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Car slams into Raleigh apartment complex

Posted February 29, 2012
Updated March 1, 2012

— A Raleigh man was charged with felony hit and run and careless and reckless driving late Wednesday after being involved in two wrecks within a five minute span near Louisburg Road, police said. 

The first wreck happened around 8 p.m. when Marvin Harvey, 31, of 5018 Reservoir Road, hit a car on Louisburg Road near Spring Forest Road. In that wreck, one car overturned and the driver was briefly pinned. There were no injuries. 

Minutes later, Harvey slammed into an apartment at the Winslow Park Apartments, 5001 Bedell St., causing major structural damage. Car plows into Raleigh apartment Car plows into Raleigh apartment

There were three people, including two children, inside the apartment when it was hit, but they were not injured. 

Harvey sustained minor injuries. Authorities say Harvey was speeding away from the scene of the first wreck when he lost control near Louisburg and Fox Roads. 

The Winslow Park Apartments sustained major structural damage, authorities said. The residents in the apartment that was hit and the people living in the two apartments above were unable to stay the night. 

Crews will evaluate the damage further Thursday.


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  • dizneybaby2005 Mar 1, 2012

    wish i could show the damage he did to my car before hit the building ....

  • monkeyboy Mar 1, 2012

    "...and then hitting a building with children inside." - t_atkinsmtp

    and what difference does it make if children are inside? are their lives more valuable than those of people above 18? way to come away with trivial information.

    [really, wral? i can't use someone's name when i quote them? if it's so bad for me to repeat, then don't let them use it.]

  • twatkinsntp Mar 1, 2012

    Really uncwilm......that's what you come away with here......nothing about the loser hitting one car flipping that car and then hitting a building with children inside.

  • ndadszucs Mar 1, 2012

    what, and people who live in an apartment "complex" do not consider that their homes...?

  • wolfpack32 Mar 1, 2012

    "WRAL this is a apartment community not a complex, these are peoples homes not empty buildings." uncwilm

    Who cares? They are often referred to as apartment complexes - doesn't have anything to do with whether people live there or not.

  • uncwilm Mar 1, 2012

    WRAL this is a apartment community not a complex, these are peoples homes not empty buildings.