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Johnston County wrestling coach accused of indecent liberties with student

Posted March 29, 2012
Updated March 30, 2012

— A teacher and wrestling coach at Corinth Holders High School in Johnston County was arrested Thursday afternoon and charged with taking indecent liberties with a 16-year-old girl at the school.

James Joseph McNamara II, 25, posted $5,000 bond and was released from the Johnston County jail Thursday. He is scheduled to be in court at 9 a.m. Friday.

McNamara has been suspended from the school with pay since March 6, when allegations against him surfaced, according to Johnston County Schools' spokeswoman Terri Sessoms. He was hired in August 2010.

"The school system is continuing to conduct a confidential review of this situation and continues to cooperate with law enforcement," Sessoms said in a statement.

Some parents and students have taken to social media to voice their support for the coach and have launched an online petition on his behalf. 

James Joseph McNamara II Johnston coach accused of indecent liberties with teen

Dale Brown, whose daughter is a junior at the school, said he supports the students rallying behind the coach and cautions others not to rush to judgment.

"The majority of the students at this school support him," Brown said. "I've talked to a lot of the students that go to school here, and their opinion is (that) nothing really happened."


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  • Ken D. Mar 30, 2012

    There are 30 posts so far on this story. Many of them express an opinion. Exactly zero of them are from people who know the facts of this case. Prematurely declaring him innocent is no better or worse than prematurely declaring him guilty.

    Whether or not he has the support and admiration of athletes, students, parents or faculty has absolutely no bearing on his guilt or innocence. They weren't there.

  • dronews Mar 30, 2012

    This is a tough one for both sides. Before anyone can make even the slightest attempt at an educated guess on this you would have to know both sides of the story. You also have to take into account the overall conduct of both the student and teacher at the school. Could have been that the girl has a reputation for trouble...in which case it will be hard to find her credible. Same could be said for the teacher. I think the school will handle this appropriately and should take into account what the students are saying as a whole. I'll keep my opinion out of this one because both parties will end up hurt over this.

  • news4u Mar 30, 2012

    $5000 bond is not very much - typical for 'he said - she said' cases with little corroborating evidence...

    the truth will come out, but meanwhile the accused's reputation has suffered irreparably... false accusers - in any case - should be held accountable

  • bombayrunner Mar 30, 2012

    great ... they are all rallying ... if he did do something they are going to blame her now?

    I'm sorry, if pretty boy was doing something he needs to get it handed to him. I have an attractive 15yr old daughter, I know I'd be very mad. But I talk to her all the time about the ways of the world.

  • NoGoJoCo Mar 30, 2012

    I attend Corinth Holders and know Coach Mac maybe just a little bit better then you ignorant fools. You don't know this man, nor his story, or anything about the case for that matter, yet you want to declare him guilty? Does innocent until proven guilty mean anything to any of you? Go do something with your lives rather than trolling the web making crude allegations towards men and women you don't even know. Get a life. The man is innocent.

  • TheBigLC Mar 30, 2012

    A teacher at Clayton H.S. was accused about a week after this incident for allegedly touching a student inappropriately. Turns out it was completely false. Nothing happened to the accuser not one thing.

  • RM24 Mar 30, 2012

    GO read some of these kids twitter account post. Yeah sure we were rowdy and wild as a teen but nothing like this. POST after POST of drug use and sex and language thats terrible.

    This is our future by the way.

  • just my2cents Mar 30, 2012

    Amen, Hans. This guy has been hung before the trial. It amazes me at how folks judge and don't even know HALF the facts. What comes around goes, it could happen to you one day. Innocent people have been accused many times.

  • Disabled Vet Mar 30, 2012

    What is it with all these child molesting teachers here latly? Its getting so you can't even turn on the tv or pick up a newspaper anymore without reading about a teacher dipping his which into the wrong inkwell!

  • Hans Mar 30, 2012

    Nobody who is accused and/or arrested for a crime should have their name and face plastered all over the media until they are found guilty of that crime. Just look here at the comments. People with no details whatsoever of the situation have already formed opinions in their mind about guilt or innocence. IF, in fact, the charges were found to have no merit, this dude would still be viewed as a molester in the eyes of the public.