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CVS to put fence around Carrboro building entered by protesters

Posted February 8, 2012
Updated February 9, 2012

— Representatives from CVS met with community protesters Wednesday over the future site of a drugstore in downtown Carrboro that was occupied by a group calling itself Carrboro Commune over the weekend.

Developer Leigh Polzella said the company would be putting up a chain link fence around the vacant building, at 201 N. Greensboro St., as soon as possible.

"In light of this weekend's events, we will be securing the property," she said.

Saturday night, more than a dozen people went inside the building to express their opposition to CVS, but they left after being asked repeatedly by Mayor Mark Chilton and police officers.

The protesters gathered again on Sunday, but they stayed outside the building, which they said they had hoped would become a community center.

"You should turn the property back over to the community and maybe we can fit CVS in somewhere," demonstrator Maria Rowan said. 

The building is currently in a residential zone, town officials said. That will have to change before the CVS deal is finalized, so the town will be meeting with company representatives in March to address the zoning issue.

Some residents living near the site of the future drugstore said, while they don't want a CVS in their neighborhood, they don't agree with protesters' actions. Future site of Carrboro CVS Future Carrboro CVS site will get fence to keep out protesters

"This is my neighborhood," said Jackie Tanner. "Go fight the zoning issue. This is not the place."


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  • seven74215 Feb 10, 2012

    Going inside the building and protesting was over the line. Repeated asking them to leave by the police officers would not have happened had I been in charge of the situation. After the second verbal time of asking them to leave they would have been told that with the third asking they would be tasered. There was a proper place to address this issue and the protesters chose to not do that. I agree with CVS for putting up the fence.

  • el conquistador Feb 9, 2012

    These people are classic examples of the "just another sheep following the flock". They are the same kind of people that the Rev Jim Jones talked into drinking the Kool-Aid laced with poison in the 1970's Maybe the state should incarcerate them because they are a danger to themselves. Maybe the mother-ship will pick them up along with those pink flamingos people put in their yards and take them to Utopia-ville where they can have their commune all to themselves. I would like to sell them some flight suits I have been working on for the trip. I'll give them a deal , if they buy one for each day of the Mayan calendar....

  • OnlyTheBestWillDo Feb 9, 2012

    Good idea CVS.

  • readme Feb 9, 2012

    People in hell want ice water, but they don't get it. I don't want a developer to turn the tree line next to my house into suburbia, but guess what? I don't get a vote, and that's life. If I don't like it, I work harder and move, or I buy the land myself.

  • sotired3 Feb 9, 2012

    I sure hope CVS doesn't back down and they put up the biggest store around!!! If these people want a community center then raise the money and go look for property to purchase and make your center. Don't think you have a right to tell me what I can do with my property.

  • Stevie Crisper Feb 9, 2012

    "I swear people think they're entitled to anything they want these days."

    Change is coming and it will get another 4 years.

  • saturn5 Feb 9, 2012

    Leave it to an occupier to ask to have real estate given to "the community" aka, them. If "Carrboro Commune" wants a community center, BUY the land and BUILD one. I swear people think they're entitled to anything they want these days.

  • WakeForestLiving Feb 9, 2012

    The Flea Party has just about used up their 15 minutes

  • Shelley Cooper Feb 9, 2012

    too bad jesse isn't around to call this another nc zoo

  • anne53ozzy Feb 9, 2012

    It was not a house for decades...It was a bank in the 70's. I know. My friend worked there.