, 
  • Fernando Castellanos, 17, of Lake Lynn Drive in Raleigh,
  • William Churchill Moore, 17, of Turquoise Creek Drive in Cary,
  • Miranda Nichole Browning, 17, of Rye Ridge Road in Cary,
  • Alexander Gregg Conwell, 17, of Hardenbrook Court in Cary,
  • Tyler Isaac Hamby, 17, of Reinhold Lane in Cary,
  • Chesley Morris Edwards, 18, of Upchurch Meadow Road in Cary,
  • Kevin Francis McQueerey, 18, of Highstone Road in Cary,
  • Frasier Alexander Murphy, 17, of Billington Court in Cary,
  • and two 16-year-olds, whose names were not released.

Carroll and Castellanos also face charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.




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  • mmjo65 Apr 11, 2012

    h3ardita11b4......attempted murder charges? Who said and that anyone was thrown off of the balcony? Do you know that for a fact? Were you there???? Do you know first hand who was there any what really happened?? If you answered no to these questions, then please keep your attempted murder comments to your ignorant self! BTW....I am fairly certain that the majority of the teens at this party were consuming alcohol; including Charlie. Is this an excuse...absolutely not! But, in most circumstances, teenagers and alcohol do not mix! Couple that with the possibility of recreational drugs being used, and you have young adults who do not know how to react under the influence! Let's not place blame (accusing kids of attempted murder) lets take responsibility for ourselves and those we love.
    My prayers are with Charlie and his family. I pray for complete healing and speedy recovery.

  • tchaf28 Apr 11, 2012

    for the people who are so ready to point fingers and are so willing to blame the kids at the house for "throwing him off" you should probably think before you speak. were you there? did you see what happened? NO! as much as all you parents want to think i have the perfect child and nothing like that would ever happen to us well think again this was a freak accident that was caused due to stupid decisions which unfortunately could happen to anyone. all the kids charged that were staying in the house do not need to have people saying they should be charged for "attempted murder" a young boys life was dramatically change this past week and the only thought in our minds should be prayers for charlie and his friends and family. the other kids have enough to deal with as their lives have been changed as well. so the judgmental people who say thos kids have bad parents or are not good kids obviously are just ignorant. good people are sometimes put in bad situations. be strong charlie!

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Apr 9, 2012

    It's like the girl who recently died in North Raleigh because the guy she was with was two to three times the legal limit and still driving.

    I'm still waiting to hear the Wake County DA charge the kids who were drinking at the party for illegal drinking by a minor.

    I'm also waiting to hear about the DA charging adults who bought the beer and provide a place to drink.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Apr 9, 2012

    It's the parents fought.

    Renting a rental for minors with no adult supervision is the recipe for disaster.

  • curiously inquiring Apr 9, 2012

    Sending prayers to Charlie and his family. You are in our thoughts and we have shed many, many tears for you. This could have been anyone's kid. If you're thinking no, not mine, couldn't happen, then you are being naive. You might think your kid is the most "straight laced" kid you've ever known...doesn't matter. He/she is still a kid and is surrounded by the influences of his/her peers who don't realize the magnitude of their mistakes until it is right on top of them. There are drinking parties every friday and saturday night here in Wake county. When Monday comes we all find out who "got caught". Sad thing is....the ones who got caught are probably NOT the biggest offenders, they just didn't know enough to run away.

  • KElizabeth Apr 9, 2012

    It's amazing to me how most of the people on here want to point fingers when the main concern is Charlie and what his family is going through.

  • not my real name Apr 9, 2012

    Nope. No way my kid would have went to that party or to myrtle beach at all for that matter. Nope all day long.

  • h3ardita11b4 Apr 9, 2012

    LOL - the hypocrisy in the comments are absolutely hysterical. NORMAL teen behavior? They TOSSED PEOPLE OFF OF A BALCONY, they didn't take someone's lunch money. There's nothing normal about tossing people off of a balcony. If you don't want someone at your party, you call the POLICE. Their "parents" should be ashamed. Your children are NOT your friend. If you can't parent then having kids should be the least of your concerns. Why on earth would you let CHILDREN go away without you? I'm sorry but they wanted to be adults and should be treated as such. I'm completely mortified that they're not facing attempted murder charges.

  • piene2 Apr 9, 2012

    "Um...it is totally like it used to be. That's exactly how it was when I was in high school over 20 years ago. Me and friends were lucky in that we didn't get arrested or go to the hospital, but we easily could have." CameronBornAndBred

    That's exactly right. There is nothing different about this behavior today than in any other time 20 -30 years ago... and maybe longer!

    Longer, a lot longer. I graduated high school in nineteen sixty. It was exactly the same for us. The only differences was that the location was Atlantic City and we were not allowed any cars. We were driven down, used taxi cabs all week and were then picked up and taken back home. By the way each and every one of us was provided with contraceptives.

  • seankelly15 Apr 6, 2012

    lilloan - "What is the age cutoff to have such information made public?"

    16. Being a minor has nothing to do with it. They are being charged as adults (over 16).