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Occupy Raleigh keeps moving six months later

Posted March 25, 2012
Updated March 26, 2012

— Occupy Raleigh demonstrators say they aren't giving up six months after their movement began.

"As spring comes alive, so are we again," Occupy Raleigh organizer Jeremy Gilchrist said. "We aren't going anywhere, and as the American spring comes, we are going to get bigger."

Dozens of protesters joined a rally in downtown Raleigh Sunday afternoon as part of a national day of action called "Occupy the Highways and March on Our Nation's Statehouses." Participants marched from Fletcher Park, down Glenwood Avenue to the state Legislature Building.

Protesters said they wanted to spread their message to end corporate greed and government injustice.

"We have a key goal of ending corporate influence in politics," Gilchrist said. Occupy Raleigh marches at six-month mark Occupy Raleigh marches at six-month mark

Occupy Raleigh protesters also planned to hold a candlelit vigil at the Old State Capitol Building Sunday night to honor Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Fla.

The decision by local police to not charge the watch captain, George Zimmerman, sparked national outcry and investigations by a local grand jury and the U.S. Justice Department.


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  • donkey2310 Mar 26, 2012

    The only jobs big corporations cause are over seas, where people get paid a few dollars for a day of work. These protesters are brave Americans that are standing for a good cause that many are too blind to see.

  • br549znc Mar 26, 2012

    What a bunch of bums.

  • INF1 Mar 26, 2012

    This people are a burden to society

  • not my real name Mar 26, 2012

    They need to MOVE back to their own HOME....OR at least hold a candlelight vigil for the two INNOCENT citizens of Durham that were needlessly robbed and murdered on Friday. Who is fighting for THEIR justice? Who will be the next victim of this black man with a tattoo on his face?

    And if they think they will end corporate influence on politics they are only kidding themselves.

  • samr Mar 26, 2012

    I walked down Edenton Street past the Occupy camp this weekend. You can not believe the funk that emanates from there and it is sad because the Occupy movement does have some noble motivations but their execution is woefully lacking. The Health Dept. honestly needs to be concerned about any minor child who is living at that camp. Again, it is sad because any relevent message they have is being lost.

  • ncouterbanks69 Mar 26, 2012

    Social Justice = take money from person A and give it to me so I do not have to pay for it.

    Or work for it.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Mar 26, 2012

    who are these people again? and what are they protesting?

  • nowon_yuno Mar 26, 2012

    What about a vigil for the 2 people gunned down in Durham for no apparent reason?

    That wont bring the cameras to their "cause", piggy backing on the Martin case will

  • nowon_yuno Mar 26, 2012

    The "profit over people" philosophy is the root of many of the problems in our country.

    So what do you suggest? A barter system? You'll give me bread to paint your house? Thats socialism, as explained by my critical thinking teacher at Wake Tech. He is a member of the socialist party. Most people dont have a problem with people making money, it when you start to tell people how much they can make is where the problem lies. Like Obama said "There comes a time when you have made enough money." Well I like to tell those on the government dole, "There comes a time when you have been GIVEN enough money." Profit does not equal greed. There is just a lot of jealousy out there from folks who think they should get 5 figures just because they have an art history degree

  • abbynork Mar 26, 2012

    Follow-the money - they sure do! I mean heck, the Tea Party wants lower taxes and the Occupy wants, well, free stuff. Exactly the same.