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Wake school board approves alternate bus routing plan

Posted March 27, 2012
Updated March 28, 2012

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— During a work session Tuesday afternoon, Wake County Public School System staff offered to the school board an alternate bus routing proposal that would affect fewer schools' bell schedules but save the district less money.

Compared with the original proposal, the new plan would take 79 buses, instead of 112, off the road, and 33, instead of 39, schools would have a schedule change by at least 30 minutes.

It would save the school system approximately $4.8 million, instead of $6 million, for the 2012-13 school year.

The school board approved the busing plan at its board meeting Tuesday evening.

The original proposal was estimated to save about $12 million in coming years and increase efficiency and improve service.

Many parents have said that the plan would save the school district money but cost them. The changes in school start times that conflict with work schedules could mean that parents have to pay more for childcare, they have said.

Among other concerns, they also worry that students will be on buses for longer periods of time or that there won't be enough buses to fully service all of the schools.

The alternate proposal took into account feedback from more than 1,000 parents, Superintendent Tony Tata said.

"We made adjustments, where possible, and we came up with a good compromise solution that will still save money, while helping better accommodate the schedules of our families," Tata said. Wake school board approves new bus routes to save $4.8M Wake school board approves new bus routes to save $4.8M

Under the new plan, 125 of the district's 169 schools would not be affected. Twenty schools would have bell changes of less than 40 minutes. Twenty-three schools' schedules would by 41-50 minutes, and one school – North Garner Middle School – would be affected by 50 or more minutes.

The proposed bell schedule changes would be the first major overhaul for the school system since 1994.


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  • nparis Mar 29, 2012

    So what happends to the bus drivers? My parents work for Wake County for 5 yrs now. They wake up everyday at 5am and to be at the first bus stop at 6am to pick up children your children to bring them safely to school. No raises in 4 yrs. So if the schools change almost 50 minutes earlier that means my parents have to wake up earlier and just get up and work just like that.
    Please they do not work for free! AS a matter fact they are supposely supposed to do three routes. They do elementary schools, middle and high schools are in one morning and again in the afternoon & sometimes they do 4 schools morning and afternoon. So when someone misses work how many bus routes are they gonna have to cover? Four, five trips. hmmmm. Saving money for what?? What are they gonna spend that money on??

  • GetReal11 Mar 28, 2012

    @Big Blue "Are you going to do volunteer work for your employer?" Wow, not sure where you work, but I do technically "volunteer" every week when I work over 40 hrs and don't get paid overtime because I'm an exempt employee. BTW, just because I'm salaried doesn't mean I make a ton of money either.

  • AWakeMom Mar 28, 2012

    streetstock4wife -- you are 100% absolutely correct. Which is why as a school employee and mother - when I didn't like my "choices" - I left WCPSS and brought my child with me. I did not expect the system to "take care" of my children. There are a million other school systems out there, 'nuff said.

  • Big Blue Mar 28, 2012

    @streetstock4wife - I understand your agruement on how much teachers make, however, they also don't have the ability to negotiate salaries like private sector jobs and haven't seen a raise in Wake Co. or NC for several years. They work hard, put in long hours, have no opportunity for bonus and their raises are dictated by public policy. Their jobs are not easy and they don't get compensated appropriately for the work they do.

  • Big Blue Mar 28, 2012

    "Why don't they have teachers volunteer or the stay at home moms (who practically live there anyway) come in early to do something constructive for those children who have to be dropped off early" - Getreal1

    Why should they volunteer? Offer to pay them and maybe they'll be willing to come in earlier. Educators don't make enough to begin with and haven't had a raise in 4 years. Now you want them to be doing voluteer work at the convenience of the parents? Are you going to do volunteer work for your employer?

  • walences Mar 28, 2012

    Let the students ride the city buses and give them vouchers for the fairs. It worked in many northern cities and saved millions in the cost of buying and maintaining buses. city buses are dramatically underused (99%)

  • streetstock4wife Mar 28, 2012

    atwakemom I see where your question comes from but let me ask you this. I as an adult have the ability to apply for any job that I have skills to do. No one whether it is teachers, policeman, nurses or doctors, have the right to complain about the long hours needed to do their jobs or with the salaries they make. They made the choice to accept the salary and hours when they took the job. I also am on salary and if I need to come in early or leave late it is part of the job. When I get to where I don't like it I will look for another job. So no teacher should complain about the hours or the money. They are choosing to be teachers so they should expect what comes with that. Now in setting up a before school type program, teachers get paid so they have a choice to decide they want to do it or not. Again they make the choice based on what they need and are not forced to come in early. Some of them like the fact they can earn extra money and get things accomplished they wouldn't ha

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Mar 28, 2012

    Getreal11..I had just gotten on the thread and BANG! I commented and left not wanting to read anymore at that time. After your next comment I went back to see and by golly, you are right! Lots of anger everywhere. I apologize to you because by far you may be one of the least angry. Good grief!

  • AWakeMom Mar 28, 2012

    streetstock4wife: While I understand your frustration completely I have only one question. Who, at the school, is going to do these activities? The poorly paid teachers are already putting in 10-11 hours a day. (I work in a school and I do know the hours they put in.) And what your suggesting is that they sacrafice their own families to do these extra activiteis, on top of what they're already trying accomplish. It's a bad situation all the way around. For years, I put my kids with a neighbor the catch the bus so because I had to be at work two hours before they needed to be at school. There is a "fix" - but it isn't easy or preferred.

  • GetReal11 Mar 28, 2012

    @ Rockman55 - not sure why I would need anger management. I certainly didn't post my comment IN ALL CAPS! That's the bad thing about text you can interpret my tone however you want. I find it interesting that you chose to tell me to go to anger management, but didn't say anything about the others who have nothing to do with the issue yet choose to make their nasty comments.

    @streekstock4wife - kudos to you - I totally agree. Why don't they have teachers volunteer or the stay at home moms (who practically live there anyway) come in early to do something constructive for those children who have to be dropped off early