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Women's Wolfpack turns pink for breast cancer awareness

Posted February 12, 2012

— Once a year, Wolfpack red turns a lighter shade. A sea of pink crowded into the Reynolds Coliseum Sunday for the annual Hoops 4 Hope event promoting breast cancer awareness.

"To see all this pink, it means a lot," said Donna Privette, who lost both her parents to cancer. hoops 4 hope 2012 Hoops 4 Hope

Hoops 4 Hope was started by Hall of Fame women's basketball coach at North Carolina State University Kay Yow, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2009.

That battle inspired many people, including beast cancer survivor Amy Davis-White.

"Kay Yow was just a huge inspiration for me to go on and fight," she said.

The Wolfpack, donning pink jerseys, took on Wake Forest for the Hoops 4 Hope game. Wake Forest won the game 70-57, but cancer survivors won at halftime.

Hoops 4 Hope is slam dunk for cancer awareness Hoops 4 Hope is slam dunk for cancer awareness

They were honored in a special tribute on the court. American Idol Scotty McCreery sang during the ceremony.

"Cancer has affected a lot of people. I have cancer survivors in my family, and especially here at State with Jim Valvano and Coach Yow," McCreery said.

For N.C. State athletic director Debbie Yow, Kay Yow's sister, the event is "very personal."

"But it's no more personal for me than it is for anybody else in the building," she said. "Everybody in here, every single person, has been touched by this terrible disease cancer."


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  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Feb 13, 2012

    They should use the color RED for alertness of breast cancer. I pray one day they will have a cure.

  • grannybam07 Feb 13, 2012

    Here's where you can find out how funds to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund are dispersed:
    Kay Yow Cancer Fund

    PO Box 3369, Cary, NC 27519
    Phone: (919) 460-6407 | Fax: (919) 380-0025

    I just hung up with them and they do use pink but pink is a color and is not trademarked by SGK. Their logos are not associated with SGK. Each year they try to give a $100,00 grant to one of the institutions hosting an event during March Madness. They have also given $1 million to John Hopkins for breast cancer research and last year gave a $1 million grant for research on ovarian cancer to a Texas organization.

  • brmyspots Feb 13, 2012

    Pink doesn't mean SGK Foundation only. Jeeze......

    Since NCSU is a state funded school I filed under freedom of information act where the donations were headed. It'll take about 2 weeks to get a reply though.

    BartSimpleton you obviously didn't understand the civil litigation against a submaking restaurant, a hospital in Tampa, and multiple other entities who were threatened to use "pink" or "for the cure" wording. Money from this is going to SGK but we just don't know how much until the request is returned in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted.

    Mental foundation? Good idea. Looks like you could use some help. Maybe get you another short buss.

  • Bartmeister Feb 13, 2012

    Pink doesn't mean SGK Foundation only. Jeeze......... Give to a mental foundation and support yourself.

  • brmyspots Feb 13, 2012

    If you think they're using "pink" is a coincidence you're mistaken RWS. SGK aggressively filed lawsuits against companies, schools, and other entities who used "pink" or the words "the cure". They couldn't use this and promote it without a percentage going to SGK.

    You want to donate? Give to hospice.

  • grannybam07 Feb 13, 2012

    As a NCSU grad, I am proud to support Hoops 4 Hope. All of their money is going towards cancer research and providing services for cancer to those who can't afford it. I take great pride in saying that my alma mater is actively involved in fighting the war against cancer. After researching Hoops 4 Hope, I do not find that their money goes to any other cause than cancer. It is reassuring that this organization, founded by a very special and classy lady, Kay Yow, supports what is says it does.

  • RWS Feb 13, 2012

    brmyspots, that was the reason for my questions, to see if they were funding the Komen Foundation. Based on grannybam07's post, it doesn't sound like they are, so I personally would support this fundraising.

  • brmyspots Feb 13, 2012

    They're showing support for a non-profit who took it in the rear from the GOP and bowed to political agenda. I stopped buying anything that has "pink" on it or is affiliated with that agency. I made my contribution to planned parenthood and feel much better about where my money is going.

    I'm a NCSU grad and will not support lady wolfpack until they show red instead of pink.

  • grannybam07 Feb 13, 2012

    The funds go to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, http://www.kayyow.com/. According to their website they fund research and underserved populations.

    There is another group Hoops For Hope(http://hoopsforhopefoundation.com/) that also raises money and they donate their money to the Jimmy V foundation.

  • RWS Feb 13, 2012

    Does anybody know where they give the money they raise?