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Protesters descend on future Carrboro CVS again

Posted February 5, 2012

— After Saturday’s heated battle over the plans for a downtown Carrboro building, demonstrators were out again Sunday to show their opposition to a CVS drugstore going up on the property.

Members of the group gathered in front of the vacant building, at 201 N. Greensboro St., which they had hoped would become a community center. Unlike the night before, when protesters went inside the building and were asked to leave by the town’s mayor and police, this time the gathering stayed outside.

Maria Rowan spoke on behalf of the group and said “the laws are unjust and people are suffering.” She asked the news media not to record any of their gathering on the street corner. One man then stood in front of a news camera.

Jeff Herrick, who lives near the building and said he is married to an alderwoman, said he, too, does not want to see a CVS because he believes it will increase traffic, but he did not support what he saw Saturday night.

“We’ve been approaching it through the normal means, where you go through the mayor, you go to the aldermen, you talk to them,” Herrick said. “You go to the town. You can talk to the town planning board. You can figure out what the process is that CVS has to go through.”

Herrick says the store is not a done deal and there is still is a zoning matter that has to be cleared up before it can become a CVS. Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton said there will be a public meeting with representatives of CVS to discuss the matter at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

In a statement Saturday, the protesters said the proposed drug store has faced "near-unanimous opposition" from the Carrboro community.

Protest over Carrboro CVS heats up Heated protest over Carrboro CVS continues

"Carrboro residents should have direct decision-making power over the resources of our neighborhoods and workplaces, rather than live at the mercy of speculating absentee landlords, out-of-state drug corporations, or town bureaucrats and politicians," the release said.


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  • Monkey_Joe Feb 7, 2012

    An anarchist hippie is like a deer who wants hunting to be year round. If you get your wish, you're gonna be someone ELSE's dinner.

  • ncsd105 Feb 7, 2012

    @ Citizen Kane & tiredofgovtwaste
    You must be completely ignorant of how these people think. They were hoping for a heavy handed police response so they could appear to be the "victims" and further their "cause". The police told them they had 15 minutes to get their "permanent occupation" out of a vacant building or they would be arrested. After 15 minutes, the police went back in and, surprise, the building was once again vacant. If anyone, or all, had stayed inside, they would have been arrested. To call the Carrboro police "rented cops" is offensive and to ask if it is ok to commit a crime in Carrboro is just plain stupid. You have to understand this was a unique situation and the men and women of the Carrboro Police Department, along with Mayor Chilton and interim Town Manager Efird. did an outstanding job. The anarchists' bluff was called and people got to see a little bit of what they are really about. If you want to learn more, you should watch their UStream videos.

  • tommys5 Feb 6, 2012

    I earned enough of a living so I could sell out my partnership in my engineering firm at the age of forty ~piene2

    There was a song a few years ago that had a verse"You can be what ever you want to be on the Internet" Today I'm an astronaut what will you be tomorrow?

  • redoit2000 Feb 6, 2012

    I really don't understand why these people haven't been charged with breaking and entering. Does this mean I can go downtown and take over any vacant building and not have to worry about reprisals? What kind of police force do they have in Carrboro?

  • Ex-Republican Feb 6, 2012

    If the anarchists get their way whose community center will it be: Carrboro or the anarchists? It the anarchists get the building I guess we can see a public shrine to their saint of anarchism, Timothy McVeigh.

  • Relic Feb 6, 2012

    Welcome to Carrboro, where people that are even more liberal than those in Chapel Hill go to live. Folks, this is something that is COMPLETELY baffling to me. All of the CVS drug stores that I have ever been to are small facilities that offer pharmacy items and participate in almost every HEALTH CARE PROGRAM (ya'll libs and Dems remember that, right?) to provide MEDICINES to the community. "Occupy everything?" Sure...

  • keneds Feb 6, 2012

    Guess they are still looking for that hand out

  • Centurian Feb 6, 2012

    The Carrboro Occupiers are just sad and pitiful.

  • Not_Time_Yet Feb 6, 2012

    "which they had hoped would become a community center. "

    In that case, take up a collection, purchase the property from CVS, donate it to the city for use only as a community center. Problem solved.

  • ThatGuyYetAgain Feb 6, 2012

    OMG, are these self-absorbed zealots still congratulating themselves on their daring and courageous stand on the cutting edge issues of, er, I dunno, 1973? Please. Once Barry and the Dems realized they were a political embarrassment and liability rather than exploitable assets (anybody remember Cindy Sheehan?), Barry and the Dems dropped their support and ran away. So did the press (go figure!), save for a few local outlets without much else to fill their pages. I say, let 'em occupy! Sadly, this is all that's left of the intellectual wing of the Democratic Party. People need to be continually reminded of it.