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Dunn police chief to ask city for pit bull ban

Posted February 29, 2012

— Dunn police say they've handled dozens of calls about aggressive pit bull terriers in the last year, prompting Chief B.P. Jones to request a citywide ban on the breed. 

"We've got a problem, and it's increasing," Jones said Wednesday.

In 44 calls about the aggressive dogs, no serious injuries were reported, Jones said, but pit bulls are still a dangerous breed. They are quick to bite, often turn on their owners and have even tried to attack police officers, he said.

Veterinarian Guy Beretich said many pit bulls are bred to be fighters, but others, like his dog Duke, lack that trait. In fact, Beretich said, Duke is the farthest thing from an aggressive dog.

"He's a wuss – a wimp," Beretich said.

But Jones, who plans to discuss his proposal for a pit bull ban with the City Council this weekend, said owners of the breed don't take the necessary precautions to protect people from the dogs.

pit bull Dunn police push for pit bull ban

"They treat pit bulls like any other dogs, but the pit bull dog is different from other dogs," he said.

He wants the city to model an ordinance after Rockford, Wash., which bans pit bulls because of their breeding.

"The breeds have been universally and historically selected and bred for dog fighting," the Rockford ordinance states. "The breeds are unique among dogs in that they possess characteristics of aggression, strength, gameness, viciousness, unpredictability and savageness."

Other cities, such as Denver, Colo., have similar laws.

Beretich said banning the breed isn't the solution.

"Any time you start painting everybody with the same brush, it's unfair," he said.

Jones acknowledged that a full ban might be a tough sell, but said he hopes it will lead to tougher rules for pit bull owners.

"If you're going to keep a pit bull in the city, you've got to have a covered pen that, not only has a top, but a bottom, so the pit bull can't get out," he said.

In December, an animal shelter in nearby Cumberland County considered halting adoptions on "bully breeds," including pit bulls, rottweillers and chows.

There aren't any pit bull bans currently on the books in North Carolina, but the town of Edenton in Chowan County requires owners to register pit bulls, rottweilers and chows. The law also requires owners to properly contain the animals and post "Beware of Dog" signs.


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  • paws1and2 Mar 8, 2012

    If Law Enforcement was more proactive in arresting and prosecuting animal fighting, there wouldn't be the need for breeding fighting dogs. Pits in themselves aren't bad dogs; the "fight" is bred into them intentionally.
    I am a two-rottie household. It would never occur to them to attack ANYONE unless they had a tennis ball in their hand to play. Let's single out the criminals here and not the whole breed/breeds. Step up Law Enforcement!

  • jennifertarot Mar 2, 2012

    I have 4 large Dogs, 2 German Shepherd mixes, One Pit/Lab mix and One Great Pyrenees "mix".. My dogs and I are all "Mixed".. like our great President. However, I personally believe Dunn has a very backward and inhumane "Animal Control" operation and needs a total overhaul. Ignorance.. is to blame, from the dog "handlers" to those who are viciously and violently shooting the dogs w/o trying to use Humane methods. I equate this treatment of pitbulls to a Witch Hunt, Racial discrimination, and the unfair treatment of the LGBTQ community. Ignorance, Intolerance, Prejudice and Hatred. I believe some of the Officers are just eager to use their guns. There should be a law in the City against tethering dogs, against chaining dogs. I hope the City's Animal Control facility will be investigated as well.

  • anonymous564 Mar 2, 2012

    This is what the world is coming too, I am a Pit Bull owner and proud to have him by my side, they really are great dogs, and I will continue to have them, NO MATTER WHAT. I have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, if these rights are given to me as an American, well then they also apply to my American Pit, because he himself is an American (right there in is name). Racism is not right in any form, be it a Dunn Cop shooting an African-American Child (yeah remember that one come on it wasn't that long ago, and before anyone gets upset, we all know the truth behind it so lets stop faking, Dunn is a small town okay), or the same "intelligent" Police Department now trying to ban a breed of dog just because most of them are ignorant to the facts. Here's something, maybe the Dunn Police and Chief of Police should try reading more on the actually facts and try to punish the people not the breed. Then again Might be asking too much out of them

  • bklebunni Mar 2, 2012

    As a "pit bull" owner I know a different said of this breed. Mine has been in obedience training, knows how to act, listens and follows what I say. I did not do all this because she is a pit bull, but because it is called responsible dog ownership. I have done a lot of research and read a great deal about "pit bulls" and other bully breeds. Before anyone comes on here and talks about "stats" and "facts" they should really do research. Not all bully breed dogs are bad. It is all in how they are raised. So if you would like to do something about aggressive dogs then push for legislation about fighting, poor breeding, abuse and so forth. Make the owners reponsible for their actions or like of. A bully breed can be just as amazing a dog as any other. I know this for a fact. All I am saying is that there are problems here, but banning the breed will not solve the problem. The problem is rooted in owners that don't take responsibility for what they are doing or not doing. Take action against

  • odonnell Mar 1, 2012

    I have been a letter carrier for 25 years and I have never had any problems with a pitbull. If any dog shows any aggression towards humans just look at its owner because that is where the problem lies. Instead of banning pitbulls, arrest their owners for abuse and neglect because that is why any dog reacts with aggression.

  • wownow Mar 1, 2012

    ~~~Why doesn't everyone take their pit or pit mix down To the police station to show good behavior. (jennschacher)

    That is a darn good idea. I really agree with that one.

  • fishon Mar 1, 2012

    Once again someone who has no real knowledge about the breed. Fact: more small dogs like chihuahuas bite more people than Pit bulls. jennschacher

    I don't believe the dogs should be banned, but you are delusional to compare the bite of a tiny dog like a chihuahua to that of a pitt bull or any other large dog breed.

    When my children wer growing up I owned an 70 lb airedale, a golden retriever, a Kokker spaniel (spelled for the word police), and a 20 lb terrier mixed breed. The only one to bite was the spaniel. That being said if anyone asked "does that dog bite" I would tell them, "not yet".

  • wownow Mar 1, 2012

    Only difference in a Pitt Bull is the locking of the jaw~~~~ barbstillkickin

    Jaws do not lock. They just have a powerful bite like most animals.

  • wownow Mar 1, 2012

    ~~~Here we go again...people defending the horrible pit bulls. I don't care what you say-- Pit bulls hurt, bite, and kill more people than other dogs. Statistics prove it---look it up. They are a dangerous breed. Whether it's the dogs fault or owners fault, it's a problem and something needs to be done.~~~~

    NOT ALL PIT BULLS. Only dog attacks I have been in have been with German Shepards. What about them. Been dragged by one. I think you need to check your stats again. Each year there is a different breed of dogs under attack. I have seen LABS attack. I have seen PUGS attack. I think pit bull haters got stuff twisted.

  • jennschacher Mar 1, 2012

    Once again someone who has no real knowledge about the breed.
    Fact: more small dogs like chihuahuas bite more people than
    Pit bulls. Fact: Pit Bulls score higher on the temperament test than labs, which
    Means they have a milder personality. People blame the deed no the breed. What are
    We going to ban next? Rottweilers? German Shepards? Any dog will bark, growl or lunge
    When someone comes onto their property and is perceived as a threat. It is up
    To the owner to teach their dog proper behavior. Instead the county should Focus on education and spaying and neutering. Why not require a obedience class and socialization For dog owners. These are great dogs who get a bad rap from ignorant people. These dogs are fast learners and are great for therapy dogs and aide dogs. Are these people going To loose their dogs. I think the chief should focus his tone and energy on Other things than pitties. Why doesn't everyone take their pit or pit mix down To the police station to show good behavior.