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NC leaders unveil new State Emergency Operations Center

Posted February 10, 2012

— North Carolina leaders unveiled the new $53-million State Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh, which will house the National Guard, Division of Emergency Management and communications offices for the State Highway Patrol and the Department of Transportation.

Previously, the agencies were spread across Raleigh.

“This is where the state emergency response team comes together and manages emergencies and disasters,” said State Emergency Management Director Doug Hoell.

About 520 employees will work at the 237,000-square-foot facility off District Drive, which allows authorities to get information “in real time,” said Highway Patrol spokesman First Sgt. Jeff Gordon.

It also helps the state deal with everyday emergencies, such as traffic accidents. Highway Patrol dispatchers can look at a wall of live cameras to give troopers an idea of what they're handling.

Emergency managers say the faster, clearer communication will help them make better decisions when they matter most.

“I would say that we are building a safer North Carolina,” Hoell said.

Construction on the building began about three years ago, and federal stimulus money paid for about $41.5 million of the project.


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  • 37 Feb 10, 2012

    jgindy27, I have participated in these exercises and I do have quite a strong idea. As said earlier, the need to be in the same building in an age of teleconferencing is hard to explain.

  • BleedCARBlue83 Feb 10, 2012

    Everyone wants to cry about money, spent on our military and other government run organizations until you need them. Then everyone wants to talk about how unprepared they are. With this new building it puts all of NC emergency services in one location and eases the burden of communicating half way across Raleigh. I doubt any of you had every had a functioning role in any major crisis in NC. Until you have and understand how having all your key leadership for the state in one place is, you should stop crying about your tax dollars getting spent on something that will actually help the state you live in.

  • jgindy27 Feb 10, 2012

    I would say if you have not participated in exercises or real life events with this group then you really have no idea how they communicate. This is a much needed space that is advantageous for all North Carolinians and has nothing to do with party affiliations. It has everything to do with saving lives in the time of crisis.

  • 37 Feb 10, 2012

    Why couldn't they use an existing building like the former county school building on Wake Forest Rd.? Granted it is only 100,000 sq ft, but still...

  • bigal02282 Feb 10, 2012

    So I'm guessing this is where we all go when our Republican-led legislature is finished spending all of our money on their own pork-barrel projects and civil unrest breaks out when the Marriage Police begin checking on our bedroom behavior? Can't wait for the tour. Just hate to see the Jim Crowe signs on all the doors. Liberals & Conservatives Only.

  • RWS Feb 10, 2012

    They say communications will happen faster, but it really doesn't matter if they are in the same building or across town. Telephones and two-way radios work at the same speed either way.

  • leo-nc Feb 10, 2012

    Stimulus money. Really? And how did this stimulate job creation exactly? It didn't. The people who work there are just moving from other locations. They were already employed. Ok, so maybe some temporary construction jobs. I'm sure most of them were already employed as well.