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Woman reports rape near UNC campus

Posted February 10, 2012
Updated February 11, 2012

— The report of a rape Thursday near the campus of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill served as a reminder to young women of the need to be vigilant.

A 27-year-old woman told police she was attacked behind Ackland Art Museum after leaving Cosmic Cantina, a restaurant at 128 E. Franklin St. The area is a popular shortcut from the UNC campus to the shops and bars on Franklin Street.

"It's not well lit during the night, but at dusk it's OK. It's pretty busy," said Emily Stevens, a university employee who works nearby.

Alana Austin, a UNC senior, said she uses the shortcut, but sometimes varies her route. 

"Nothing's ever happened to me here, but it does give me a creepy feeling at times," she said.

"It is the easiest, most direct path, but is it worth it? Not really, if something horrible like that happens," Austin said.

The woman told police two men approached her, then dragged her behind a Dumpster.

Lt. Kevin Gunter, of the Chapel Hill Police Department, said the woman was extremely upset when police arrived, and details about the alleged attack were not clear.

Campus police were aware of the report, spokesman Randy Young said, but they did not issue an alert because of the limited information available. UNC rape alley Report of rape a reminder to college women

Authorities advise students to always walk in groups or to use the campus shuttle service.


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  • sjeldred Feb 15, 2012

    Why would this story lead with "served as a reminder to young women of the need to be vigilant?" So, it's her fault she got raped because she wasn't vigilant enough? Why don't we lead with "served as a reminder to young men of the need to not rape people?"

  • 2mch2do Feb 14, 2012

    The reason that there was not an alert sent out was definately not a racial issue. The information that was reported was missing to many details and the legitimacy of the story is questionable.

  • lizzz38 Feb 13, 2012

    I, too, am surprised that a campus alert wsan't sent out about this crime. I've gotten many e-mails about lesser crimes. I only found this while surfing WRAL's crimes section- not anywhere in the regular local news. I'm not sure if it's a race issue at all, but it should be better publicized!

  • krazikatt2 Feb 13, 2012

    I am shocked that I am just hearing about this from the news instead of our email alert system at UNC. Regardless of sparse information, it should be presented to the staff and students of UNC campus and UNC health care to ensure that females can be more alert of any suspicious behavior. As females, we have to be more careful of dangers than our male counterparts, but having important knowledge (like an attack took place) is vital. If this area is known to have a lighting issue, why is that not being addressed? My prayers to the woman attacked that she finds comfort and healing in this time of need.

  • twc Feb 13, 2012

    I see this story is still somewhat hidden. I know why, also.

    One thing I'm pretty certain of is that the perpetrators were not white. If they were it would have been published.

    So because of the media's sensitivity to race other potential victims are put at risk.

    True? As regards to race?