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Raleigh shooting 911 call: 'He said not to send police, I hate police'

Posted February 7, 2012

— A mental health professional called 911 Monday, several hours before her client shot a Raleigh police officer and committed suicide, warning police that the man was threatening violence.

The caller, whose name was not released, told 911 that her client, Steven Gregory Meyer, 48, came to her office and said he wanted to overdose on heroin, among other things.

"He said not to send police, 'you know I hate police,' and that he would fight them," the caller said. "He talked about wanting to strap a bomb to himself and go to the city center and take them out."

The caller warned police that Meyer "has guns" and "has nothing to lose."

"He’s lost his job. He’s lost his marriage," she said. "I think (it will be) a serious problem if a policeman approaches him. I don’t know how you’re going to handle that. Good luck. I mean, I’m really, really, really frightened for my own safety."

Raleigh police released the 911 call and radio traffic Tuesday, less than 24 hours after Meyer shot Officer Adam W. Young, 30, and committed suicide at a Brier Creek apartment complex.

"Shots fired! Shots fired! One officer down! One officer down!" someone says on police radio traffic. "Suspect is still inside. Door appears to be barricaded ... We need EMS to start rolling out here."

Bullets struck Young underneath his arm, in the leg and in his bullet-proof vest. He was in stable condition at WakeMed on Tuesday. Young and other police officers went to Meyer's apartment, at 9321 Bothwell St., hoping to help him after the mental health professional's 911 call.

911 Call 911 call sheds light on Brier Creek shooting

Crisis negotiators talked to Meyer for several hours, but he refused to come out of his apartment, police said. When it became clear that Meyer wouldn't surrender, police stormed the apartment, and Young tried to break down the door.

"When (Young) used the breaching tool that went in just a few inches, it was at that time that a volley of fire came from within the apartment," said Raleigh Police Chief Harry Dolan.

A medic, who was already on scene, began helping Young as officers tried again to enter Meyer's apartment. Police used tear gas and a robot before storming the apartment around 11 p.m., where they found Meyer dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound from a pistol.

Monday's shooting marks the first time in about a decade that a Raleigh police officer has been shot in the line of duty, according to Dolan. The police chief said he met with Young and his family in the hospital and said Young was in good spirits but also saddened about Meyer's death. Young has been with the Raleigh Police Department since June 2005.

"The professionalism, the calm under fire that was demonstrated by our tactical professionals was extraordinary in every respect," Dolan said. "We are very fortunate that Officer Young is recovering well and that no one else was injured."

Residents living nearby, who were forced to leave the apartment complex, described it as a "quiet neighborhood."

"For this community, you know, we are going to talk about this for a long time, what went on, why did this happen, these type of things," said resident David Ray.


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  • Feb 8, 2012

    How do you think most mental patient gets to a psych hospital?

    Law enforcement.

    A commitment order mandates that law enforcement will take the court petitioned person to be evaluated.

    I'd love to see how some of y'all would deal with an actively psychotic paranoid schizophrenic.

    I remember a guy that covered himself in motor oil, thinking the cops couldn't grab him.

  • Duke _Nukem Feb 8, 2012

    This sums it all up with the way people view the police.

  • Duke _Nukem Feb 8, 2012

    Well one thing is evident in the training given to LEO's around here - it is ok to take on mentally unstable individuals because you will not be held accountable for any actions you do.-Buckie

    Wrong again Buckie. If LEO's knowingly ignore someone who is suicidal or homicidal they WILL be held accountable when they injure himself/herself or another person. Lets blame the police for everything that's wrong in the world even though they are some of the few with the courage enough to try to fix it.

  • I wonder about you. Feb 8, 2012


    Actually RPD academy runs around 28 weeks plus another 22 weeks of field training. Thats all within the first year. I bet your job didn't require you to train for almost 55 weeks before they let you do it by yourself.
    February 8, 2012 12:00 p.m.
    Report abuse

    ASU- Now you are being silly, it doesnt take 55 weeks for someone to say "would you like fries with that?" Buckie doesnt need 55 weeks, he picked it up in about 20.

  • kgbraswell Feb 8, 2012

    Buckie. The departments that you are referring to that do not require BLET are departments that have their own academy. BLET is not required in order to be hired, however, you must go through their academy (which is that department's version of BLET) before you can actually start the job. And really, what has happened in your life that has made you dislike the police so much? Try educating yourself on procedures and SOP's that LEO's must follow before making such degrading statements that you have made all through this thread.

    And to everyone else that is saying the LEOs and the Mental Health Professional did so wrong in this situation, all I can say is it's really easy to judge sitting at your desk behind a computer screen. The MHP did exactly what she was suppose to do in this situation, which was call the police and warn them about the threats Meyer made and to warn them of his possession of guns and his state of mind; so they could be fully prepared! Get serious people!

  • nowon_yuno Feb 8, 2012


    The idea of taking responsibilty for oneself has fallen on your deaf ears. I will not continue to debate with someone who has lived their whole life blaming someone else for things that have gone wrong in their own life. You cannot see the forest through the trees. Your friend is gone because of the choices he made. If he had mental problems why weren't you a better friend and kept an eye on him or pushed him to go get help, show him some "love" as you like to put it. Your friend is gone because of your inaction as a friend. See how I shifted the blame onto you? See how that works? I know you know how easy it is to do. I hope you can get over being angry and truly see your friend brought it all on himself, you should be mad at him.

  • gunny462 Feb 8, 2012

    "You command a cluster picnic but yet praise the picnic!

    One word, "Devon"

  • gunny462 Feb 8, 2012

    "Of course a Cary cop is going to say everything went according to their procedures since they messed the entire situation up."

    And you know from exeperience how to react in that situation? Yeah, didn't think you did, keep blaming them for your faults.

    "But hey if their standard operating procedure is to execute a mentally unstable unarmed human then hey their operation procedure worked that day. Buckie"

    Guess YOU should have been on the job that day too!

  • gunny462 Feb 8, 2012

    "gunny most likely you are one of uncle sam misguided childrens so your imbecile syndrome is understandable"

    Tsk tsk So your son has a mental problem and that's how you dealt with hmmm? Calling him a imbecile too?

    "I meant I knew him and he was a good person...now granted you may have spermed multiple vagabond rugrats that you dont care for and thus take a term such as my boy to him being my son... Buckie"

    Just by reading your rhetortic it is quite clear you cared nothing for the child until AFTER his death, mores the pity for him not having a father to count on.

    And please leave my poor babies out of it as they don't deserve your attention either.

  • Z Man Feb 8, 2012

    I used to think the police were 'there to help' but it's become evident all they want to do is cite you for everything they possibly can. You see it on the TV all the time. They pull you over for some oddball reason and find an overdue library book on the front seat then all of a sudden you're in cuffs. I too have a growing dislike for police.