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Nine SouthWest Edgecombe basketball players arrested

Posted February 8, 2012
Updated February 9, 2012

— Nine SouthWest Edgecombe High School students accused of stealing drinks and candy from a school concession stand face suspension from school and criminal charges.

Lauren Edmondson, spokeswoman for Edgecombe County Public Schools, said the boys, all basketball players, were removed from the team.

They used a key to get into the concession stand and took Snickers bars and Gatorade, authorities said.

Three were suspended from school for six days, and six were suspended for four days, Edmondson said. All nine face charges of misdemeanor breaking and entering, misdemeanor larceny and possession of stolen property.

Athletic fields at SouthWest Edgecome High School Edgecombe basketball players charged in concession stand theft

Those charged include one juvenile and the following:

  • Eric Williams, 16, of 3455 N.C. Highway 111 South in Tarboro
  • Duane McKesson, 16, of Pinetops
  • Delonta Dupree, 17, of Pinetops
  • Devonte Williams, 16, of Pinetops
  • Ernest McKinnon, 17, of Sharpsburg
  • Anthony Coley, 17, of 1104 Johnson St. in Rocky Mount
  • TyQuavious Wooten, 16, of Macclesfield
  • Gerald Hinton, 17, of Pinetops

Edmondson said JV players would be promoted to fill the varsity roster.

Hinton's father, also named Gerald Hinton, said his son is disappointed and upset to be missing out on the rest of the season.

"I'm just trying to keep him positive," Gerald Hinton said.

He added that he has no issue with his son being kicked off the team or being suspended, but thinks the criminal charges go too far.

"I don't think it was that serious that he had to go to jail," Gerald Hinton said. "They could have made them add some laps or do some different things, like clean up around the school."


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  • shamekiabattle32 Feb 10, 2012

    They're 16,and 17 years old they should know better.Their just not making themselves look bad,also they're making their school look bad to.

  • too-obvious Feb 10, 2012

    i like the idea of community service and give these kids a chance. everyone makes a mistake and needs to have one chance at least. i raised two children that did a few stupid things, community service was the best thing that ever happened to one of them.
    and of course, miss the remaining season is not too stiff of punishment.

  • stupidbrainchild Feb 10, 2012

    Crime = Criminal Charges, don't tell me they didn't know what they were doing.

  • Its the who what Feb 10, 2012

    "Two Clayton teens arrested after string of car break-ins" This is an article on WRAL.com that has some differences that I will not comment on but I will say that the nature of the comments about the teens are QUITE different. People liken that crime to a silly crime but "Candy Caper 2012" deserves hard time. Keep in mind...they broke into cars and stole Ipods and all types of stuff and these kids stole....candy and drinks. Put the title at the top into the WRAL.com search engine and read it. Man, yall need to stop it!!!

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Feb 10, 2012

    Keep those names in mind, for if they don't change and learn from this, you will see their names after they become adults maybe even winding up in prison. Don't want that. So do remember this story.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Feb 10, 2012

    WOW! I saw this story on the news and thought they made a good decision in suspending the guys. But there are some parents that thought that the punishment was too harsh. Was it too harsh in the damage and the items they stole? Congratulations for the junior varsity for being able to step up and take their places.

  • Objective Scientist Feb 10, 2012

    "To show the mentality of these people look at what the boy is disappointed with. He is not able to finish the season. Not that he is charged with a crime. Not that he is suspended from school. He can't hang out with his friends and play ball. And his father is supporting this." - post by didisaythat

    Good observation/point. No doubt... ANY athlete would be disappointed not to finish the season/not to be able to "hang out" playing ball with his friends. But... what should be the focus? At least two possible foci: 1. A crime was committed and there is a criminal charge against these young men and all possible consequences of that. 2. ONE outcome of committing said crime is loss of the PRIVILEGE of being on a school athletic team. Which - WHICH - of those two should be the primary focus of both kids AND parents? Is there ANY debate, ANY question about which of two possible foci is the MOST important one?

  • jelly bean Feb 10, 2012

    With parents like Hinton one can see why kids do this stuff. No consequences for you actions? You might end up in jail or worse.

  • Objective Scientist Feb 10, 2012

    To those who say the punishment is "too severe" or "over the top"... they stole a key, used the key to gain entrance to an area in which they surely knew they were forbidden to be, and stole things of value... albeit Snickers bars and Gatorade. If they had stolen the key to your house, used the key to enter your house and stole Snickers bars and Gatorade from your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator... how would you feel about it? There is a difference... a "concession stand" is not a dwelling in which people live--- but other than that--- very similar! Suppose it was your "detached garage" into which they entered? Again... what punishment would be appropriate? Is something that is clearly a "crime" outside of a school, not a crime if the same thing is done on school property? This has always been a contentious issue and one that has never been adequately addressed. What would get you arrested for assault does not result in an arrest if done during a football/basketball game. "HUH!"

  • didisaythat Feb 10, 2012

    To show the mentality of these people look at what the boy is disappointed with. He is not able to finish the season. Not that he is charged with a crime. Not that he is suspended from school. He can't hang out with his friends and play ball. And his father is supporting this.