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Rocky Mount woman dies in wreck with state patrol car

Posted March 7, 2012

A wreck on U.S. 301 North in Rocky Mount closed the road for about three hours on March 6, 2012.

— A Rocky Mount woman died when she pulled into the path of a state Highway Patrol car on U.S. Highway 301 late Tuesday.

Maurilia Solis Leon, 59, turned from the parking lot of a Golden Corral into the path of a trooper's cruiser in the far left lane of U.S. 301 North, near U.S. Highway 64, shortly after 11 p.m., said Highway Patrol spokesman First Sgt. Jeff Gordon.

Trooper A.S. Samuel tried to swerve left but struck the driver's side door of Leon's Dodge Stratus.

Leon died of her injuries, and Samuel was taken to Nash General Hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Samuel was placed on administrative duty, pending the outcome of the investigation of the wreck, Gordon said. Such moves are customary when troopers are involved in incidents that result in injury or death.

Two witnesses told investigators that Samuel could not have avoided the wreck, Gordon said.

He said that both drivers were wearing their seat belts, and alcohol was not a factor.

U.S. 301 North was closed for about three hours after the wreck.


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  • tcato Mar 12, 2012

    I can only imagine the emotions of both Trooper A.S. Samuel and the family of Maurilia Solis Leon This is a terrible tragedy that will have a life lasting effect on all involved. Please don't be judgmental and simply pray for all involved.

  • Lightfoot3 Mar 9, 2012

    "Of course the HP will investigate & review the recording device installed in the cruiser & take action if so indicated." - One of Two Sisters

    Take action for what?! The lady pulled out in front of him. There were two witnesses. What's there to investigate? You cop haters and cop bashers crawl out from under your rocks every time to put cops down when they're out there risking their lives for YOU!

  • One of Two Sisters Mar 8, 2012

    Lightfoot3 - When someone is on the highway & a car pulls out, crosses 2 lanes of traffic & impact occurs, it's not the auto on the right of way who is to blame.

    And yes - your constant rants are evidence enough of your feelings.

    I agree w/WarrensABeastYvette, this man's life has been forever changed. I know - a woman pulled out in front of my husband (driving a gas tanker) and yes she was killed. To this day he still can't shake that vision.

    So unless you have something worthwhile or uplifting to offer, do everyone a favor & sign off.

  • #24WarrensABeast Mar 8, 2012

    I am a friend of this trooper, and inspite of what has happened, he's doing fine, but no one seems to care about that!!! This is something that he'll have to live with for the rest of his life! I didn't ask him what or how it happened.

    As another poster stated, point of impact tells it all, period!!!

    May this women's family find comfort in their loss. My heart goes out to them!!!

  • One of Two Sisters Mar 8, 2012

    Of course the HP will investigate & review the recording device installed in the cruiser & take action if so indicated.

    You vengeance seekers just have to add your 2cents worth. You are angry due to receiving a ticket for speeding,or perhaps for your kid not being properly restrained.

    You don’t realize the things they've seen; horrendous scenes, including children killed, & their brains all over the roadway.

    You haven’t seen their extreme compassion for families who have lost loved ones in wrecks. You aren’t there when,at the family's request, they stay while they wait to see their dead loved ones. You haven’t seen them literally holding up parents when their view their dead children for the first time.

    Talk to those people; they won't bash them because they know better.

    Give Trooper Samuel the support & respect he deserves; he too was injured. He had no control over the driver who pulled out into the path of his cruiser.

    In short, quit showing your ignorance.

  • Lightfoot3 Mar 8, 2012

    "I can assure you that the NCSHP will investigate this thoroughly." - Steel_Pens1

    Does that mean the NCSHP are cop haters and bashers? :)

    "Don't be so fast to cast judgement." - Steel_Pens1

    That's what I've been saying to those casting judgement upon the woman. It needs to be investigated before they claim she is 100% reponsible. But saying that apparently means I'm a cop hater and basher.

  • bigbr0ther Mar 8, 2012

    Are they accident investigators or experts? Do they know how fast he was going, or what he was doing at the time? Lightfoot3

    I can assure you that the NCSHP will investigate this thoroughly. More then likely they will call a different agency to investigate the wreck so people can not cry that they are investigating it bias. Also police cruisers have GPS installed in them that monitor how fast they are going, when they are using lights, sirens, when they hit the breaks any everything. Don't be so fast to cast judgement.

  • Lightfoot3 Mar 8, 2012

    "People who were there have said there was nothing the trooper could have done to avoid hitting her" - topfan4unc

    Are they accident investigators or experts? Do they know how fast he was going, or what he was doing at the time? While their statements are relevant, they aren't absolute. Think people. Some witnesses might see a plane go down and say there was nothing the pilot could have done, but I could point to flaps in the wrong position, carb ice, or other factors that outside observors might not be aware of. While I do think this will be a case of 100% of the fault lying with the woman, I don't think it should be rubberstamped concluded just because the guy was a cop. If it was a civilian, I'd be asking the same questions.

    And those claiming to dare ask these questions equates to cop hating and bashing just shows how ignorant the Internet community is these days. I still say our public schools should mandate logic and reasoning courses.

  • topfan4unc Mar 8, 2012

    These comments simply amaze me. You have no actual facts at all, but want to judge others. People who were there have said there was nothing the trooper could have done to avoid hitting her as she pulled into the path of his car. We are lucky there wasn't two people killed instead of one. Read people. Like millions every year have wrecks that could not be avoided and millions that could have in this world we live in.

  • thepeopleschamp Mar 7, 2012

    "I've seen leo's do dumb things but to hate all of them for the actions of one or a few is no different than hating a race of people because of the actions of some." Alphonse Capone

    Well put. I've been wronged by a segment of the population but I would never hold it against the entire group.